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A Great Stress Reliever You Can Make At Home

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Simple Toys To Make At Home

Are you stressed out at work? Need something in your hand just to vent your frustration? Why not make a stress ball on your own?

A squishy ball can be an awesome stress reliever, while also helping tone the muscles in your forearms and hands. Just keep a couple of squishy stress balls at your workplace or near the nightstand, and you can use them anytime you feel stresses or frustrated. Venting your frustration on a person is never helpful, so you might as well vent it out on these geek toys. Though you could buy one at any store, making it at home is actually very simple, and a great project, especially with your kids. Here are a couple of things that you will need for making a squishy stress ball:

  • One and half cups of sand
  • A fine sieve
  • A bowl
  • A funnel
  • A water balloon

So now that you got all the ingredients ready let’s make a squishy stress ball. Sift all the sand through a fine sieve into the bowl. Next place the funnel at the mouth of the water balloon, and pour the sand into the balloon. Do not spill any sand on the floor. Tie the mouth of the water balloon tightly once the sand fills up the balloon. If the sand seems insufficient, sieve some more and pour it into the water balloon. You could even personalize it with a colored ribbon, or decorate to make your personal squishy stress ball. It might seem just like other geek toys, but it is a great stress reliever.

Simple geek toys

 Great Gift

   Stress Relieving Toys

KlikyBalls are small magnetic spheres that have each an attracting and repelling side. Due to their attractive power they cling to each other very strongly. This makes them superb geek toys. You might hesitate when you hear “geek toys”, but these geek toys are like no other. These spheres can be used to make wonderful designs and fascinating shapes. Just try them out and you will see. Plus they’re more than geek toys for kids, these can be used by adults as well. They are a great stress reliever, as you can play with them all day and forget about the stresses of life. Furthermore they also help in sparking your creative imagination. Just take a few minutes off work, and tinker about with KlikyBalls; you will see all your stress melting out. Priced at just $22.99, these are also a great gift for kids.

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Buckeye balls

          Get Buckeye balls

Sitting in your office where you have loads of work, targets, schedules, meetings and appointments to render, your brain would definitely encounter stress. You might definitely wish to take a vacation, which is sometimes impossible. You could wish for a solution to overcome your struggle with work pressure and stress. If you feel that the work pressure is overwhelming, it is time for you to get the new buckeye balls.

What are buckeye balls?

They are small magnetic balls that can help you create different structures. You could simple assemble them and create new shapes and figures according to your imagination. Buckeye balls help you to be creative and they could definitely be shaped into different figures as you wish. You can bend them or fold or make any shape according to your wish and they act as a wonderful stress reliever. Buckeye balls are entertaining and they could be considered as a long lasting product. Buckeye balls have magnetic poles, one would be north, and the other would be the South Pole. As you are aware like repels like, you can attach the magnetic poles of the ball and make structures. Buckeye balls will definitely help you avoid boredom and it helps you reduce your mental stress. You could place them on your table at office and have fun whenever you get some free time.


Encounter stress

           Use Buckeye balls

KlikyBalls are small magnetic balls and they consist of 216 powerful magnets. They are available in different editions and you could prepare different shapes using the smooth magnetic spheres. You need not require any kind of instructions for assembling them and just attaching them to one another will help you to create wonderful shapes. They are a lifetime product and you can get rid of stress for a lifetime using KlikyBalls.

The dynamic magnetic balls can be contorted or twisted in to different shapes and they can acquire different shaped structures. You can release the artist in you and make creative structures using the KlikyBalls. Your creativity has no limits and thus you could prepare endless creative designs using KlikyBalls.

KlikyBalls are available at $22.99 plus $5.95 shipping and handling charges. You could buy 2 sets for free shipping. You could buy Gold, Black or Silver edition by just paying $5 more.

Hope you are now excited to try this amazing fun tool!