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Magnetic Toys For Adults And Kids

Science kit

                                   Make science kit

Magnetic balls are cool toys that are manufactured with intent of educating children. Magnetic balls can be used in science kit. One of the main aim of science kit is to educate children through games and for this magnetic balls can be used. However the popular notion that magnetic toys are only for kids is completely false as there are number of different magnetic toys in the market that are equally loved and used by adults and kids alike. One of the main advantages of using these toys is that they help in relieving stress.

Science kit toys having magnetic toys are preferred by teenagers and teachers as it helps the kids understand the concepts of magnetism and many other things easily. Teachers will be able to teach the students about trigonometry and different geometric shapes by creating them using the magnetic balls. Nowadays, the magnetic balls that were earlier used in the science kit toys are sold separately for adults so that they will be able to make shapes or simply play with them for relieving stress.

Amazing toys

                             Science kit for kids

KlikyBalls are one of the popular magnetic balls available in the market that will help you to make science kit easily. Since the KlikyBalls stick to one another easily, you will be able to make shapes easily with it. You can make different shapes according to your imagination, it does not matter what shape you are making with a single set of KlikyBalls you can explore your imagination. One of the best advantages of this device is that it is well-made and will not break easily and can be used for a long period of time.

These days many office going people are using KlikyBalls to alleviate their work tension. It is an easy distraction from the work stress and will help in clearing your cluttered head in no time. You can have tons of fun by playing with these magnetic balls. You can even make use of the KlikyBalls to create science kit for your kids. Gifting these to your teenage children will help them increase their creativity. Since you will be able to make unlimited shapes and forms with it there is no end of fun. The company offers you three colors to choose from – Gold, Black and Silver. Order these amazing toys online for $22.99 plus 5.95$ for shipping and handling.

New Fabrication Process Yields Super Strong Magnets

Strong Magnets

Stronger Magnets To Revolutionize Energy Business

Magnets are substances that have an attractive property and attract typical metals. Though there are many different types of magnets, rare earth magnets are the strongest magnets available. These strong magnets have a huge application in the industry especially the clean energy industry, and are used extensively in the production of electric vehicle motors and wind turbine generators.

China is the world’s largest producer of rare earth magnets. It extracts close to 95% of the world’s rare earth minerals and has cut off the export of these minerals ever since 2010. However, along with supply chain concerns, mining for these rare earth minerals is highly disastrous to the environment.

Neodymium magnets constitute the majority of the rare earth magnets. However a recent innovation has led to the production of strong magnets that do not need any rare earth inputs. Rare earth magnets are typically made of Neodymium but this new process has been able to develop a magnet which has twice as much magnetic energy as Neodymium magnets. The new magnets are composed of iron nitride with a theoretical magnetic energy of 130 mega gauss oersteds, more than twice that of neodymium magnets.

In the earlier days any work with iron nitride yielded mostly powders or thin films, that could not be used for most applications. However this new process allows bulk fabrication of iron nitride which can be used for a number of applications. Fortunately this fabrication process is similar with existing mass production techniques while inputs like iron and nitrogen are easy and cheap to get, which allows for the production of cheap permanent magnets with more performance than rare earth magnets.

Some of the features of Iron Nitride permanent magnets that make it more appealing than conventional earth magnets include.

  • Low cost of production using common iron and nitrogen inputs. There is no need for rare earth minerals in this process.
  • Its theoretical strength exceeds that of the rare earth magnets by as much as twice the power

    Iron Nitride Permanent Magnets

                 Iron Nitride Magnets Twice As Strong

  • Their production does not harm the environment or lead to pollution.
  • The process to fabricate them is similar to current product techniques for strong magnets.
  • They can be used in a wide variety of applications including electric motors, wind turbines and electronics.

These features of iron nitride magnets can be used in a variety of applications and machines and they will definitely have a huge impact on the industry.

Get Your Kid A Science Toy

Play with science toys

                          Play with science toys

Kids just love to ask about everything they around them. Since they would be seeing different new things for the first time in life, they would become curious. There is no doubt that if kids love their environment and is curious about it, they would naturally develop a love for science subjects. This could be enhanced if parents take appropriate steps to introduce science toys or anything related to science that could develop this curiosity in students. Slowly or gradually, your kids would love learning science and develop an interest in science subjects. Eventually, they should be introduced to science toys that will help to expand their creative skills and logical reasoning.

Kids who love science toys would naturally develop an interest in the different mechanisms involved in them. This will enhance their observation, which is quite vital in science. You could definitely purchase such toys online or from a retail store. There are several geek kids, who would love such science toys and such kids may find other toy items to be quite boring.

Even though your kids can be encouraged to do small experiments, prevent their interaction from chemicals that could cause injuries. You could instead introduce science toys that would enhance their creativity. A miniature microscope will definitely be a good fun for your kid and he/she will love such science toys. Though they are pricey, they could be purchased at an affordable rate.

use science toys

                               use science toys


KlikyBalls can be one of the best science toys kit meant for slightly older children. They are infact small spherical balls that are made of rare earth magnets. These balls has two poles and one of them attracts and the other pole repels. Based on the property of each pole, you can place the small magnets next to one another or you could even create different forms using it. Children could learn more about the magnetic field using these toys. This would in fact enhance their creativity and they could create geometrical forms using the same.

Kids could create atomic structures using these spherical magnet balls and have great fun. They are quite easy to break and they can be used to try different shapes and structures using it. These can be considered as a lifetime toy and hence they could be used for many more years.

Information About The Strongest Magnets Available

Strong magnets

                      Use strong magnets

Magnets induces our curiosity and if you are really interested to know more about strong magnets, read ahead. Among the different magnets that are available today, neodymium rare earth magnets are the strongest magnets. This type of magnets are available in different shapes and forms for different uses, which include block magnets, cup magnets, disc magnets, ring magnets, rod magnets, spherical magnets, whiteboard magnets, etc.

Block magnets

Block magnets possess the shape of rectangle or square and they are usually flat. These magnets are normally used for making applications where magnets are essential. These strong magnets are also called plate magnets.

Cup magnets

Cup magnets are encased in a steel housing and they are strong magnets made of neodymium. The strength of the magnet is focused on the magnet face. They are most commonly used for making holding applications or fixtures.

Disc magnets

Disc magnets normally have round and flat face and if you need rotational motion control, you could get them with diametrical magnetism. They can be used for any purpose.

Ring magnets

Ring magnets are also called as tube magnets and they are quite thin. They are strong magnets that have round shape and possess a hole at the center. You would find applications that require a hole in the center for mounting and ring magnets would be useful for such purposes.

Rod Magnets

Being round shaped magnets, their length would exceed their diameter. They would fit well into a drilled hole and they are strong magnets that could be used for different types of application.

Spherical magnets

These are magnets that have two poles and they have a magnetic field as well. They would attract each other at one pole and repel at the other. They could be linked easily.

whiteboard magnets

                          Try strong magnets

An example for such spherical magnets available is KlikyBalls.

About KlikyBalls

KlikyBalls are strong magnets, which have spherically smooth surface. They have two poles out of which one pole attracts and the other pole repels. They can be used for creating various designs and forms. These magnets can help you to get rid of your boredom at workplace and it will help you to rejuvenate and relax your mind. KlikyBalls do not require any instructions for use and you could simply let your imagination work. They are found quite effective in giving relief from work stress.

Try these amazingly strong magnets and have a relaxed time playing with these toys.

The Ultimate Stress Relief Balls

Strong Magnets

          Spheres Made Of Strong Magnets

It is hard to predict when, where and why the stress bugs would bring you down. For most people, it can happen at their home, office or just any place for that matter. One thing is for sure, nobody likes to be stressed out.

Usually, during such times, people find solace in movies, their favorite music or indulge in any kind of entertainment that will make them happy and keep them occupied. Now, what can be the best and easily available alternative to all these options? Well, the answer is Klikyballs, made of strong magnets.

Advantages of Klikyballs

The smooth and small balls made of strong magnets are ideal to beat stress and make you happy. You might remember your childhood days when you used to play with magnets. It was certainly so much fun. Even now, you can have the same amount of fun or perhaps double the fun with the smooth balls built of strong magnets. Are you having a bad day at office? Do not worry; all you need is Klikyballs. One of the major advantages of Klikyballs is that you can make countless shapes and forms. This is due to the adhesive properties of the strong magnets.

You will never get bored while playing with Klikyballs. This is because you can bring out the creative side in you and your imagination will soar high without any limits. There is no specific rulebook that says you can make only a particular number of shapes or forms. On the other hand, the strong magnets will keep you busy in creating a new shape every time you finish with one design.

Countless Shapes

         Adhesive Properties Of The Strong Magnets

Drinking coffee is a good idea to get instant relief from work pressure. At the same time, you do not have to take that extra quantity of caffeine when Klikyballs are at your service.


Klikyballs are small and smooth spheres made of strong magnets. These spheres always stay attached to one another. This magnetic property helps one to mold Klikyballs into countless designs. There are two poles for Klikyballs. One pole always attracts and the other one repels. You do not actually require a user manual to have fun with Klikyballs!

Be it to beat stress or to have some enjoyment, Klikyballs is just what you need. Hereafter, there is no need to worry about being stressed out when you have Klikyballs with you!

Develop Creativity Skills With Desktoys


                Uses Of Magnetix Building Toys

Bucky balls Magnetix is more than just magnetic balls. You can create numerous geometrical shapes with Bucky balls magnetic spherical balls. This special building toy is manufactured with rare earth metals that contain alloys of boron, iron and neodymium.

Earlier, Bucky balls were designed to meet educational needs. You can create countless designs of varied shapes. You will never get tired of playing with Bulky balls Magnetix. It is not a bad idea to gift Bucky balls. It can give hours of endless entertainment, as every time you can create new designs. The enthusiasm will never go off.

Kids find Bucky balls useful as they combine the aspects of both theory and practice. Kids can make three-dimensional geometric figures with ease. It is easy to break the ball patterns and remold them again. In fact, the Bucky balls toy improves the imagination ability of kids, providing them with strong foundation in geometric aspects.

Even though Bucky balls packages feature 6 X 6 inches balls, you can use additional packages for molding larger structures. The Bucky balls Magnetix is easily malleable and resembles the properties of clay.

Get Klikyballs desktoy

Like Bucky balls, Klikyballs also feature Magnetix for multipurpose uses. With Klikyballs, you can create unlimited structures, stress balls and jewelry. Klikyballs Magnetix are sold to professionals who rarely get time to relax. Klikyballs can be contorted and twisted like any other stress balls. Klikyballs Magnetix acts as a stress buster, and helps you relieve the pressures of high stress working environment. It is a known fact that when your mind and body is free from stress, you could improve productivity. Klikyballs Magnetix is the quick remedy to achieve high levels of productivity by releasing you from the clutches of boredom and stress.

Magnetic Balls

 Magnetix Desktoy For Improving Creativity

Klikyballs could be used as a status symbol as well. You could get different Klikyballs in gold, silver and black colors. In fact, this special spherical Magnetix toy can be used in the field of designing and architecture. Ordinary games and puzzles have a single solution. However, with Klikyballs, you could find infinite number of solutions. You will never get bored of building new designs and shapes.

Stimulate your brain by creating new designs and patterns without much effort.  You can form a line and then move on to building two-dimensional figures. The fun is limitless! Help your brain to give its 100 percent!

Try Klikyballs: The Unique Stress Relief Balls

Buckeye Balls

            Features Of Buckeye Balls

People are usually worried about different things in their life, like their studies, future, income and a lot more. As the stress and worry increases, some may even develop depression. If you are one of them who are constantly troubled by stress and worries, here comes a solution; Klikyballs. While working with these buckeye balls, you can get relief from all your stresses and worries. Once you start playing with this desktoy, you will forget about all the things in your life that causes you strain!

Advantages of Klikyballs

Klikyballs are small magnetic balls that have two poles that help them attract and repel each other. These balls help bring out the artist in you, as you can redesign the shapes based on your ideas. This is made possible by the sticking properties of these buckeye balls. The advantages of using Klikyballs are plenty. These buckeye balls, as mentioned above, helps you acquire peace of mind by relieving your stress as soon as you start playing with it. With Klikyballs, you can form unlimited number of shapes and sizes. You can crush, contort, twist and mold these buckeye balls to any shape. The major difference of Klikyballs from other buckeye balls is that you can split them completely and redesign shapes.

Magnetic Balls

         Advantages Of Buckeye Balls

Another advantage of these buckeye balls is that they are long lasting. Since these balls are manufactured with high quality materials, they last for many years without losing their magnetic properties. There is also no boredom associated with playing with Klikyballs. When you opt for puzzles and games, they have only one solution associated and once you solve them, you lose your interest. However, with the buckeye balls like Klikyballs, you can reshape them into thousands of shape without losing your interest. In addition, the use of Klikyballs helps you to stimulate your brain cells.

You can purchase these buckeye balls at an unbelievable price of $22.99, with an additional charge of $5.95 for shipping. If you opt for two sets of Klikyballs, you can avail free shipping. Three editions of Klikyballs are available for purchase. You can go for the Gold edition, Silver edition or the Black edition. The manufacturers also offer you a money back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return in before the next thirty days to avail your money back.

About Magnets And Magnetic Toys


              About magnets

As a kid, I used to love magnets. I remember the day when I got my first magnet in my hand and I had plenty of fun using it. There is no doubt that magnets could definitely arouse curiosity in kids and can be used as fun toys by them. It would be indeed make a great present for them that would attract kid’s attention and growing up, they would learn more about the magnetism and the magnetic property of certain elements. You would have definitely tried to attach magnets with iron objects. These are often made of materials like iron and steel.

In a magnet, the atoms would be arranged in units and they are known as domains.  When you find numerous domains, they would normally function together like a magnet. There would a magnetic field around a magnet because of the pulling of different domains against each other.

William Gilbert discovered the concept of magnetism and he also found that earth is a large magnet. William Gilbert also discovered that by twisting iron, you could create magnets.

Even though magnets are included in different components in different ways, we ought to know about the role of magnets toy sets in removing stress. For this, you need to purchase the KlikyBalls magnetic toy set.

Arouse curiosity

                Use magnets

They are quite small spherical magnetic balls that can be used to create different forms and structures. Since modern life is quite hectic with lots of work pressure and stress, you ought to give your brain the chance to relax and the same is possible using KlikyBalls. These magnetic balls possess two poles out of which one repels and the other attracts. Keeping in mind the theory of magnetism that ‘Like repels like’ you may create any structures and designs according to your wish. You may just leave your imagination to work and come up with any idea or creative design that pops into your mind. It would definitely keep your mind occupied and they are found quite helpful in alleviating work pressure and stress.

KlikyBalls are available in different editions and you may purchase the one you like. However, always ensure that these balls are kept away from kids in order to prevent them swallowing these rather small toys. Hope you are now ready to try the same!