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Use Strong Magnets To Relive Your Stress

Strong Magnets

              Spheres Made Of Strong Magnets

Stress is always an unwelcome guest while we are at our work place or doing routine chores at home. Usually, we will look for the best options to unwind ourselves and elevate our mood. Going for a movie, listening to peppy songs or simply hanging around with our friends are some of them.

However, these options are not always practical. During such situations, you need to have the best and easily available alternative to get relieved of the stress and tensions. One such option is the small and cute spheres made of strong magnets. You can use them to bid good-bye to stress. The facets mentioned below will tell you more about the benefits of using the spheres of strong magnets.

Benefits of using strong magnets

One of the major advantages is that the spheres made of strong magnets are handy and you can use them anytime to ward off stress. This is why the strong magnets prove to be one of the best desktop toys available today. You can use these spheres made of such magnets to make countless interesting designs. The best part is that there will always be a new design at the end of every pattern you create. Therefore, you can see that the fun never stops while you are playing with the spheres of strong magnets. In addition to that, you can see that strong magnets have unique healing properties when brought in close contact with our body.

The magnetic toy is ideal to improve your cognitive capabilities. You will be able to improve your concentration power and analytical skills when you constantly use the strong magnets.  This is one main reason why most people use it while they are bored or under stressful situations. It also proves to be a great desktop material with which you can decorate your office table.

Magnetic Toy

                   Benefits Of Using Strong Magnets


Are you searching for a cute and compact desktop toy? Then it is high time that you started using Klikyballs. The interesting desktop toy will help to ward off unwanted tensions and worries while you are at your work place. One of the main advantages is that you can use them without creating any disturbance to the office atmosphere.

Hereafter, you do not have to worry about stress and tensions. A pack of Klikyballs will help keep all worries and stress at bay. Start using the unique magnetic toys to enjoy productive office hours.

Let Your Mind Relax Using Magnetic Balls

Buckeye Balls

                   Use Buckeye Balls

We live in a world that is extremely fast. No one has the patience to slow down, nor are they interested in spending some quality time for themselves. People are after achievements, a process that would eventually make them quite stressful. When stress and tension reach the top notch, people suffer from cardiac arrests, strokes and other lifestyle diseases. It is always better to find a permanent solution to tackle with stress and tension. It is better to not to grow used to stress, which could finally force you to compromise on your health.

You would have seen kids playing with toys, but why not adults? Well, toys are for fun and let us give adults special toys that could help them to have some fun in their life. Adults would love to have something creative and if you wish to choose one, then buckeye balls would be the perfect choice.

About buckeye balls

Buckeye balls or buckyballs are small magnetic balls. They have a spherical shape and they have two poles. One is the North pole and the other is the South pole. One attracts and the other one repels. You can simply attach and create attractive forms and structures using buckeye balls. It is quite easy to create different structures. You can simply twist or crush these balls and transform them into new designs or shapes. You can definitely convert your busy hours into fun filled ones using buckeye balls. Try making funny shapes and become more creative.

You can create straight lines by attaching the buckeye balls and join them and create different designs and shapes. There is no doubt that you will forget about your stress or work related pressure when buckeye balls are around.


Klikyballs are the perfect buckeye balls that are available today. They are made of rare earth

Stress And Tension

                   Stress And Tension

magnets and they are found suitable to create attractive and funny shapes and structures. You can simply make mind blowing designs and structures using it. Klikyballs can even be used to create geometric forms. You could make squares, rectangles, cubes, cuboids and what not! Even learning chemistry can be converted into a fun time using these magnetic balls.

These spherically smooth balls are quite attractive and you can simply create funny shapes and place them on your office desk. You will soon find it difficult to keep them away as they offer wonderful fun time!

A Rare Earth Magnetic Desktoy: Buckyballs


Buckyballs Are Made Of Neodymium                                      Magnets

Buckyballs is fun to play with. It plays different roles as a desktoy and stress buster. The magnetic balls, the Bucky balls, or the neocubes are fun to play with as you can manipulate many designs out of it.

With the help of these magnets, you can create many shapes like cylinders, pyramids and cubes. It is fun to play darts on the fridge with the buckyballs. You can use them as fridge magnets that can hang some of your favorite recipes or even the bills that you have to pay. The buckyballs can hold the photograph of your favorite pet or even your best friend.


The buckyballs is made from neodymium rare earth magnets, which is so strong that it can hold up to a half-pound pull. The toy is best suited for adults. It is important to keep it away from children or let them play under the supervision of an adult. It includes a case that carries the magnets and hence utmost care is mandatory.

Addictive Desktoy

It is the most addictive magnetic desktoy. People have them at their desk, to have them handy at times when they get bored with the monotonous job that they do all the time. You can make various shapes out of the buckyballs or create puzzles during the leisure hours in the office.

Strong Magnets

These tiny magnets are so strong that a 5mm diameter sized Buckyball can hold half a pound weight. This makes buckyballs a perfect holder. You can hang papers in your cabins or photographs on the fridge or anywhere, where you want to put them up. The Buckyball can handle a lot more than this.

Discover New Shapes

When you start making shapes with the magnetic balls, you go boundless in the number of shapes that you can make.


           Buckyballs Are A Good Stress Buster

Kliky Balls

Kliky balls are magnetic spheres that stick together. These allow you to make different shapes out of the magnetic spheres. It is made of super strong magnetic material. Due to its magnetic property, they have two sides or poles, one side repels and the other side attracts. With the strong magnets, you can snap, pull, form, squeeze and construct shapes in boundless ways.

The buckyballs are available in various styles. Sidekick is a pack of 125 small nickel spheres and Original is a pack of 216-nickel spheres. Executive black and executive gold, both are a pack of 216 spheres in their respective colors.

Use Magnetic Toys For Stress Relief

Bucky Balls

                       About Magnetic Balls Toy

One of the best ways to kill stress is to indulge yourself in some fun as well as mentally stimulating games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles. However, such games, if you are not particularly good at them, might not be best way to beat stress; you should be looking for a fun activity that is much more relaxing but still creative.

Using magnetic ball toys

Magnetic ball toys are the new trend, when it comes to stress relief toys. Take for instance, the bucky balls set. It is a set of magnetic spheres that are held together by the magnetic force between them. Now, this magnetic property of the bucky balls makes them a very good construction toy.

You might already be familiar with the concept of magnetic force, the two poles, the forces of attraction and repulsion between the poles, etc. But, your children might now only be learning about all this in science class. They would love to play the magnetic bucky balls. However, you need to keep the bucky balls away from small kids, who would not understand the dangers of accidentally swallowing these small spherical balls.

As far as adults are concerned, bucky balls would be a great office desk toy for them. You can just make a simple cube or prism using the bucky balls set, and use it as a paperweight. When the work pressure really gets to you, take a break from your work and have some fun rearranging these bucky balls into a shape as unique as possible.

This would boost your creativity as you are trying to come up with a unique design for rearranging the magnetic balls. And, most importantly, as you are immersed in this activity, you would soon forget about your work-related worries.

Rare Earth Magnets

               Buy KlikyBalls Magnetic Balls Set

About the KlikyBalls magnetic toys

Get the KlikyBalls brand, if you are looking for a quality set of bucky balls magnets. They are made of high quality rare earth magnets and come in many different colours like red, green, blue, black, silver, gold, etc. The KlikyBalls set is available in sets, each with 216 to 2160 pieces.

This magnetic toy would be an elegant gift to your colleagues and friends. The starting price is 22.99$ with an additional 5.95$ for shipping and handling. By the way, go online and check out some of videos posted on Youtube about creating some cool structures using KlikyBalls.

Let Buckyballs Enhance Your Creative Skills

Geek Toys

             Purchase Geek Toys

Stress and strain can cause headaches and that is quite natural. But in order to avoid stress associated with your work, you need to choose certain techniques that could alleviate your stress and work pressure. Even if you are busy with your projects and schedules, you can definitely find some time to enhance your creativity. You may not have explored your creative skills, which if polished, could help you create new ideas.

There are several geek toys that can help make your leisure hours quite funny and creative and buckyballs are one such set of geek toys. Buckyballs are small magnetic balls that made of neodymium magnets that are quite powerful. You will find about 216 such magnetic balls in a set. Each ball has a smooth spherical surface and they have two poles. One of the poles attracts and the other pole repels. Based on this principle, these geek toys can be arranged to create different structures and forms.

Geek toys can be used by both adults and children and buckyballs falls in this category. You can use this toy in between your stress filled hours at workplace. This is a handy device that could be placed on your office desk.  You may find these geek toys to be quite helpful as they would definitely give you some sort of fun.

You can create funny shapes and geometrical structures using buckyballs and they can even be considered as an educational tool. Children would find it useful to learn geometry using these geek toys.


If you wish to purchase buckyballs, then it would be better to choose Klikyballs, which are

Projects And Schedules

                      Buy Geek Toys

the best buckyballs available today. Klikyballs are smooth magnetic balls that are made of rare earth magnets. These balls are the best ones available today and they can be considered as a life time toy. You can create anything using it and that too without even any instructions. You can guide your creative skills and thus enhance your creativity. It is quite easy to crush and mold these magnetic balls. You can learn physics and chemistry using it. Learning magnetism and atomic bonding theory would turn to a fun time using Klikyballs.

The price of Klikyballs is $22.99 plus $5.95 as shipping and handling charges. You can definitely avoid stress and work pressure using Klikyballs. You can pay $5 more to obtain the Black or Gold editions of Klikyballs.

One Of The Best Magnetic Toys Available

Buckeye Balls

              About Buckeye Balls Toys

You kid’s birthday might be approaching, and you still have no clue as to what to get him. Of course, there is no dearth of all kinds of toys in the market. But, I am sure that your kid would enjoy playing with magnetic toys rather than any of other the fancy toys you would get them. This is because the invisible magnetic force that holds these toys together would always invoke a sense of curiosity in kids.

About the buckeye balls magnetic toys

One of the magnetic toy types available is the buckeye balls. The buckeye balls magnetic toys are construction toys – much like Lego – which can be used to construct all types of shapes and figures. Your kid would love creating new shapes and designs using the buckeye balls set.

Though buckeye balls are really cool toys, you need to take into consideration the age of your kid, before you present him a set of buckeye balls. These very small magnetic spheres might get accidently swallowed by young children. So, these toys should be kept away from toddlers.

On the other hand, your teenage kids would love playing with these toys and creating cool shapes using them. Your kid would be learning about the concept and properties of the magnetic force in his science class. The buckeye balls magnetic toy set would be a good way for him to put his science lessons into practice.

Buy KlikyBalls toy set

Of course, there are many different brands marketing the buckeye balls toys these days. But, if you want to buy a set of good quality magnetic toys that would last a lifetime, you need to buy KlikyBalls. A standard KlikyBalls set would contain about 216 magnetic spheres.

Each of these pieces is made from good quality rare earth magnets. This ensures that the pieces would not lose its magnetic property even after many years of rough use. KlikyBalls are available in sets starting from 216 pieces a set, to 2160.

Rare Earth Magnets

           Buy Kliky Balls Magnetic Toys

They are also available in a variety of colours – black, silver, gold, red, blue and green. The starting price for a KlikyBalls set is 22.99$ plus an extra 5.95$ for shipping and handling charges. You can choose from the different colours at no extra cost.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee for each purchase. So, go ahead and purchase a set of KlikyBalls toys today itself.

Magnetic Balls That Make Learning Geometry Easy


Realize the power of Magnetix

Magnetix opens a world of indelible fun and entertainment for people of all ages, kids in particular. When spherical magnetic balls are arranged to form different structures, it is termed as Magnetix. Usually, the small spherical balls are derived from neodymium magnets. It is designed to last long for many years. In fact, neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets that are available commercially.

Kliky balls

Kliky balls are small spherical magnetic balls that can be molded in to a number of designs and patterns. Each of the balls has two poles that repel and attract. Children can create unlimited number of geometrical structures with the aid of Kliky balls Magnetix since it is designed to stick to each other easily.

There are hardly any instructions required and hence the kids never get bored of the game. Unlike other games, Kliky balls Magnetix offers a number of options as solutions. While ordinary puzzles provide only unique solutions, Kliky balls provides you with infinite solutions that make creating designs interesting.

Indeed, Kliky balls Magnetix induces creative skills in children. While every time they mold new designs, it assists them in using the entire faculties of brain. Imaginative power enhances with thinking, coordination and execution of activities. While playing with Kliky balls, a child’s reasoning and creative skills will become double folded helping them become successful in their field of interest.

Kliky balls Magnetix aids students in their academics as well. The spherical magnetic balls are used for molding the replica of geometrical designs and patterns. Children would love to learn through experiments and fun. With Kliky balls Magnetix, they could make numerous two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional geometric patterns. In fact, Kliky balls Magnetix guides them in earning high grades in geometry and math.

strongest magnets

Magnetix for fun lovers

Since learning through fun is a different experience altogether, even a child who lacks interest in academics, especially in science subjects, can be brought back to track easily. With Kliky balls, this is easily possible. It is never late to incorporate Kliky balls as an aide in children’s academics. You can get the aid from Kliky balls for helping children with their academics.

Choose among the different colors such as Red, Green, Silver, Gold and Black. As a responsible parent, you need to help your child to get motivated and enhance creativity with Kliky balls.

How Good Are Klikyballs In Relieving Stress

Neodymium Magnet

        Features Of Neodymium Magnets

If your work involves a lot of pressure, then it is important that you find a solution to get relief from it. This is because this stress can follow you even after the office hours to your home, which could even strain family relations. Now, the best method to relieve from stress is to keep yourself engaged in any other activity. Now, if this activity is uninteresting, you might soon become tired of it and you might be under stress again.

Another option is to try out a few games or puzzles. However, on winning the game or finding the solution to the puzzle, you might soon lose interest in it. Therefore, it is important that you find another activity and Klikyballs are considered the right solution that serves this purpose. These balls are made using neodymium magnet. The major feature of Klikyballs is that they help you to form infinite number of shapes with the properties of neodymium magnet in it. With this, you never get bored or tired playing with Klikyballs.

You will be thrilled to see the different shapes and sizes that you form with these balls. One end of these neodymium magnet balls repels one end of other magnets, while the other end attracts the same. With this, you can create different shapes and sizes according to your imagination.

These neodymium magnet balls come in different editions. You may choose from three different colors. The colors offered are black, silver and gold. The major advantage of these neodymium magnet balls is that they are highly durable, which means you will not have to go in search of any other stress relieving solutions for years to come.

Magnetic Balls

         Properties Of A Neodymium Magnet

Klikyballs are considered an affordable stress relieving solution. While most of the science toys, stress relieving puzzles and games could cost you hundreds of dollars, these neodymium magnet balls come at the price of $29.99 per set. Another feature is that you can avail big discounts from the manufacturer if you place a single order for two or more sets of these magnetic balls.

When you purchase Klikyballs, remember that these stress relieving toys are not intended for children and should be strictly kept away from them. Children might tend to swallow Klikyballs, which could lead to serious injury or even death. In the occurrence of such events, you should immediately consult your doctor.

The Magnetic Toy That You Won’t Be Able To Put Down


Magnetix toys

Are you tired of the conventional desk toys that do only one thing? Are you searching for new ways to pass your leisure time? If yes, you can read ahead to know more about the magnetix buckyball toys. These balls have become an instant hit in the market of desktop toys as playing with these toys is real fun and you will never get bored by playing with the magnetix buckyballs. This toy was featured in rolling stone, Esquire, People Maxim and many other popular magazines. With the magnetix buckyballs, people can let their imagination go wild. They are very powerful magnetic balls that are made from rare earth metals.

The magnetix buckyballs are only 0.5 mm in diameter and a single set contains 216 buckyballs that can assure hours and hours of fun. With these small balls, you can have endless and unlimited possibilities. Each of the magnetix buckyball is strong enough to hold up to 8 sheets of paper to a magnetic surface. This means that the user can make unlimited number of shapes and forms. They can be used to make creative patterns, jewelry like necklace, bracelets, and rings. These balls have a shiny and sleek finish that never wears off. These balls can also be used by people of nervous or anxious disposition to release their stress and anxiety.

The magnetix buckyballs are the best desk toy ever. It is also the perfect gift that you can give to your loved ones. They can also be used to demonstrate different shapes to the students. They can be used to explain bonding and also be used to demonstrate various 3 dimensional shapes and space lattices. These balls attract so strongly that you may strain your fingers while trying to pull them apart.

imagination go wild

Magnetix buckyballs

Kliky Balls

These are one of the best selling brands of magnetic desktop toys. These balls are very effective in alleviating stress because of their design and they provide the user with the ability to form limitless designs. Like all other magnets, each of these balls has two poles, one side attracts, and the other repels. These balls can be molded, twisted, crushed, and shaped to soothe your mind. These can be used productively to get rid of stress and tensions.

Many of the experts believe that magnets can prove to be useful for one’s health. You can choose from black, gold, and silver colors. Order today!