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Explore Unending Fun With Klikyballs

Bucky Balls Magnetic Toys

      Align Bucky Balls

Stress is one of the unbearable feelings that many of us struggle to cope with. Unable to overcome stress, many get addicted to drugs, alcohol and smoking. In fact, stress can be avoided in a much better way. One can get involved in group activities, puzzles, games and the sorts to overcome stress. But, the busy schedule of our work may not allow us to engage in such creative means of stress relief. Here comes a modern means of stress relief. It is nothing but Bucky balls. Some call it stress balls.

What are Bucky balls and how do they help one overcome stress?

Bucky balls are magnetic spheres featuring two opposite poles, one for attracting and the other for repelling. One can align these spheres to mould any shape or design that he has in mind. When you start moulding a shape or design with stress balls, it will engage your entire attention, leaving no chance for you to worry about anything on earth. Because of its ability to draw one’s entire attention to it, many consider it to be an effective means to improve concentration.

Bucky balls- A popular desk toy

Initially, stress balls were introduced as a desk toy to help employees in multinational companies to get rid of their accumulating stress and depression. Today, stress balls are not just a desk toy. They are much more; a puzzle to pass time, a decorative thing and an intellect booster. Experts suggest that parents encourage their children to spend time in aligning stress balls to mould various shapes and designs as it can improve their cognitive abilities.

How Bucky balls are used as a decorative toy?

Bucky balls are used as a decorative toy too. You can mould various designs and shapes from your imagination using these stress balls and use them to decorate your drawing room or so. The best part is that you can change the designs from time to time to give your drawing room an enchanting and new look. In a single set of Bucky balls, you can find 216 balls. So, you can mould several designs with a single set of stress balls.

 Bucky Balls Toy

       Design Shapes With Bucky Balls


A popular brand of stress balls, KlikyBalls, is durable and made of strong neodymium magnets. Available in different hues at just $29.99, KlikyBalls is affordable for anyone who is looking for cheaper but lasting Bucky balls for stress relief, fun, decoration and many more things. It comes in varying colours including Gold, Silver and Black.

Get your KlikyBalls set today and start your exploration for unending fun.

Some Uses Of Buckyballs

Buckeye Balls

              Uses Of Relieve Daily Stress

Nowadays, people tend to make use of many tools and methods to overcome the tensions associated with their work and personal life. It is necessary to have a reprieve from tensions and worries, as these can have a huge impact on their day-to-day lives. For that reason, most people make use of Buckyballs, a common tool used to relieve tensions, thereby providing unlimited entertainment, and helping to keep focused on your job.

Buckyballs is actually a set of magnetic balls, which can be joined together to form a variety of shapes and patterns. These magnets are made up of neodymium and are very small in diameter. Generally, magnets possess a force of attraction, and this property makes it possible for buckeye balls to form various shapes and patterns. Therefore, Buckyballs are the best choice to consider while going for a stress-relieving toy, as they provide plenty of use to the people. Now, let’s look at some of the advantages of using buckeye balls.

Relieves stress

Since buckeye balls help to relieve daily stress and tensions, they’re mainly sold and marketed to professionals who spend many hours in their offices. Therefore, you can always consider these balls as a quick solution to make your office environment peaceful and stress-free. Buckyballs usually function in the same way as other desk toys like stress balls. The main purpose of buckeye balls toys is to distract the stress worker from work-related tensions.

Create various artworks

These magnetic balls are designed in such a way as to help you form geometrical shapes, both 2D and 3D. A person can form shapes of any design by just using their own imagination, and there is no specific name given to the patterns formed by using Buckyballs, as you are the first one to create it. Since you are using your imagination, it can effectively stimulate your brain and helps your children to score high marks in mathematical subjects.

Relieve Daily Stress

    Advantages Of Using Relieve Daily Stress

Moreover, when these buckeye balls are designed in a specific manner, they can be used to decorate your fridge, office table etc and often they’re used as jewelry.


KlikyBalls are the best kind of Buckyballs available in the market and are chosen by millions of people for easing their worries and tensions. Like buckeye balls, these also contains a set of magnetic balls (216 in number), which can be joined together to form plenty of different shapes. These balls are very strong and will last for years. Therefore, if you are looking for the best educational as well as stress-relieving toy, then get KlikyBalls today itself.

Magnetic Construction Toys That Last Long

Stress Balls

            What Is A Stress Ball

Neodymium magnets are best known for their strength and durability features. In fact, due to their versatile property, they are used in the manufacturing of magnetic building toys. Magnetic construction toys help you mold a number of structures that are found useful for teachers and academicians. It helps them in their teaching process where they can break up the tough concepts into simpler ones.

Klikyballs Magnetix

While mentioning magnetic building toys, you cannot overlook the multipurpose Magnetix form Klikyballs. Klikyballs Magnetix are derived from neodymium magnets that consist of alloys of iron and boron. They are coated and plated to enhance the strength and durability component.

Klikyballs Magnetix features small spherical magnetic balls that can be used for making geometrical structures of different shapes and sizes. In fact, it can be molded, twisted, contorted and squeezed into different patterns. Indeed, the very feature allows you to mold stress balls. Klikyballs Magnetix stress balls help relax and soothe the nerves and take anxiety away from you. Stress balls form Klikyballs can take any shape as it is can be molded as per your needs. Indeed, magnetic stress balls are found effective in eliminating many health problems.

Academicians also benefit from Klikyballs Magnetix. In fact, they can make use of the spherical magnetic balls to explain the concepts in geography and math. You might be surprised to see that the stress balls adapt to a variety of different needs.  Be it stress balls or any other structure, Klikyballs Magnetix can be molded according to your wish. In fact, you can make any geometrical two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures with the aid of Klikyballs Magnetix.

Strength And Durability

          Stress Balls And Klikyballs

Experts say that children learn faster if we in introduce fun methods while explaining facts. You can induce interest in geometry, math and science subjects with Klikyballs Magnetix. In fact, there are no instructions needed for building different geometrical patterns with Klikyballs. All you ought to do is use your brain and make the desired shape.

It is possible for you to make triangles, pyramids, rectangular, hexagonal and pentagonal designs with the help of Klikyballs Magnetix. The fun will never end and you get multiple solutions while you play with Klikyballs Magnetix. In fact, you could stimulate the brain cells very fast with the aid of Klikyballs.

The price starts at 29.99 dollars where you get a pack of 216 Klikyballs. Enjoy learning while enhancing your brain skills!

Get Creative With Magnetic Desk Toys


               About Magnetix Desk Toy

These days, office professionals are looking for innovative ways to de-stress themselves. And, of course, there are plenty of stress relief apps available that you can make use of for this. But, it is best to un-plug yourself, put down your smartphone, laptop, etc and engage in something creative to beat the stress. This is why magnetix desk toys are so popular.

About the KlikyBalls magnetic desk toys

The KlikyBalls magnetix toys are particularly popular among working professionals. The pieces in the KlikyBalls set are made from good quality rare earth magnets. As a result, these pieces will retain their magnetic properties for a lifetime.

They are also very elegantly designed magnetix toys that can be used as a decorative addition to your office table. The KlikyBalls magnetix toy set will contain about 216 magnetic pieces in a standard set. These pieces, being magnetic in nature, will stick together because of the magnetic force of attraction between them.

Using this magnetic force between the opposite poles, you can attach more and more magnetix pieces together creating all kinds of shapes and structures. Creating a structure, therefore, becomes very easy, as there are no interlocking structures are required for this.

These magnetix can therefore be used as a construction toy. Create some elegant looking structure, a prism or a cube, and place it on your office desk. Use it as paperweight. But, when you are feeling a little too stressed out, dismantle this structure and create a new one.

When you are creating a new structure using the KlikyBalls pieces, make sure that you are creating something unique. This will boost your creativity and ensure that you are completely distracted from all your work-related worries. You will soon feel relaxed, and will be able to get back to your work without any anxiety or stress.

Rare Earth Magnets

              KlikyBalls Magnetix Toy Set

One thing you need to keep in mind while using the KlikyBalls toy is to keep it out of the reach of young children. The magnetic pieces in the KlikyBalls toy set are very small spherical balls, which children could accidently swallow. So, read the warning label and the safety instructions on the product packaging carefully before you use the thing.

The KlikyBalls toy set is in different colours like green, blue, red, gold, silver, black, etc to suit your office interiors. The starting price is $29.99. Visit the official website for more information about this cool desk toy.

Use Of Different Forms Of Energy In Science Toys

Geek Toys

           Features Of Geek Toys

Science toys help people of all age groups to improve their brain activities. Geek toys are being used extensively to nurture the scientific skills of a child. The Geek toys make use of different forms of energy for their working. In this post, we will take you through some of the commonly used energy forms in these Geek toys.

Use of magnetic energy

Magnetic energy is used in geek toys to move objects. For instance, this form of energy is used in levitating globes and also in places where a repulsive force is necessary. Magnetic accelerator cannon is another example where the canon shoots metal balls with the help of magnets.

Use of chemical energy

The use of chemical energy is common in geek toys. These toys work due to the chemical reactions in them. These reactions occur when different types of atoms combine or react with one another. The best examples of these toys are the ones that make use of battery for their working.

Use of elastic energy

Elastic energy is a form of potential energy. This energy forms in materials when they are stretched, and this energy is given out when they are released. Wind up toys, toys that uses rubber bands, are all examples of toys that use elastic energy.

Use of different forms of energy

Some geek toys make use of other different forms of energy. These toys help users to find out how one form of energy changes to another. An example is magnetic toys that use chemical energy from the battery and convert it into magnetic energy.


Klikyballs can be considered as a science toy. This is because they work using the magnetic properties of the balls. However, there are no complicated mechanisms involved in the working of Klikyballs. This makes it a simple and innovative toy.

Magnetic Balls

          Advantages Of Geek Toys

Klikyballs are magnetic balls, which a user can stack together and form various shapes. By working with Klikyballs, the person starts to forget his worries. This is because with these balls, users can create numerous shapes and sizes as they wish.

Klikyballs come in various colors. Majority of the users recommend Klikyballs as the best stress relieving mechanism. A major advantage of these balls is that they are affordable and cheap. You can also return Klikyballs if you do not find the expected results, since there is a money back guarantee offered with every purchase.

Get Instant Relief From Stress Using Klikyballs


            Features Of Buckyball

Many of you might have heard about the stress relieving toy, Buckyball. This ball has magnetic properties with one end attracting and the other one repelling. The major property of a Buckyball is its effectiveness in relieving stress.

The most popular brand of buckyballs available today is Klikyballs. Each of these Buckyball package has 216 balls in it and it will help you to design various shapes. These balls will keep you entertained, as you make new shapes and sizes. Thus, you will find an effective way to keep out stress.

A Buckyball is entirely different from other stress relieving devices. While most of the stress relieving games and puzzles end with a unique solution, you can end up with infinite number of solutions with these magnetic balls. While the solutions of puzzles are pre-determined, you need not reach a pre-determined solution when it comes to Klikyballs. It is upto you to decide which shape or size you want to craft and work accordingly with these magnetic balls. There are no set of instructions to follow and you can work with these balls as per your wish and convenience. Keep in mind that other toys and games would be damaged due to wear and tear. However, these magnetic balls do not get damaged and you can use them for many more years to come.


Klikyballs are one of the best magnetic balls in the market. These balls are the ideal way to relieve your stress. The smoothly finished magnetic balls help you to create numerous fun shapes, according to your artistic visualizations.

Games And Puzzles

            Advantages Of Buckyball

The price of a set of this Buckyball package is 29.99 dollars. However, this Buckyball package comes with numerous offers from the manufacturer. For instance, if you order 10 sets of this Buckyball package, you can save 110 dollars. This means, each ball would be costing you just 0.087 dollars. Another great offer from the manufacturer is the money back guarantee. If you do not find Klikyballs interesting, you can return it within 30 days to avail a refund.

Klikyballs come in six different colors. You may choose different color combinations to make your designs attractive. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective stress relieving formula, do not hesitate to order Klikyballs. This affordable Buckyball package will ensure that you are relieved from all tensions. So, start working with these magnetic balls today and say good-bye to stress!

Magnetic Balls That Make Your Life Easy


       Using Buckyball As An Academic Aid

Buckyball is a small, spherical ball with the power of magnets inside. When formed into a line, you can make any figures and shapes out of it. In fact, Buckyball is the fun way of learning things better. Children playing with Buckyball Magnetix are found to be more capable in implementing those tasks requiring reasoning and intellectual skills. In fact, Buckyball is not just a fun toy, but can be used as a tool for enhancing the brain abilities in children.

Buckyball Magnetix does not provide any instructions and hence there are unlimited options while molding designs and structures with them. Buckyball can be attached together within seconds to make amazing designs. The magnetic attraction allows the balls to be aligned in different sizes and shapes.


Klikyballs are similar magnetic balls that can be used to mold geometrical structures and designs. When Klikyballs Magnetix are used to mold structures, you will get unlimited solutions. Unlike ordinary puzzles, it provides infinite solutions that help enhance reasoning capabilities. In fact, every time you come up with new designs, it invigorates the grey matter. It induces children to invent new structures that later proves useful in their academic as well as day-to-day life.

Experts say that when kids are motivated toward self-leaning, the results become positive. Self-motivation is the biggest factor that determines a child’s passion and interest in academics. In fact, it can pave way for success in all aspects of life, not just academics. Klikyballs help children to get the creative juices flowing flawlessly. Academic experts are of the opinion that it should be created right from the young age and Klikyballs are among the best ways to achieve the same.

Power Of Magnets

       Buckyball For Easy Learning

Klikyballs are designed to remain strong as they are derived from neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are powerful and strong, manufactured with alloys of boron and iron. They are hard to break and the magnetic power lasts for long.

Klikyballs are available in different colors. A pack of 216 balls comes at quite an affordable price. Children can choose from Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue and Black balls. Encourage children to motivate themselves and allow their grey matter to develop by playing with Klikyballs.

Klikyballs are inexpensive, simple ways to invigorate young brains. Go with the word of academicians and experts! Allow them to learn while playing. Believe me; it works wonders!

Magnetic Balls From Bucky Balls

Strong Magnets

                         Strong Magnetic Balls

Bucky balls are strong magnetic balls made from rare earth magnets. They are available in a set 216 balls and each of them are strong enough to hold the remaining 215 balls together. If you are wondering what fun you can have with these strong magnets in the shape of balls, know that you can make any shape or structure with these balls. You can use your imagination and to any shape or structure that comes to your mind. It is helpful to instill creativity in younger children.

In this era of technology and high profile jobs, many professionals are looking for a way to get freedom from their work pressure and stress related to the job. Since Bucky balls are strong magnets and as they can be used to create any shapes, they instill creativity in a person’s brain and this will help him get away from stress in the office. Due to its stress relieving nature, these strong magnets are also known by the name stress balls or stress buster balls.

Some people use these strong magnets to teach children about the concepts of magnetism. Since buckyballs also have two poles, they can be used in classrooms to demonstrate the magnetic property of attraction and repulsion of poles. You can make studying geometry also fun with Bucky balls by inspiring the kids to create different geometric shapes using these strong magnets. Some people even use the balls to create big structures according to their imagination. Since Bucky balls are strong magnets, they can be used for decorating the refrigerator by attaching different shapes on it!

Stress Balls

                          Strong Ball Magnets


Klikyballs are a type of Bucky balls that are made from strong magnets. The material used to create Klikyballs is titanium and due to this feature, the magnetic properties of the balls will last longer. Also, the device has high power of magnetism and can be used to create any shapes or structures. These balls are available in a set of 216 balls and you can share this magnetic toy with your peers so that they too can have some fun in their spare time.

The most attractive feature of Klikyballs is that they are available in various colors like Gold, Silver and Black. If you are looking for a stress relieving toy, buy Klikyballs now from the official store and avail exciting offers.