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Buckyballs Are A Great Stress Reliever

Buckyball Magnets

Buckyball Toy

We have all heard of the many issues, which stem from regular work hours, especially in sedentary jobs. Seated behind a desk might be where you are at your most productive, but in long run, this is not good for your body. Flawed posture and its consequences on the body can be easily noticed, but what of the mind? Tedium and unrelenting routine can take a toll, depriving you of the enjoyment you could have in the moments interspersing them. Like a wise person once said, life is what happens in when you aren’t looking. So it makes sense to save the best of you for when they come up.

Buckyball magnets are a good thing to pick up when you are about bored out of your mind. Science has showed numerous times that fiddling is not bad for you; on the contrary, most forms of this help you relax your mind and body. Buckyball magnets are just one of the many things you can occupy yourselves with and not shoulder any consequences. It is great for the office or home, and especially for people who spend a good amount of time working.

While something like a Rubik’s Cube may be more pleasing to the brainy types, Buckyballs are much simpler to understand, and definitely easier to play with. You have a set of small magnetic balls – essentially a bundle when they are together – which can be rearranged to obtain different shapes. If that made it seem boring, let me explain another way.

Buckyball Set

Fun With Buckyballs

Imagine yourself trying out new and innovative 3D shapes with this set. The main appeal is that you can enjoy it even at times when your body is ready to drop, and the mind looks ready to follow. There are no rules when you pick up Buckyball magnets, nothing to curtail your fun and creativity. Speaking of creativity, it is also fun to show off complicated shapes later by leaving them on your desk.

Buckyball magnets recall the fun to tackling a problem, perceived or otherwise. Almost everyone starts off with simple shapes till they bore of these and move on to something more challenging. After a break spent fiddling around with this toy, it is also easier to like the work you get back to. If you are ever going to take it home though, be advised that it should be kept away from children and pets. Accidental swallowing is always a possibility, so do not leave a Buckyball set lying around where anyone but an adult can reach it.

Get Original Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Magnetic Balls

What is so special about magnets – they have got the unique ability to attract metals. If you search about magnets, you would get to know that rare earth magnets are the most powerful ones. In fact, they are stronger than all other magnets.

Rare earth magnets are used for quite a number of purposes. Usually, they are used in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic products. According to a recent survey, China tops in the production of rare earth magnets. They have about 95% of world’s rare earth magnet sources.

Transition from rare earth magnets to neodymium magnet

The rare earth magnets are transformed into neodymium magnets, which have more applications than its original form. They can be found in many of the gadgets, equipments, and appliances we use for daily purposes.

Neodymium magnets in Bucky balls

Bucky balls use original neodymium magnets. It is because of this very reason that they are so powerful and are able to cling to each other when you connect them together. However, all magnetic balls you find in the market do not necessarily be made of neodymium magnets, and may not stay attached for long.

Bucky Balls

Original Bucky Balls

It is not easily possible to figure out whether the magnetic balls you have bought from the market are made of neodymium magnets or not. The only way you can do is closely compare them with genuine Bucky balls that are made of pure neodymium magnets. You could then differentiate the quality of the magnetic balls. Ordinary magnetic balls will lose their power in a few days time. Conversely, Bucky balls would have their strong magnetism trait even after years.

Klikyballs is a leading brand that manufactures pure neodymium magnetic balls. Klikyballs are strong and durable. They are used for different purposes in different contexts. Multinational companies recommend their use for stress relief. Adult students are encouraged to use them for their science projects. In families, they are used for group puzzle.

Klikyballs come in different colors and sizes. A standard Klikyballs set consist of 216 neodymium magnetic balls, which can be used to create various structures as your creativity guides. However, these are strong magnetic balls, and should be kept away from the reach of children for the fear of accidental swallowing or choking.

You Should Try Buckyballs For Stress Relief

Buckyball Toy

Buckyball Desk Toy

Ever been so mired in work that you desperately needed a break? Is it this way so often that you dread getting back to work after a break? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is stress unraveling you. Letting this go on brings the risk that you will snap somewhere down the line. Instead, try to mitigate the condition by using those breaks to cheer yourself up.

There is a bevy of approaches to this objective, which is a calm and active mind. If chatting with coworkers doesn’t do the trick for you, or if you’re simply too tired for it, then you need a mental retreat. Some activity that doesn’t tax you mentally or physically, but one that you can enjoy. This is where Buckyballs come into the picture.

What are Buckyballs


Buckyball Accessories

First off, this is a desk toy. It is about fun, and not about finding a solution to the work problem you are currently tackling. If you want to lean back and relax, a Buckyballs set is the perfect thing to be holding in your hand. These super strong magnetic balls come together to form a great number of shapes, and you can discover these by rearranging the individual balls. Made of neodymium, Buckyballsretain magnetism for long years, so you can keep using them as your personal stress reliever.

With enough creativity and drive, you can come up with beautifully complex shapes, which would please you and amaze coworkers. Showing off may not be your reason to start using this toy, but it sure won’t hurt if someone spent a couple of seconds checking out the cleverly arranged magnetic set on your desk. With each new shape you discover, you actually have more to go on, and pretty soon you will have mastered your work stress in a similar way.

Trying out shapes is not the only thing they are useful for. Given that the Buckyball toy has no fixed shape, it can be great as a press ball. Mash it in your palm if you are not up to exploring the fun you can have with 3D shapes. This is seen to relieve your fingers and wrist, so they don’t have the soreness which comes from unilateral use. Plainly put, there are just so many ways your fingers can move on a keyboard, and that limit can tire them eventually. Buckyballs can fix this up in just a few minutes.

Getting Buckyballs For The Office

Buckyball Magnets

Buckyballs Toy

Ball magnets are a good source of fun and distraction. It is easier to appreciate the truth of that statement when you are feeling down or worn out after harrying work. In times like these people wish for a break to regroup, and sometimes even try and preserve their sanity. What usually helps them do this is desk toys like Buckyball magnets.

Imagine your own mental haven where there are is no work stress to bother you. Some might associate such a feeling with daydreaming, but that is not the only thing, which can get you there. Focused activity that you actually like, which is more likened to fiddling, has been proved to be great for relaxation.

Buckyball magnets don’t keep you idle, and playing with them offers a creative way to vent your frustrations and tensions. Physically, this is a good way to keep the fingers engaged comfortably. Buckyball magnets consist of over 200 small balls made out of neodymium – one of the most retentive magnetic conductors – which come together to form any number of shapes.

Buckyballs Set

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All it takes is a simple modification to the bundle to get you started. You can begin with simple shapes and then gradually move on into uncharted territory, because who is stopping you. Remember your free time is your own, and make yourself feel better by playing around with Buckyball magnets. Some just like mashing the bundle in their palm repeatedly. Even this much has a therapeutic effect, often preparing them for a daunting work task.

Like all things of this sort, Buckyballs place no limits on the fun you can have, other than your own creativity and drive. Bring out the artist in you and arrange these balls in any shape you want, and leave the bundle on the table for someone to find and admire. Showcasing your talents may not be the final object of using this desk toy, but it certainly won’t hurt if someone admired your handiwork.

You can even have a Buckyball set at home, but make sure they are kept away from kids or pets. This is one of the things, which you should properly ensure against. Small magnetic balls can be a choke hazard if a child swallows one, so make sure not to leave them on or near the edge of the desk. This is something for you to relax using, but keep it where only you or another adult can reach it.

Why You Should Buy A Magnetic Ball Set For The Office

Magnetic Balls Game

Magnetic Desk Toys

Desk toys are a common distraction among office workers, and usually a welcome one. As for how needed they are, it depends on the amount of stress dealt with on a daily basis. While this is undoubtedly a good way to work off work anxiety, not all are as effective. Staring at pendulum waves is not really all that soothing to most people, for example. But there are options everyone can use, such as a magnetic balls game.

Magnetic toys are a longtime favorite for times when you absolutely need something to work the blues out of your system. A magnetic balls game lets you vent both physically and mentally, often with tangible benefits to be had a few days later. No amount of work stress is too much too much to dispel in a few minutes, and you will not show up at a weekend party looking like you just got run-over.

Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Ball Structures

With a set of cleverly crafted magnetic balls, you can explore myriad shapes, both solid and otherwise. Depending on your understanding of 3D shapes, which is actually higher than most people credit themselves with, the possibilities are almost limitless. Try out a few basic shapes or move onto more complex ones, with nothing to hold the magnetic balls gametogether but the magnetic attraction. This is quite enough, really. Bucky balls, for example, are made from neodymium, which is famous for retaining strong magnetism over years.

And if you’re just looking to relax your tensed up body, simply hold and mash the ball bundle in your palm. The comfort this offers is easily underrated, but it is something everyone should try once. Chances are they will not give it up. When you are not in the mood to start building shapes, why not break it all down into a ball and start squeezing it? The action soothes your wrists and fingers, and makes it easier to let your mind drift, if that is what you need come break time. No person loves his or her work so much to forego recess, at least not for long. No matter how interesting the work, routine is bound to make it a chore after some time.

This is what makes a magnetic balls game a good desk accessory. As long as you keep it away from children though because small, round magnets are not safe around them.

Why I Love Klikyballs

Magnetic Balls Cube

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I was quite happy when I got a job in a reputed multinational firm. Part of my happiness was due to the attractive salary I was offered there. However, after a couple of months in the office, I realized that my job was too stressing. I didn’t mind it initially and did not do anything to alleviate it. But in the course of time, I realized that I could no longer continue that way and I needed a change or at least a vacation for a few weeks. However, my boss was not ready for this because I was an integral part of the company’s latest project.

What I needed was some relief from stress. Finally, I decided to raise my concern at the weekly meeting. Everyone agreed with me because we all had to cope with stress one time or the other. Several solutions were suggested but they were too traditional or were proved ineffective in the past. One new recruit among the employees suggested using magnetic balls cube. He had a set of magnetic balls cube with him, and explained how it worked.

Magnetic balls

According to the guy, the magnetic balls were known by different names in different parts of the world. They are made of neodymium magnets and have two poles with opposing powers; one for attraction and another for repelling. When these balls were brought together, they hold on to each other. And with many such balls, it is possible to form any shape or design.

Original Magnetic Balls

Colored Magnetic Balls

We were quite fascinated about the magnetic balls cube and the way of working. After explaining how it worked, he started to explain about the benefits of these balls. The magnetic balls are scientifically proved effective in relieving stress.


Magnetic ball toys are manufactured by different brands. However, the ones from Klikyballs are quite effective because they are made of pure neodymium magnets, and have powerful magnetic properties. They are durable, and come in various colors as well. So you can make magnetic balls cube from Klikyballs in various color combinations.

Buy original magnetic balls from Klikyballs today. They come in packs of 216 balls and are of 4.5 mm size. However, be reminded that these magnetic balls are not meant for children, and should be used under adult supervision only.

Intellectually Enriching Funs With Klikyballs

Magnetic Balls

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Klikyballs are magnetic balls with dual opposite magnetic poles; one with the power of attraction and another with power of repulsion. They were introduced as a means to help people relieve stress. But today, they are being used in a variety of contexts; say as a decorative thing, as a tool for science projects, as a desk-toy, and many more. We attempt to look at some of these aspects of Klikyballs here.

How do Klikyballs work?

Before we go to discuss the numerous applications of Klikyballs, let us look at its way of operation. Klikyballs are magnetic balls with two opposite poles. They can be joined together to make shapes and designs. However, it has to be noted that Klikyballs are not play toys, and should be kept away from the reach of children.

Klikyballs allows people with anxieties and stress to refocus their mind. When you start forming shapes and designs with Klikyballs, you will start to forget about the things that make you worried. Instead, you will get totally immersed in the fun and excitement that you get from making shapes and designs.

Uses and benefits

There are more than 200 magnetic balls in every Klikyballs set. Hence, it can be easily used for group activities and fun. Today, Klikyballs are a common thing to be found in the recreational halls of multinational companies, offices, and organizations. They encourage their employees to use Klikyballs as frequently as possible because these magnetic balls give them the best intellectual refreshment than any other games or puzzles.

Opposite Magnetic Poles

Fun With Magnetic Balls

Klikyballs have many intellectual properties. They can refresh your mind and improves the velocity of your response to the changes around you. Regular involvement in Klikyballs games and puzzles can make surprising changes in your intelligence and creative thinking.

Designs or shapes made of Klikyballs can be used for your science projects in school or collages. These magnetic balls help you make any geometric shapes with ease. Besides that, Klikyballs can be used to decorate the drawing room. You can create aesthetic patterns with them and fix them on walls or wherever you wish.

Klikyballs are durable, cost effective and attractive. They are made of pure neodymium magnets. Klikyballs are available now in different price ranges and color combinations. You can buy them online and make your leisure fun and exciting. You can also gift Klikyballs to your friends or family members on special occasions.

Stress Relief With Buckyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

Buckyballs Magnets

Using a magnetic ball toy to pass time is a great way to alleviate boredom. However, that is not the only way you can benefit from being occupied like this. Because the main use of such toys is that they take up your attention for a short time, they are also very useful in fighting stress, especially in the workplace.

Have you ever wondered about a way to ease that ache in the back of your eyes, which happened probably from staring at the computer screen for too long? Have you been at a task for some time now and started wishing for some mental respite? In most cases, people wait for recess and look forward to a nap, a stroll outside, or a chat with coworkers. Others prefer none of those things, wanting instead to lay their head back and stare at the ceiling before going back to work. Another way to spend that time is to play with a magnetic ball toy. A desk toy like this will never lose its value as a tool for entertainment.

Bucky Balls

Desk Toy

Buckyballs Desk Toy

This magnetic ball toy comprises a set of 215 magnets, which come together to form a variety of different shapes. The thing about the variety is that you are the one discovering it, by pushing, snapping, rolling and breaking up the individual balls. Each of these is a neodymium magnet, which means it will retain its magnetic attraction for a long time. Make up almost any shape and leave this toy on the table, and it will stay the way you left it. When you find the time again, you can pick up where you left off, or start making something altogether new. There is no end to the fun you can have playing around with this desk toy.

Get this magnetic ball toy set and see the difference in how work feels. It will not be de-motivating as before, because you know there is something waiting to take the load off come break time. When you get off work, just take this toy in your palm and start squeezing it, if nothing else. At the very least, this will relieve the tension in your fingers and let you regain some calm. If you are up to it, explore a few possible shapes that these balls can be arranged in. Let out the artist in you, and be amazed at what you can achieve.