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Magnets Might Help People Move A Paralyzed Limb After Stroke

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Stroke Patient And Magnets

Magnets are good for a lot of things, but one of the possible applications unlocked by research can trump everything that came before. It seems that stroke patients who are combating paralysis in the affected limb can move it voluntarily after a magnet-based treatment.

People surviving a stroke usually have to cross several emotional and physical hurdles, one of the latter being the inability to move a limb. But a new discovery by researchers shows that a strong magnetic pulse can be sued to trigger inactive areas of the brain through transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

These areas can be put to work operating the motionless arm on the patient. While this isn’t a cure at this point, it is still a way for people to regain some semblance of control. Longer-lasting stimulation could be employed to ‘teach’ the brain how to move the paralyzed part in a different way.

Right now, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the country, with about 130,000 Americans dying from it every year. During a stroke, blood flow to the brain gets cut off, and the brain cells are starved of oxygen. Most times this is caused by a clot in a blood vessel. While only 15 percent of strokes cause a hemorrhage, these lead to around 40 percent of stroke deaths, according to a CDC survey. But paralysis happens widely, in about 90 percent of stroke sufferers, causing the inability to move an arm or a leg.

Magnet-Based Treatment

Buckyballs Stimulating Creativity

Treatment for this includes the physical, occupational and speech therapy performed intensively, weekly. Research has shown that strength training on one side can strengthen the other side as well. But for some, no measure of exercise suffices to mobilize the weakened limb.

The study examined the effects of TMS on 30 stroke patients, half of whom had mild problems with arm movement, while the other half had sever impairment. These people were asked to reach for an object when they saw a ‘go’ signal; meanwhile the part of their brains called the dorsal premotor cortex was stimulated with magnetic pulses. This is the region that a stroke does not affect.

The findings showed that people with small damage in their brain areas can more easily tap into other areas to achieve limb movement. This is harder if the brain damage sustained is more extensive. Targeted stimulation may be a way to train an entirely different part of the brain to move the arm.

How To Re-Magnetize An Old Magnet

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Re-Magnetize Old Magnet

Old magnets can lose magnetic attraction over time. If you have one that doesn’t work as well as it used to, it’s because property has deteriorated for some reason. This holds especially true for older magnets, which have less retentive ability than your Bucky balls set. The former can lose their power if you do one of the following things:

  • Store them incorrectly
  • Drop them
  • Repel with other magnets

How Magnets Actually Work

If you had this down right, you wouldn’t need to read the post. Here is a quick recap: every magnet has two poles. These are at opposite ends, and the two places are where it is strongest. This is why a bar magnet is weak in the middle. A pole attracts its opposite, which is why unlike poles attract each other. The inverse is true as well, so like poles repel each other.

What you have to do first is find the poles of the magnet; then find out which is north. It is easier if that is marked, but if not, stack an even number of magnets. Dangle these on a string and let them rotate freely.

The pole that faces northward is the north pole of the magnet. This is against the idea that likes repel, but the north pole of the magnet is actually called that in place of north-seeking pole. Get a compass, and the needle will show you which way is north.


Magnetic Attraction

Restore An Old Magnet

Assuming it is not of the horseshoe type, the method to re-magnetize is pretty simple. Grab the old magnet, and a strong new one – something made of neodymium like your Bucky balls magnets are. Stroke the strong magnet along one side of the old magnet.

Now do the same along the other side. This will re-magnetize the old magnet, and it will be able to attract metals more strongly. It may not return to peak strength, but that is to be expected.

Your Bucky balls setmay not be enough for restoring the attraction in a large magnet, especially since they are a bunch of magnets and not just one. They are good as fridge magnets though, as long as you take care to hang them beyond the reach of children and pets.

You need to follow the same rule when placing them on a desk or shelf. Bucky balls are good to play around with because they are so small, but in young hands, this makes them a choke hazard.

Making A Pyramid With Buckyballs

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Buckyballs Shapes

The pyramid is one of the more advanced shapes for Buckyballs beginners to make. It probably lands right after the cube where complexity is concerned, and we saw in an earlier post how it could be made out of Buckyballs. The problem with a cube is that it looks the same from all sides, and is easy to grow tired of.

The pyramid looks better, especially when you leave it out on the desk or shelf. Not to mention it is a bigger project for someone who is just getting started with his or her magnetic balls set.

How To Make A Pyramid

  • Lay out a single strand of balls. You will not need all 216 here, just 144.
  • Break off nine of these and attach the two ends to get a ring. Turn this into a triangle by pinching three of the balls in the circle together and forming a point.
  • Now you have circle that looks like a teardrop. Hold that point in place and push the other parts. You will have two points now, making up the triangle.
  • Repeat the above step with 9-ball strands till you get 16 triangles. Take 4 of these triangles and snap them together into a bigger triangle.
  • Three of them need to be snapped side by side, alternating the position of the pointed side. This will give you a base for the larger triangle.
  • Snap the fourth triangle with pointed side up, and place it above the middle triangle of the base.
  • Repeat the above step with the other small triangles until you have four large triangles in all.
  • Snap these large triangles the same way as before to get an even larger triangle – three triangles side by side, and the remaining one above the triple-triangle base.
  • Bring the three outer points of the overall triangle together. For this, move them upward and inward. This will give you a 3-D figure. You just need to snap the points together and they will come in place on their own.
  • After all the point and sides have snapped together just right you will have a four-sided pyramid in your hand.

    Buckyballs Pyramid

    Making A Pyramid

This may seem complicated, but like everything else made using Buckyballs, it follows a pattern. Learning that can make it a lot easier to build the shape you have in mind. As always, the key is to work backwards from the intended shape. And yes, it is important to get the number of balls right when making the smaller constituent shapes.

How To Make A Simple Cube With Buckyballs

Magnet Set

Buckyballs Shapes

There is a lot you can do with the Buckyballs magnet set to pass the time. If you are new to the thing, this is a set of 216 ball agents, each smaller than your smallest fingernail. The simplest shape you can make is a scrunched up ball in the palm of one hand, but if you ever wanted to move further than that, you should start with making a cube.

Making A Cube With Buckyballs

This is less of a trick than some of the more complex shapes people come up with. It is one of those things you need to be able to make if someone asks you to show them what you can do with the set. You don’t want them to think a cube is beyond you even after a couple of weeks owning the Buckyballs set. If you never got around to learning how, there is no time like the present. Here is how to go about it.

  • Take out all 216 balls from the pack. Arrange these in a straight line.
  • Count 36 balls in, and fold the rest over. You now have a short line of balls attached at one end to a longer line.
  • Repeat this so you have 6 attached rows of 36 balls each. That means, you would be alternating the direction of the folds.
  • Now think of this as a sheet, and lay it out horizontally. Count 6 columns in and fold.
  • Count another 6 columns in and fold in the other direction. Repeat while changing direction each time. You now have a stack of sheets. Or a cube, if you look at it from the side.

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    Make A Buckyballs Cube

The important part is to be careful while folding. Break the sheet and you would have to start all over again. Making a cube is more about patience than it is with other shapes, because it is a lot easier to imagine how it will look when you are done. A few times and you will have picked up how to do this quickly.

The cube can requires you to use the number 6 and 36 when counting, but if you wanted something with different length and breadth, say cuboids, then you would have to use different numbers. Doing the math and having it work out right can be really gratifying. Then again, you can just check online to see how others did it.

Why Allegations Against Magnetic Balls Fail To Attract Ban

Magnet Balls

Buckyball Sale

The debate whether it is necessary to ban magnetic balls or not has been going on for quite some time. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) earlier filed a lawsuit to ban the sale of Buckyball magnet. They pointed out that magnetic balls posed serious threats to children. The commission cited some cases of children swallowing magnet pellets. However, the proponents of Buckyball magnet say that allegations made by CPSC are baseless.

The magnetic balls are not marketed as a toy for kids. The ads clearly state that they are meant for adult use. They also pointed out that magnetic balls are just like any other toys. Any toy can be dangerous to kids if they are not monitored well, because kids have the tendency to put anything they get into their mouth. In this context, it is pointless to ban magnetic balls citing that they pose threats to children.

The points put forth by the proponents of Buckyball magnet are justifiable because it is very clear that Bucky balls do not cause any health issues. The problems happen only when they are used by kids, and without strict supervision of adults.

Bucky balls Continue To Be The Best Selling Desk Toy Despite Allegations

Buckyball Magnet

No Ban On Buckyballs

The magnetic balls toy is not dangerous by default. They are just like any household products. As such, banning them is not required. The authorities have not taken any decision to ban them since they have realized that it was pointless to do so. Although CPSC filed a lawsuit against the sale of magnetic balls, they could not produce any evidence of fatalities resulting from the use of Buckyball magnet. And more than 2.2 million buckey ball sets are already sold.

Magnetic balls are used in different contexts for different purposes. In offices, they are used a stress reliving tool. In homes, they are used as a decorative thing. Students use them as a science project kit. What is even more surprising is the fact that as compared to other science project kits, which involve the use of chemicals or electricity, magnetic balls are less dangerous. You can use them under any circumstances without problems.

The sale of the magnetic balls continues without any hassles. Bucky balls are available through various online shopping sites.

How To Make A Sphere With Klikyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

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Magnetic ball toy is used to create various shapes and designs. They are used in science projects, as a decoration item, as desk toy, and in many other contexts. Even though the package contains instructions on how to align the balls, getting familiar with using these magnetic balls can be a bit confusing for beginners. So to help you out, here are some guidelines on how to make a sphere with magnetic toys.

1. Make A Straight Line

To begin with, make a single line with all the magnetic balls. By the end of this process, you will get a rough idea about how they work.

2. Create Small Triangles

Separate nine balls from the line and make it to a small circle. After creating the circle, you can easily convert it into a triangle.

3. Arrange The Triangles

Make 24 triangles using the magnetic ball toy and then arrange them into four vertical lines. Each line would contain 6 triangles each.

4. Align The Triangles

Take four triangles each and align them together into ‘U’ shape. Repeat making similar shapes using all the triangles you have made. Now you will have six ‘U’ shapes ready for the next alignment.

5. Make A Spiral Shape

Get three ‘U’ shaped magnetic ball toy sets and align them together to create a spiral shape. Note that some balls may not stick to each other. If that happens, change the side of the shape and try to align again.

6. Make A Hexogen

The spiral shaped thing need to be further aligned to create a hexogen. Get hold of the triangle from every edge of the hexogen and make it to face opposite side.

Magnetic Balls

Bucky Ball Toy

7. Make A Star

When you have four triangles sticking out of the hexagon, form it to a pentagon. Again, find out the triangles on the edges and stick them. Repeat this for all the triangles and you will now get a shape somewhat like a star.

8. Fill The Gaps

The next step is filling up the gaps inside this star shaped set. Use the four remaining triangles for this. Make sure that each magnetic ball toy is properly fit into its position. With the remaining balls, you can add make a stand for the sphere.

That’s it! You have made a sphere with your magnetic balls set. Remember this is one of the most basic things you can do with them. You can make any shape or design with these balls – your imagination is the limit.

An Overview Of Neodymium Magnets


Cool Magnets

Neodymium magnets are famous for the fact that they make really powerful magnets out of it. But only a few know that Neodymium is an alloy that falls into the category of substances known as ‘rare earths’. They are not called this because they are naturally occurring; but because they undergo separation from other materials, which are linked to them via chemicals bonds. Let us see what makes Neodymium special.

Neodymium magnets, which certainly are not the cheapest in the market, are among the strongest ones when it comes to magnetic attraction. This is evident in a magnet of just a few centimeters. Neodymium magnets come in various shapes: cones, rings, cylinders, blocks, cubes, spheres, etc. There are even self-adhesive magnets available that can stick on to practically any surface.

For Hobbies And Industry Uses

You already know that neodymium is used in Buckyballs, one of the most popular desk toys to ever come out since the Rubik’s cube. The Buckyballs set is widely considered the best answer to office fidgeting, work stress, and creative frustration. You can make any number of shapes using over 200 small magnetic spheres, or simply play with it in the palm of your hand.

Neodymium is also big in industry uses, owing to its proportionally high magnetic strength as compared to traditional magnets. These mostly find use in the manufacture of mobile phones and computer components. Current technological research is aimed mostly towards achieving neodymium magnets, which can withstand higher temperatures. Scientists are also trying to devise a type of neodymium that will have better retentive magnetism and strength. This can help in many ways, such a improving the speed and performance of a hard drive, or even an amplifier.

Powerful Magnets

Strong Magnets

Careful Use

Neodymium is a popular material that has reached households around the country, and is used in them for many applications. Its high magnetic strength makes it important that you only use it in accordance with the safety instruction on the package. For one thing, neodymium shouldn’t be brought into content with flames. Also, it should be kept away from kids and pets, because it is a choke hazard. Welding neodymium can be dangerous as well.

As long as you follow these little rules, a neodymium ball set like Buckyballs can be an awesome toy to have. You can arrange the component magnets into myriad shapes and let the latent artist in you take over. The magnetism lasts many years, and the set looks really cool.

Magnetic Balls Puzzles Can Help People Cope With Stress

Magnetic Stress Balls

Stress Balls

Psychologists have been trying to uncover the inner elements of stress since a very long time. Although there are many books and theories written about stress, no single remedy or solution has been proved very convincing. While some solutions work to reduce stress in some, they don’t show positive results in others.

Some psychologists realize that stress is a relative problem, and it affects each person differently. When a person experiences stress, he/she will express different feelings such as fear, anger, sadness, and nervousness. Stress would also make people experience some physical disturbances, say, hurting of the stomach, headache, etc. Also, they will have difficulty in sleeping properly.

How Can Stress Affect Our Lives

Stress affects a person’s feelings, thoughts, and actions. A stressed person will have tough time to focus on what he/she does. It will affect their profession, education, family life, and social life. Stress can even lead to worsening of relationships.

Many psychologists have tried to understand stress by subjecting thought pattern, feelings, and actions of their stressed patients into their researches. These researches have helped them discover various solutions to deal with stress. And so, thousands of remedies have been introduced to help individuals to deal with stress. This includes stress puzzles, drugs, psychotherapy, etc. However, none of these remedies guarantees complete cure from stress.

Magnetic Stress Balls Emerge As An Unbelievable Stress Killer

Stress Reliving Balls

Magnetic Ball Toys

The innovation of magnetic stress balls as a stress reliever gives greater level of hope for people who are horribly affected by stress. Many reports indicate that magnetic balls are simple and very useful in helping a person cope with stress.

Magnetic stress balls are very small in diameter. They contain two poles, just like any magnetic piece, one for attracting and other for repelling. Due to this very nature, multiple magnetic balls can be aligned together and used for making different shapes and designs. The process of making structures with magnetic stress balls can help you forget stressful thoughts and feelings, because it makes you fully involved in it.

When you are engaged with magnet stress reliving balls, both sides of the brain work in concert to produce new shapes and structures. No other stress toys are as effective as stress balls in this regard. So practically, it makes you forget the stressful things and concentrate on innovative and inspirational works. And that has been the best of all stress busters we have seen till date.