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What Makes Kliky Shapes Popular Among All Age Groups?

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Kliky Shapes

Kliky balls have introduced a new product called Kliky Shapes. They are liked by both children and adults alike. Children love them because they are colorful and beautiful. For parents, it is a safe toy to gift their children.

Kliky Shapes have many positive sides. They are flat, smooth, and do not have any sharp edges. Here are some of the best sides of Kliky Shapes:

Easy To Clean Up

Kliky Shapes are easy to use and clean up even if they are scattered here and there. As a parent, you must be quite familiar with using Lego toys. It is very hard to clean up them if they are scattered all over your house. Well, this will not be the case with Kliky Shapes, because they are large and clear pieces.

Kliky Shapes are exactly like Buckey balls in terms of magnetic properties. You can pick them up easily if your kids have thrown them under the couch. Just take an iron ruler and reach it towards the Kliky Shapes sitting under the couch. Those hiding pieces will be attracted to the ruler and you can just pull them back.

Unlimited Fun Options

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Kliky Shapes Fun

Kliky Shapes are colorful and attractive. Every kid will like it. Do you have small children bothering you all the time, no matter what toy you give them to play? Just give them a set of Kliky Shapes. You will be amazed to see how fast they get accustomed to using them. They will be quite comfortable using them. Besides that, these are safe and do not pose any chocking threat.

No Need To Teach Children How To Use Them

You do not have to teach your children to use Kliky Shapes – they will discover it themselves. Give them a set of Kliky Shapes and observe them for a few minutes. They will be attracted to magnetic power of these pieces. When they see each piece getting attracted to each other automatically, they will become curious about it and try to detach them. After a while, they will start joining them for making shapes or patterns they have in mind.

Studies Indicate That Magnets Have Healing Properties

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Magnetic Therapy

The healing properties of magnets were known to the people of ancient times. They used them in different ways and experienced healing. But they didn’t know how to cultivate these properties effectively. They just knew that magnets had magical powers. Modern studies have shed more light on to the healing effects of magnets. A recent study has found out that magnets can reduce swelling, if applied on inflammatory injuries.

Similarly, a different study conducted by the researchers at the University of Virginia has found out that magnetic therapy can improve microcirculation in the body. Microcirculation means the blood flow through the tiny blood vessels on the body. As part of their study, the researchers placed magnets with field strength of 70 milliTesla (mT) close to the blood vessels of a certain number of rats. These magnets were 10 times stronger than the magnets found in refrigerators.

After that, they kept on observing the microcirculation pace in the body of these rats. The result was amazing. The magnetic therapy could dilate even the most constricted blood vessels. So they arrived at the conclusion that magnetic therapy could relax blood vessels and improve the pace of blood circulation.

Magnetic Treatment Cures Tissue Injury

Magnetic Buckyballs

Magnetic Balls

After realizing the therapeutic properties of magnets, researchers at the University of Virginia went on with their investigation. This time, they tried to know whether magnetic treatment could do any difference to tissue injuries. So they created minor tissue injuries on rats’ paws and then placed the magnets close to the paws. The result was hopeful this time as well. They found that the rats that underwent magnetic therapy were cured of the swelling and the juries on the paws 50 times faster than the other rats.

They also found that magnets could be used effectively in treating common problems like joint sprains, muscle bruising, etc. Researchers are now investigating about various ways through which the therapeutic benefits of magnets can be effectively used.

Magnetic Buckyballs – A Toy With Healing Power

Buckyball magnets were introduced in the market as an office desk toy. People soon realized their healing properties. People who played magnetic Buckyballs for long time were found to be more active and focused in their work.

Magnetic Buckyballs can be considered as one of the first solutions that has integrated the healing properties of magnets. It is definitely a wonderful thing to have in your home or office.

The Kliky Shapes Magnetic Toy

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Fun With Kliky Shapes

Playing around with magnetic toys is one of the most relaxing ways to pass your time. Unlike normal building block, which requires you to place parts in a certain fashion so they stick together, magnetic pieces pull at each other and some in place even as you bring them close. With the placement out of the way, you are free to explore numerous possible shape combinations until you arrive at the one you like.

Kliky Shapes are the latest in the line of the colorful building toys to hit the market, and these have changed the way adults and kids see 3-D shapes. Made of durable plastic that takes tremendous loads without any visible damage, Kliky Shapes are a gateway to that part of your imagination, which somehow always eludes you. Remember that feeling of bliss you rarely come across amidst the busy schedules of a workweek? Few things can bring it back, and Kliky Shapes is definitely one of those.

Magnetic Buckyballs

Fun With Kliky Shapes

This is why children so naturally take to Kliky Shapes. Creativity is something they will always try to find a vent for, and so is restlessness. Imagine joy of building up a shape no matter how basic, and then breaking it all down and starting anew. Kliky Shapes is a modular toy that lets you do this easily, and unlike other toys and games, which would hold your interest for mere weeks, Kliky Shapes stays atop the list of things you would do to unwind.

Perfect for ages 3 and up – that includes adults too – Kliky Shapes lets you build castles, houses, ships, etc without creating a mess. In any case, ‘mess’ is a relative term, because the colorful appearance and modular shape of each of these piece means the clutter can be cleaned up in a jiffy. None of these pieces is going under the couch, or going to hurt your foot when you step on it. They are designed not to get in the way, and all the while your partner or child could be having the time of their lives building shapes only they can see.

When you are done playing, these magnetic pieces can be picked up and thrown into a side bag or closet. Expect maybe you wouldn’t want to do that; and the next day, you can start building where you left off.

Magnets May Be The Thing For Treating Cocaine Addiction

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Magnets For treating Cocaine Addiction

A study has found that magnets can be used in cocaine addicts to stave off cravings. A technique named trans-cranial magnetic stimulation involves the patient sitting in a chair as doctors wax a wand over their head. This fires magnetic waves into the patient’s head, specifically entering the prefrontal cortex.

The results of the study on 29 cocaine addicts show that stimulation treatment can significantly cut down cocaine use and cravings. The findings were published in the European journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Eagerness is tremendous considering there is no effective treatment for cocaine addiction. Meanwhile, there is a theoretical explanation as to why brain stimulation with magnets may achieve the desired results.

The study showed strong patient improvement, and while this is still a preliminary study, it gives hope for people who only had cognitive therapy and psychological support to look forward to. Stanford University addiction researcher Rob Malenka says this method is a “logical extension” of the technology, which is also a component in treating persistent depression problems.

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Magnets For Treating Addiction

TMS was only approved by the FDA as a treatment for depression in 2008. How it works is still a mystery to many involved, but addiction seems to cause the same signaling patterns in the brain, which make people seek out the drug compulsively. And TMS can demonstrably disrupt the pattern, much the same way as noise can disrupt a radio signal. One study shows that for addicts, some areas of the prefrontal cortex only light up in the presence of the drug. This may be affecting the decision-making centers in the brain, which is what blinds drug users to its pitfalls.

The treatment method being perfected intends to use powerful magnets to stimulate a brain area called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Scanning has shown that the effects of this move outwards, the same as water pouring over an umbrella. Right now, interest is growing in the potential application of magnetism to cure patients and prevent them from seeking out the drug they wish to be free of.

This just goes to show that magnets are one of the most wonderful things in existence. Many of their possible applications in various fields point to a multitude, which may still lie undiscovered. Meanwhile for the average person, magnetic beads and similar toys are great fun to fiddle with. Don’t deny their appeal. Get yourself a Buckyballs set today.

Newly Introduced Kliky Shapes Attract Masses

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Fun With Kliky Shapes

The newly introduced Kliky Shapes are becoming popular among all age groups – children and adults alike. It seems that it has many advantages over some of the existing magnetic ball toys. Here is a take on some of the best sides of Kliky Shapes.

Kliky Shapes Are Innovative

When magnetic balls toys were introduced a few years ago, people found them quite attractive and useful. They popular even now and people continue to buy Buckyballs. Similarly, Kliky Shapes too have captured people’s attention. In fact, they are a step ahead of the magnetic balls toy.

The best part is that they are good for everyone. Children were restricted from playing magnetic balls toys because some feared that they would tend to swallow them. But Kliky Shapes are innovatively designed building shapes and bigger enough not to be swallowed. You can gift them to children starting from the age of 3 and there is no risk factor involved while playing with them at all.

These innovative shapes would help your children develop concentration, creative thinking and imaginative play. They are sure to grab the attention of everyone. Once you give them to children, they will just spend the entire day playing with them. You can concentrate on your work while your children play with these innovative shapes.

Kliky Shapes Offer Unlimited Fun

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Kliky Shapes Structures

Kliky Shapes are one of the best building toys out there. It can entertain both children and adult alike. Once you get involved in it, you would spend hours without bothering about anything else. You can get Kliky Shapes in a variety of colors, sizes and even shapes. So if you are not attracted by certain shapes, say round, you can go for square or triangle. It gives you a wide range of options for selection.


Kliky Shapes are made of durable plastics so they would last for years without any damage. Inside the plastic covering are strong and safe magnets that enable these shapes to cling to each other.

The key thing to note here is that Kliky Shapes have attracted no criticisms even from the critics. People love them very much because they trigger one’s creativity. Almost all children who were introduced to Kliky Shapes were found to show immense interest in them. And it’s a perfect gift for Christmas!

Make Stars With Magnetic Balls This Christmas

Magnetic Buckyballs

Stars With Buckyballs

Christmas is a time of twinkling lights and glitters. It is the best time to decorate your home. If you are looking for some new ideas for this year’s Christmas and New Year decorations, magnetic balls toy can be a good choice.

What To Make With Buckyballs For Christmas?

You can see Buckyballs for sale banner everywhere these days. These are small magnetic balls, made of neodymium magnets. They are strong and can cling to each other just like any magnetic piece. Buckyballs come in a set of 216 magnetic balls, and in different colors such as sky blue, pink, purple, blue, red, green, gold, black, and silver.

With Buckyballs, you can make any shape or design. The shapes or patterns have a 3D effect, and all you need to do for making one is simply align them in order. Obviously, Buckyballs will be a good option for making your Christmas stars this year.

Making Christmas Stars With Buckyballs

There are 216 magnetic balls in a Buckyballs for sale set. So, if you have got a set, you can make multiple stars with them. Of course, it depends on the size of your stars. If you want to make more stars, you may have to buy another set. Also, you can go for colorful stars with multiple sets of Buckyballs.

Buckyballs For Sale

Christmas Decoration


First, you should have an idea on how big you want your star to be. It is easy to make five pyramids first and then join them together to make the star. Break off a nine balls from the packet of your Buckyballs set and make a ring by joining the balls. Once the ring is ready, it is easy to convert it into a triangle.

Make sure that you pinch three of the balls to make a point. Once you are ready with three triangles, snap them side by side. The position of the pointed side has to be altered in order to make base for one of the triangles. Once you are ready with five or six triangles, depending upon the number points you need for the star, join them together.

With magnetic balls toy, you can make any shape or pattern you imagine. Making a star with the balls toy may sound complicated. But it is made on logical pattern. Like any other shape, you will learn to make it quickly after a few attempts.

Magnetic Balls Set – A Toy That Makes Your Worries Disappear

Using Buckyballs Set

Buckyballs For Stress

In an office setup, people are limited with options to cope with boredom and stress. They cannot just go out of office when they are bored. They have to sit inside the office until the office hours are over. So, what can these people do to deal with stress?

Buckyballs To The Rescue

Buckyballs magnets are an easy way to cope with stress. It can help you feel relieved from all your stress. With these balls, you can make a variety of structures and shapes. When you are involved in any activities with the magnetic balls cube set, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

There are 216 magnetic balls in every set. They have all the properties of magnets. They stick together in whatever shape or pattern you arrange them into. For a creative person, Buckyballs magnets are a store of hundreds of different shapes and designs.

You will forget all your worries and tensions when you start making shapes with these balls. These balls have got the magical power to channelize your pressure into something more creative and meaningful.

Buckyballs Magnets

Stress Reliving Magnets

There are no apparent rules for playing with Buckyballs magnets. So it works just fine for everyone. You don’t have to worry if you don’t make any creative items with the magnetic balls in the first few attempts. The best part is that these balls will make you more involved and excited in it after each attempt you make.

The magnetic balls set is an entertainment set for the whole family. However, it is not advisable to let your kids try them because they have the tendency to put anything they get in their hand into their mouth. So, letting kids play with the magnetic balls set is strongly discouraged.

When you start using Buckyballs set for the first time, it is quite normal that you will hesitate because you don’t have any idea what to do with them. Take a few balls from the set and start aligning them. You will soon realize the number of possibilities for making shapes or designs with them. When you start sticking them together, your brain will start focusing on it. Naturally, you will forget what you have been doing or thinking.

Lately, many companies have even started to encourage their employees to use the magnetic balls set during their free time. They believe that it is better than conducting any stress management training for their employees.

Neodymium Magnet In Magnetic Balls Toys

Buckyballs Magnets

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnets have the ability to attract metals. This property is shared by all types of magnets, but neodymium magnets are the strongest in this category. Here is how they differ from others.

Application Of Neodymium Magnets

As neodymium magnets are the strongest, they are used in numerous applications, especially in clean energy industry and in the production of electric vehicle motors. Neodymium magnets are also used in many electronic devices, and are integral part of wind turbine generators.

Where Is Neodymium Magnets Found?

Like all types of magnets, neodymium magnets are excavated. A recent survey indicates that about 95% of world’s neodymium magnets are extracted from the mines of China. Nevertheless, China has controlled the excavation of new mines for rare earth magnets due to environment concerns since 2010.

If you collect all the rare earth magnets, a sizable share of them would be constituted by neodymium magnets. China’s decision to control the extraction of rare earth magnets has started causing concerns among people now. Interestingly, a recent research invented a modern and innovative way to produce neodymium magnets. This method does not require rare earth minerals to produce magnets. The magnets produced from this new method are strong like neodymium magnets.

Toys Made From Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are used in several applications, including toys. The most notable toy that uses these magnets is the Buckyballs magnets. These magnetic balls are used as a stress-relieving tool; as it distracts you from stressful thoughts and helps you stay focused.

Original Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

How To Use Magnetic Ball Toys?

Getting started with magnetic ball toys can be difficult and confusing in the beginning. But once you know how to use them, you will enjoy it and stop thinking about all other stress relieving toys.

The most common way of using Buckyballs magnets is making shapes or patterns. Made of original neodymium magnets, Buckyballs stick to each other for long, until you forcefully separate them.

In addition to stress relive, magnetic balls have many other uses. And despite some recent disputes about the safety of using them, the magnetic balls toy is sold in great numbers.