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Know What Stress Can Cause To Your Body, Mind, And Behavior

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Causes Of Stress

Every year, millions of people seek medical help to cope with stress. It is one of the problems, for which people spend a lot of money on. Stress can result from varied factors such as work related pressures, financial problems, marital disparities, sexual problems, physical ailments, etc. All these are valid reasons for people to feel stressed. When people are under stress, their productivity declines and they often experience nagging headache. Frequent insomnia is another common symptom.

Effects Of Stress On The Body

Stress has very severe consequence to you. It affects you both physically and mentally. It will affect your behavior, thoughts, and feelings. But if you can identify the symptoms early and learn how to cope with them, you will be on the winning side.

The common effects of stress on the body include change in sex drive, chest pain, headache, muscle tension, pain, fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, stomach upset, and sleep problems. Studies also indicate that people who fail to cope with stress develop health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetics, and heart diseases.

Stress also leads to psychological and behavioral problems. Some of the common problems include social withdrawal, lack of motivation, restlessness, anxiety, drug abuse, increased tobacco use, etc.

If you are under stress, it is quite important to ensure that you do the necessary steps cope with it. There are a number of ways to cope with stress – yoga, meditation, physical activity, etc. are a few that count. Getting involved puzzles and games can also help you deal with stress to a great extent.

Buckey Balls To Deal With Stress

Buckey Balls

Stress Reliever

Buckey balls, often called magnetic stress balls, emerged as a stress-relieving toy quite recently. It was initially introduced as a puzzle for adults and as an office desk that employees can use to kill boredom. It became quite popular after people realized that they could alleviate their stress with the use of these magnetic balls.

Buckey balls help you divert your attention from all the worrying thoughts. When you start playing around with these balls, you will get completely immersed in it and forget all your stressful concerns.

What Office Work Can Do To You, And How Klikyballs Can Help Prevent It


Stress Relief Toy

The best part of making time to relax mid-work is that your body gets to recover. Most people don’t realize that the knots in their neck and back are from 3-4 or more straight hours of the same work. The body can take a lot of this kind of abuse, but when the thing finally catches up to you, it is to understand what you and so many others did wrong, and why some people seem to simply evade the ravaging effects of office work.

It is easier if you picture a continuously stretched rubber band. How is your body similar to this? The fact that you adapted to your job when you first started working at the office is analogous to the stretchable nature of a rubber band. And like the rubber band, you need a release every now and then so you don’t wear out. Most conventional jobs don’t allow that, though, which is why the people working in them need to find a ‘release’.

There are few things as welcome as a distraction at the office. Tedium causes many people to break down right in the middle of it. Seeing the quiet guy from accounting turning his desk over in an uncharacteristic fit of rage, can offer loads of material for conversation later, but in your spare time, it is easy to start wondering how close you are to the edge. The way to not find out is by using a stress toy.

Buckyballs Magnets

Ball Magnets

If you get a break for lunch, and most office workers do under federal labor laws, that is the time you should use to unwind. Do something you don’t think of as a chore, something that lets your mind relax and your torso move naturally. Most people have issues in finger motion, which is why Klikyballs are an awesome relaxation tool. Test that, and you would wonder why the idea didn’t occur to you sooner, or why you didn’t act on it when it did.

This magnetic bead set comprises the most powerful commercially available magnets. These beads are quickest way to get your mind active in the ways you like it to be. Make beautiful, complex shapes, or squash them in your palm for some instant relief. Or use them as a paperweight. Any way you look at it, they are worth buying and keeping.

Some Genius Uses For Klikyballs

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Desk Toy

I play with Klikyballs a lot, and over time, I have come to see myself as a scientist that is looking for better ways to align powerful neodymium magnets for maximum aesthetic effect. Or instant gratification, depending on the mood I am in. I have friends at the office who do similar and other stuff with their Klikyballs toy. Some of these ideas are so smart I thought to list them here.

Using Klikyballs The Innovative Way

There are heaps of different uses you can put your Klikyballs magnets to. Maybe you already figures out many of these. But there is bound to be at least one you didn’t. And that is what makes this toy so much fun.

Use it as a stud finder. Yeah. One loses a small metallic stud, and what better way is there to find it than using a magnet? Similarly, you can use them to dress up your cuff links, as long as you remember not to swing your arms to strongly.

It is also useful for making art displays on the fridge door. Put up a magnetic ball curtain and it will keep out the sunlight while impressing your friends at the same time.

Here is other fun stuff you can do with Klikyballs.

  • Play darts on a cabinet: This is a good way to let yourself go when you are at the office and the boss is not around.
  • Squish the ball set in your palm: You wouldn’t believe how amazingly good this feels.
  • Use them as tinsel on your Christmas tree. Or set up a pull for a light switch.
  • Use them as coasters for your beer and wine glasses.
  • Get something out of drains (not the garbage disposal)

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    Klikyballs Are Awesome

  • Hide a key under the doorframe. It stays there and you are the only one who knows where to find it.
  • Construct a cool-looking abacus. If you don’t know what that is, just skip ahead.
  • Use it as bookmark, of any shape.
  • Make a chess set. This takes loads of time, but it is worth the effort when you finally pull it off. Oh, and play carefully.
  • Close the ribbon on a birthday gift, because knots are overrated (unless you are a sailor).

These are just a few genius ways to use Klikyballs to make your life fun and easy. Like I said, these ideas are from different people, but ended up on this post thanks to the internet and of course, natural curiosity.

How A Magnetic Ball Set Can Help Kill Stress

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Best Desk Toy

What is the best thing about having a desk toy in the office? Ask anyone who has one and uses it; they would tell you this is the best way to unwind in under 10 minutes. This is one of the most underrated ways to vent stress. In fact, most incumbent workers are skeptical about these benefits, preferring to believe it is some placebo effect instead as opposed to anything substantial.

And If It Is?

Saying desk toys are a placebo doesn’t mean getting one will have no favorable effect on your well being. Come to think of it, that is exactly what you need in these cases. Although stress is not a physical ailment, it has been known to cause many of the different aches and pains that office workers bring home from work.

These end up disrupting long-term happiness by leaving the person moody or irritable at the end of the day. You would spend weekends relaxing because you need to, and not because you get to; and there is a big difference.

You notice one thing about people who take care of the seemingly small things like this one – they appear to have boundless energy, and have no problem living life in the moment. There is bound to be that one colleague who never seems to run out of fuel. These people are generally either stupid, or make sure to release stress whenever they get the time. You could try the latter.

Magnetic Buckyballs

Awesome Desk Toy

Doing the crossword is not something everyone is successful at. And the Rubik’s cube isn’t simple enough to be enjoyable when all you need is a mental break. It is better to fidget with something that doesn’t require too much in the way of thinking. What better way to do that than with a magnetic ball set? These are the best cure for any level of tedium or boredom you are dealing with.

There is no age bar to the fun you can have either. Go to that place in your mind where every new shape you make with Buckyballs is a source of wonder. This is enough to drive away the exhaustion of work.

The Klikyballs magnetic set is a set of 216 ball magnets which can fit into a number of shapes depending on the person’s ability to manipulate them. There are few things you cannot make out of this, and the best part – you will enjoy yourself in the meantime.

Top Stress Relieving Gadgets That Are Worth Your Time

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Stress Relieving Gadgets

Stress is a common problem that everyone wants to get rid of. Nevertheless, getting rid of stress is not as easy as said. Studies have proved that only a few people succeed in making use of conventional stress relief remedies. How can, then, the rest of the people get rid of stress? This is where the importance of stress-relieving gadgets lies.

The stress reliving gadgets are designed to help you deal with stress effectively. You can use them at any time; at the office, at home, while commuting to the workplace or commuting back home, etc. Here is a list of common stress relieving gadgets available in the market today.

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

When talked about stress reliving gadgets, the Hypnocube Animated LED cube comes up first in the list. As the name indicates, the cube comes with lots of LED lights. They are arranged attractively and lie inside the cube. When switched on, these lights will start turning on and off in multiple colors and patterns. When you are stressed, just turn it on and keep watching it. You will feel relaxed.

Mathmos Aduki Ni Light

It is another relaxing gadget. It looks quite like a hematite. When you turn this gadget on, it will start shining in the colors that you choose. If you don’t choose any colors, it will just cycle the entire color spectrum. Aduki Ni Light is regarded as one of the best color relaxation methods out there.

Giant Stress Ball

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnetic Balls

While the first two gadgets mentioned above had incorporated color relaxation methods to make people relieved, this one is using entirely different technique for that matter. As the name indicates, the giant stress ball is made in giant proportions, making it great for you for pounding out or squeezing out your stress.

Magnetic Balls Toy

Until recently, the magnetic balls toy was not listed among the top stress relieving gadgets but today there are. The reason is that people seem to have realized how effective and beautiful this gadget is. A set of 216 magnetic balls, these can be joined together for making any shape or design you have in mind. Your imagination is the limit here.

How A Magnetic Desk Toy Can Make A Huge Difference

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Magnets On Your Desk

Magnets are awesome to play with. There is a great many things you can do with magnets. You have seen how cool ferro-fluids are. Magnets behave differently than normal metals, in that they attract/repel each other when you bring them close. Magnetism is one of the great mysteries in the universe that no minds have ever been able to fully explain. But they are cool.

They are also a great way to pass the time. If you are bored and there is nothing to do, ball magnets can be a blessing. These are essentially desk toys you can play with to alleviate boredom or even stress. It is mostly office workers who need to do the latter, and understandably, ball magnet sets are a popular desk toy.

What they do is open up a world of fun that a person can easily forget exists. It is almost easy to get caught up in the small things that make up your daily life, and lose sight of all the unlimited fun that you are entitled to as a person. Maybe that is just my opinion, but I have never been proven wrong on that count.

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Best Desk Toy

If you have never played with a Buckyballs set before, the thing almost seems unworthy of the time you would spend on it. However, think of the times when your mind has desperately needed a break – from the stresses of your job, the tedium of an uneventful life, or what have you. What is better at these times than something, which takes your mind off the feeling it can’t stand?

People often descend into depression if they hold themselves in that place long enough. What follows is the loss of productivity, or any one of the myriad aspects of your life you took for granted. Why not let yourself enjoy a few moments instead, with a toy that only demands the use of your hands? A grown person would look ridiculous playing with a teddy bear, and a Rubik’s cube mostly gives you the feeling of being held back. Crosswords aren’t for everyone. That leaves simple, amusing distractions like Klikyballs.

Buy a set and you will marvel at the difference it brings to your overall condition. Stress has no place in your life if you take the right measures to avert it. Few things help as well with doing that, as the Klikyballs magnetic desk toy.

Using Magnetic Therapy To Fix Your Ailments


How Magnetic Therapy Works

Ever heard of magnetic therapy? It’s an alternate treatment method used to remove pain in several parts of the body. It works best in the case of chronic pain, and is usually resorted to if a person is dealing with severe pains or aches following some kind of trauma or accident. Most people who have tried it say it is one of the best ways to get rid of pain.

The best part of this is that you don’t need to talk to a medical professional to start therapy. In many cases, you should. Even yoga and regular exercises can be altered to include the use of magnets, which help to improve circulation to specific organs in the body, which is an important part of having a good metabolism.

There are many magnets in nature, such as the sun and the moon, which aid in magnetic therapy. Understand that the toy set you are playing with is not the only thing producing magnetism. The whole planet is one giant magnet, and the reason why every magnet you see points north. Celestial magnets like the moon are responsible for the tides in the ocean.

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Try Magnetic Therapy

Magnets aren’t just good for any one organ in the body. They can affect the digestive, nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems, and besides removing pains and swellings, they have been shown to be great with treating ulcers as well. Magnetic therapy helps to fix bowel action, with the north pole of the magnet being useful in the killing of germs and bacteria. Magnets also find use in the removal of boils and skin rashes, as well as pimples.

Reduction of pain through magnetic therapy majorly relies on the production of heat and energy during application. This removes numbness from the surrounding areas, and solves neuromuscular issues. This is achieved through deploying the south pole of the magnet. To treat organ malfunctions, one pole is paced over, and the other pole underneath; this has been shown to work considerably well. This also provides relief if the person is laboring under issues in the heart or brain.

And if you don’t have problems like the ones mentioned above, magnets would still be the best way to have fun when you are bored. That’s why you have Buckyballs for. Buy a set now if you haven’t already.

Know The Five Coolest Magnetic Products

Magnetic Buckyballs

FlexiT Light

Magnets are used in a lot of products these days. The magnetic power makes these products different from the same products without magnets. Here is a list of five coolest products that have powerful magnets inside them to make them more useful.

FlexiT Light

The FlexiT may look quite ordinary. However, it is incorporated with strong magnets. It is a very thin light and is highly flexible. You can bend, fold, or wrap it in the desired direction. There are about 16 high intensity lights in it. They are attached with powerful neodymium magnets. The magnet helps this light to be attached to metal surfaces. FlexiT light is ideal for camping, night walking, and using in workstations and similar places.

Magnetic Vases

A magnetic vase has a minimal design. However, this helps create a totally strange illusion of a vase standing vertical without a base. If you want to use this vase with its magnetic illusion, all you need to do is to hold a thin metal under the tablecloth and then simply keep the vase on the table. The strong magnet incorporated on the bottom part of the vase will hold it in vertical position.

Jpeg Wall Hooks

Jpeg wall hooks are customizable hooks. You can use to attach your photos, memos, mail, reminders, or whatever. These hooks are made with two powerful magnets. Consequently, you can stick them to any metal surface, for instance, refrigerator, cupboard, etc.

Kohler Moxie

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

It is a showerhead with built-in wireless speaker. The wireless speaker is attached to this magnetic and is removable. The speaker is also equipped with Bluetooth technology. So it is possible to pair it with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, laptops, or MP3 players. The devices need to be placed within 32 feet from the speaker.

Magnetic Balls Toy

Magnetic balls toy, popularly known as Buckyballs, are stress-relieving balls used in an office setting. People use them to get rid of stress and kill boredom. A standard set of Buckyballs consists of 216 strong magnet balls. You can join them together to form any structure or shape you have in mind.