Try Klikyballs: The Unique Stress Relief Balls

Buckeye Balls

            Features Of Buckeye Balls

People are usually worried about different things in their life, like their studies, future, income and a lot more. As the stress and worry increases, some may even develop depression. If you are one of them who are constantly troubled by stress and worries, here comes a solution; Klikyballs. While working with these buckeye balls, you can get relief from all your stresses and worries. Once you start playing with this desktoy, you will forget about all the things in your life that causes you strain!

Advantages of Klikyballs

Klikyballs are small magnetic balls that have two poles that help them attract and repel each other. These balls help bring out the artist in you, as you can redesign the shapes based on your ideas. This is made possible by the sticking properties of these buckeye balls. The advantages of using Klikyballs are plenty. These buckeye balls, as mentioned above, helps you acquire peace of mind by relieving your stress as soon as you start playing with it. With Klikyballs, you can form unlimited number of shapes and sizes. You can crush, contort, twist and mold these buckeye balls to any shape. The major difference of Klikyballs from other buckeye balls is that you can split them completely and redesign shapes.

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
432 $27.99 $0.13 $4.00 $55.98
648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
1080 $21.99 $0.10 $40.00 $109.95
1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
1512 $20.99 $0.0972 $63.00 $146.93
1728 $19.99 $0.0925 $80.00 $159.92
1944 $19.49 $0.0902 $94.50 $175.41
2160 $18.99 $0.0879 $110.00 $189.90
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         Advantages Of Buckeye Balls

Another advantage of these buckeye balls is that they are long lasting. Since these balls are manufactured with high quality materials, they last for many years without losing their magnetic properties. There is also no boredom associated with playing with Klikyballs. When you opt for puzzles and games, they have only one solution associated and once you solve them, you lose your interest. However, with the buckeye balls like Klikyballs, you can reshape them into thousands of shape without losing your interest. In addition, the use of Klikyballs helps you to stimulate your brain cells.

You can purchase these buckeye balls at an unbelievable price of $22.99, with an additional charge of $5.95 for shipping. If you opt for two sets of Klikyballs, you can avail free shipping. Three editions of Klikyballs are available for purchase. You can go for the Gold edition, Silver edition or the Black edition. The manufacturers also offer you a money back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return in before the next thirty days to avail your money back.