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Why Allegations Against Magnetic Balls Fail To Attract Ban

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The debate whether it is necessary to ban magnetic balls or not has been going on for quite some time. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) earlier filed a lawsuit to ban the sale of Buckyball magnet. They pointed out that magnetic balls posed serious threats to children. The commission cited some cases of children swallowing magnet pellets. However, the proponents of Buckyball magnet say that allegations made by CPSC are baseless.

The magnetic balls are not marketed as a toy for kids. The ads clearly state that they are meant for adult use. They also pointed out that magnetic balls are just like any other toys. Any toy can be dangerous to kids if they are not monitored well, because kids have the tendency to put anything they get into their mouth. In this context, it is pointless to ban magnetic balls citing that they pose threats to children.

The points put forth by the proponents of Buckyball magnet are justifiable because it is very clear that Bucky balls do not cause any health issues. The problems happen only when they are used by kids, and without strict supervision of adults.

Bucky balls Continue To Be The Best Selling Desk Toy Despite Allegations

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The magnetic balls toy is not dangerous by default. They are just like any household products. As such, banning them is not required. The authorities have not taken any decision to ban them since they have realized that it was pointless to do so. Although CPSC filed a lawsuit against the sale of magnetic balls, they could not produce any evidence of fatalities resulting from the use of Buckyball magnet. And more than 2.2 million buckey ball sets are already sold.

Magnetic balls are used in different contexts for different purposes. In offices, they are used a stress reliving tool. In homes, they are used as a decorative thing. Students use them as a science project kit. What is even more surprising is the fact that as compared to other science project kits, which involve the use of chemicals or electricity, magnetic balls are less dangerous. You can use them under any circumstances without problems.

The sale of the magnetic balls continues without any hassles. Bucky balls are available through various online shopping sites.

You Should Try Buckyballs For Stress Relief

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Ever been so mired in work that you desperately needed a break? Is it this way so often that you dread getting back to work after a break? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is stress unraveling you. Letting this go on brings the risk that you will snap somewhere down the line. Instead, try to mitigate the condition by using those breaks to cheer yourself up.

There is a bevy of approaches to this objective, which is a calm and active mind. If chatting with coworkers doesn’t do the trick for you, or if you’re simply too tired for it, then you need a mental retreat. Some activity that doesn’t tax you mentally or physically, but one that you can enjoy. This is where Buckyballs come into the picture.

What are Buckyballs


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First off, this is a desk toy. It is about fun, and not about finding a solution to the work problem you are currently tackling. If you want to lean back and relax, a Buckyballs set is the perfect thing to be holding in your hand. These super strong magnetic balls come together to form a great number of shapes, and you can discover these by rearranging the individual balls. Made of neodymium, Buckyballsretain magnetism for long years, so you can keep using them as your personal stress reliever.

With enough creativity and drive, you can come up with beautifully complex shapes, which would please you and amaze coworkers. Showing off may not be your reason to start using this toy, but it sure won’t hurt if someone spent a couple of seconds checking out the cleverly arranged magnetic set on your desk. With each new shape you discover, you actually have more to go on, and pretty soon you will have mastered your work stress in a similar way.

Trying out shapes is not the only thing they are useful for. Given that the Buckyball toy has no fixed shape, it can be great as a press ball. Mash it in your palm if you are not up to exploring the fun you can have with 3D shapes. This is seen to relieve your fingers and wrist, so they don’t have the soreness which comes from unilateral use. Plainly put, there are just so many ways your fingers can move on a keyboard, and that limit can tire them eventually. Buckyballs can fix this up in just a few minutes.

Getting Buckyballs For The Office

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Ball magnets are a good source of fun and distraction. It is easier to appreciate the truth of that statement when you are feeling down or worn out after harrying work. In times like these people wish for a break to regroup, and sometimes even try and preserve their sanity. What usually helps them do this is desk toys like Buckyball magnets.

Imagine your own mental haven where there are is no work stress to bother you. Some might associate such a feeling with daydreaming, but that is not the only thing, which can get you there. Focused activity that you actually like, which is more likened to fiddling, has been proved to be great for relaxation.

Buckyball magnets don’t keep you idle, and playing with them offers a creative way to vent your frustrations and tensions. Physically, this is a good way to keep the fingers engaged comfortably. Buckyball magnets consist of over 200 small balls made out of neodymium – one of the most retentive magnetic conductors – which come together to form any number of shapes.

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All it takes is a simple modification to the bundle to get you started. You can begin with simple shapes and then gradually move on into uncharted territory, because who is stopping you. Remember your free time is your own, and make yourself feel better by playing around with Buckyball magnets. Some just like mashing the bundle in their palm repeatedly. Even this much has a therapeutic effect, often preparing them for a daunting work task.

Like all things of this sort, Buckyballs place no limits on the fun you can have, other than your own creativity and drive. Bring out the artist in you and arrange these balls in any shape you want, and leave the bundle on the table for someone to find and admire. Showcasing your talents may not be the final object of using this desk toy, but it certainly won’t hurt if someone admired your handiwork.

You can even have a Buckyball set at home, but make sure they are kept away from kids or pets. This is one of the things, which you should properly ensure against. Small magnetic balls can be a choke hazard if a child swallows one, so make sure not to leave them on or near the edge of the desk. This is something for you to relax using, but keep it where only you or another adult can reach it.

The Best Toys That You Can Use For Stress Relief


               Buckyball Set in Different Colors

A set of Buckyball magnets is one of the most attractive construction toys that people like to play with during their leisure hours. These construction toys are made of strong magnetic materials and possess the properties of magnetism. One side of the magnetic sphere attracts and the other side of the sphere repels, making it easier to construct different shapes and structures.

A Buckyball set is useful to us in various ways. They are useful to alleviate tension, stimulating the left and the right side of the brain during the activity. When you play with a set of Buckyball toys, you can have fun and along with that, it helps the brain to concentrate better and become more spontaneous.

The set of 216 balls help a lot when it comes to studying math, geometry and chemistry. Along with the theoretical explanation, with the help of them, if you are able to display a spatial representation of the same, it will be easier for you to grasp the concept. Since a strong spatial imagination is necessary to understand geometrical shapes and structures better, these educational toys like Buckyball sets come handy. Hence, learning is made more enjoyable and easier.

It helps a great deal in training both the hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. The function of the right hemisphere is to control the spatial imagination, visual recognition etc, while the left hemisphere is responsible for logical reasoning, language and math. When you play with a set of Buckyball, you would use both.

It is one of the best toys, to alleviate tension and stress that we experience every day. When you play with a Buckyball set, there is a drastic change in the mood of the person. When you make different structures, you would feel very happy about it and hence your mood would become better. This will have an effect on any work that you do after playing with these magnetic toys. This is an effective stress buster; every working professional would love to have one with him or her.

Magnetic Toys

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Klikyballs are one of the best such magnetic toy brands that you can use to make boundless shapes and structures. Finally, you have a toy to fiddle with while travelling, when you are not in the best of your mood or when you have some spare time. They are available in different colors to make play time more and more interesting.

The cost of one set is about 29.99 dollars with some additional offers. Some of the colors available are green, red, blue, black, silver and gold.

Best Way To Deal With Stress


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You might undergo severe headache or suffer from high blood pressure, when you undergo episodes of severe stress. Never let stress take control of your life as it can cause severe health hazards. Since stress has become part of our lives, the better option is to learn the way of handling stress. A handy stress-reliever tool can definitely be useful to fight against stress related health problems.

You could use a stress reliever tool like buckyball that are small magnetic balls. These neodymium magnetic balls possess two poles. They form a better desk novelty item when these balls are stacked based on their polarity. These magnetic balls possess a positive and negative pole. One side attracts and the other repels. You could create different forms and structures by stacking these magnetic balls.

When you undergo severe stress, you can take buckyball for rearranging it. They are the best way to distract you. These fun tools help you release your stressful thoughts. Attaching buckyball structures definitely require concentration. This helps you forget about the stressful thoughts that had been exhausting you.  Buckyball thus act as a wonderful remedy to alleviate your stress.

You can use it for different purposes. When some may use it to complete their project works, others could use them as a stress relieve tool. Some might consider it as a geek toy whereas some others would consider it as a decorative piece of desk toy. A single set of buckyball consist of 216 balls. These strong magnets are quite easy to be twisted and molded. They can be transformed into different shapes as they can be distorted easily.

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                       Uses of Buckyball


They are the perfect piece of desktop toy and are the bestseller brand available today. KlikyBalls are a brand of buckyball toys available in six colors. These magnetic balls come in a set with 216 balls.  Purchasing this fun toy as a lifetime tool can definitely help you in dealing with your stress. Managing stress will turn easy with it and you can enhance your creative skills using KlikyBalls. Ordering KlikyBalls will never be a loss and you can place order for different colored KlikyBalls. They form a perfect gift set, which you can offer to your dear ones.

KlikyBalls are available online and they cost 29.99 dollars with many offers available. Using it for some time every day will help you relieve stress. Get ready for some fun time with KlikyBalls!

Bid Goodbye To Stress With The Cool Magnetic Spheres


Use Buckyball For Unlimited Fun

We know that there are numerous ways to eliminate stress and have fun. Using buckyball is one of them. One of the major advantages of playing with buckyball is that you can have unlimited fun without disturbing others. You can enjoy playing with buckyball at the privacy of your workspace. You never can predict when stress can affect you. The best part is that you do not have to worry much about stress attacks when buckyballs are within your immediate reach.

Use buckyball for unlimited fun

You can create numerous patterns and creative designs with buckyball. You will be able to recollect the memories of school days while creating geometrical shapes with a buckyball. There are many color variants of buckyball. You will get them in gold, silver, black and assorted colors. Is your friend’s birthday fast approaching? Then presenting buckyball to your dear one will be an excellent option. They can use it to relieve stress and have fun during their office hours.

It is believed that magnets posses healing properties. Therefore, you can also enjoy the same benefits while you play with the compact magnetic spheres. Playing with buckyballs will increase your concentration powers, reasoning abilities and cognitive functions. This will certainly increase your efficiency and productivity during office hours.

Stress is always an unexpected factor. You never can predict its precise occurrence. However, the unique magnetic balls will be the best remedy to keep stressful moments at bay. You will be able to have unlimited fun while playing with buckyballs. The best part is that you can create numerous designs and at the end of every design, there will be a new one. This is exactly why you cannot simply get enough of playing with the magnetic spheres.


Are you searching for an effective remedy to ward off stress? Then Klikyballs will prove to be

Eliminate Stress

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one of the best options for you. The smooth and sophisticated magnetic spheres can provide you with oodles of fun. You will not require any other means of entertainment when you have Klikyballs at your immediate reach. It is highly recommended that you get a pack of Klikyballs at the earliest.

Hereafter you do not have to worry when you feel stressed or lethargic at office. Play with Klikyballs for uninterrupted fun and happiness. It will indeed be the best thing to make you cheerful and increase your work efficiency.

Why Klikyballs Serve To Be Greats Stress Relievers


Buckyball desktoy

Very often, people working in offices have to complete certain projects or reports before the specified deadline. This causes them to experience high stress and can lead to losing focus on their work. Therefore, to cool off the huge tension, they can use the all new Buckyballs. Office goers classify Buckyballs to be of assistance for cooling down stress. Buckyballs are very rare earth neodymium magnets with which you can easily form any kind of shapes that pop up in your mind.

What does a Buckyball do?

While constructing different shapes that come to your mind, you do not have to be anxious about any breakages, as they are completely well built and break-free. Different creative shapes can be constructed by utilizing Buckyballs like cylinders, pyramids, cubes etc. A Buckyball serves the multipurpose use as it can also be used for holding important notes or papers on magnetic surfaces. People are very much accustomed to keeping pictures on refrigerators and this process of sticking the photos with the help of magnets can be easily done by using a Buckyball.

Buckyball is strong

You will be simply spellbound by the extent of weight it can hold and how it clings on with it. So a Buckyball is the best desktop toy that serves multipurpose uses and brings about huge amount of fun.

Cools figures with Buckyball

People are sometimes amazed by the shapes that the Buckyballs are made into like that of a pen stand, business card holder etc. You can create shapes of any kinds, and all you have to use is your imagination.

The world of Kliky balls

constructing different shapes

relieve stress with Buckyball

You will be drenched in a world of fun and excitement after you start playing with Kliky balls. Kliky balls are a brand of Buckyballs that is most popular and widely in use today among people of all ages. When you normally purchase toys before you lay your hands on it, you have to thoroughly and carefully go through the different instructions. However, in the case of Kliky balls, fun starts instantaneously, as there are no specific instructions that you have to follow.

Advantages of Kliky balls

  • With the use of Kliky balls, your brain does not become dull or remain idle and is always working.
  •  As your brain keeps on working the toy, it will have a positive impact on other works that you perform and in turn, you can master in other areas also.

Kliky balls are the best desk toys that you can get for your child at school, as the toy helps to understand about geometry and different shapes with ease.