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Are Magnets Made Of New Fabrication Powerful Than Neodymium Magnets?

Buckyball Magnets

Production Of Buckyballs

One of the specialties that magnets have is their ability to attract all the typical metals out there. Over the years, science has developed and discovered different types of magnets, and among them, the most powerful one is neodymium magnet. As they are the strongest and the most powerful ones, they have got numerous applications. They are used in electric vehicles, motors, generators, magnetic balls toys, and many more.

When talked about magnets, it is good to find out the country that has got the highest amount of resources for magnets. As per the latest statistics, China is said to excavate about 95% of the rare earth minerals in the world. The country also processes the magnet minerals and transforms them into suitable type of magnets for various applications. A study shows that the huge amount of magnetic resources in China helps the electronic industries in the country. Despite the good sides of excavated magnets, it should be noted that the processes involved in the excavation of them cause serious dangers to the environment.

Among rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets amount to the majority. In recent times, different types of artificial magnets have been identified. These magnets are as powerful as neodymium magnets or even more powerful sometimes.


Buckyballs For Sale

Components that constitute the new type of magnets include iron nitride and theoretical magnetic energy of 130 mega gauss. These magnets are quite powerful and are used in many electronic applications being in use today. Moreover, it is quite cheaper to produce these magnets than excavating the original neodymium magnets.

When iron nitrate was used alone in certain applications in the past, those applications didn’t work in the proper way because they would get transformed into powders or thick films. Because of this, scientists started to look for new forms of magnets. Furthermore, in scenarios where bulk fabrication of iron nitride was necessary, they caused lots of inconveniences.

In the earlier days, any work with iron nitride yielded imperfect result. However, this new process allows bulk fabrication of iron nitride that was then used successfully in numerous scenarios. All existing mass production techniques required in the formation process of iron and nitrogen production are cheap.

There Are So Many Things That Make Klikyballs Awesome

Magnetic Buckyballs

Play With Klikyballs

How good are Klikyballs to play with? If you are an avid user of this desk toy, there is no need to tell you the kind of relaxation they offer through stimulation. Playing with these magnetic Buckyballs is the shortest route to alternate stimulation when you really need to jog yourself from the fog of tedium surrounding office work.

As humans, we are not built to slog for nine straight hours each day, without a break. Plus, many offices have work policies which disregard the effects of protracted work strain on the mind. Adverse as these are, our natural resilience lets us work past them for long durations, but that has consequences. You may have a temper tantrum at home for no other reason that you can’t find the remote, or be too tired on weekends to do much else besides lie in bed.

The problem here is that most jobs involve repetitive work, and there is rarely something to take your mind off the activity you are doing over and over. In such an instance, a desk toys can be a godsend. Fiddling is an age-old method for letting your mind stretch itself in the all the ways it needs to. With Klikyballs, you can do much more.

First, these are amusing from the simple fact that they are bead magnets. There is a whole range of motions you can perform with your fingers without even thinking about it, which itself is sufficient to calm you. And if you are at the point where you could use stimulation, these beads can be remodeled into a numerous shapes.

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Fun With Klikyballs

Bear in mind they are magnetic, and few things work as well when you are using them as building blocks. The only thing limiting what you can make is your imagination and skill, both of which are guaranteed to grow if you use this desk toy the right way, and long enough.

For people who have just discovered the wonders of clump of magnets sitting on their desk or shelf, there are plenty of online videos and posts, including the ones here, showing what other shapes people have managed to make with their Klikyballs set. I would be remiss not to mention someone has even made a miniature Thor’s hammer with magnetic Buckyballs, and it looks awesome.

Get your own Klikyballs set today, and start exploring the ways magnets behave, or simply daydream while mashing the clump in your palm. Or do both. Just make sure it is your free time, and forget about any stress you had.

What Office Work Can Do To You, And How Klikyballs Can Help Prevent It


Stress Relief Toy

The best part of making time to relax mid-work is that your body gets to recover. Most people don’t realize that the knots in their neck and back are from 3-4 or more straight hours of the same work. The body can take a lot of this kind of abuse, but when the thing finally catches up to you, it is to understand what you and so many others did wrong, and why some people seem to simply evade the ravaging effects of office work.

It is easier if you picture a continuously stretched rubber band. How is your body similar to this? The fact that you adapted to your job when you first started working at the office is analogous to the stretchable nature of a rubber band. And like the rubber band, you need a release every now and then so you don’t wear out. Most conventional jobs don’t allow that, though, which is why the people working in them need to find a ‘release’.

There are few things as welcome as a distraction at the office. Tedium causes many people to break down right in the middle of it. Seeing the quiet guy from accounting turning his desk over in an uncharacteristic fit of rage, can offer loads of material for conversation later, but in your spare time, it is easy to start wondering how close you are to the edge. The way to not find out is by using a stress toy.

Buckyballs Magnets

Ball Magnets

If you get a break for lunch, and most office workers do under federal labor laws, that is the time you should use to unwind. Do something you don’t think of as a chore, something that lets your mind relax and your torso move naturally. Most people have issues in finger motion, which is why Klikyballs are an awesome relaxation tool. Test that, and you would wonder why the idea didn’t occur to you sooner, or why you didn’t act on it when it did.

This magnetic bead set comprises the most powerful commercially available magnets. These beads are quickest way to get your mind active in the ways you like it to be. Make beautiful, complex shapes, or squash them in your palm for some instant relief. Or use them as a paperweight. Any way you look at it, they are worth buying and keeping.

Some Genius Uses For Klikyballs

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Desk Toy

I play with Klikyballs a lot, and over time, I have come to see myself as a scientist that is looking for better ways to align powerful neodymium magnets for maximum aesthetic effect. Or instant gratification, depending on the mood I am in. I have friends at the office who do similar and other stuff with their Klikyballs toy. Some of these ideas are so smart I thought to list them here.

Using Klikyballs The Innovative Way

There are heaps of different uses you can put your Klikyballs magnets to. Maybe you already figures out many of these. But there is bound to be at least one you didn’t. And that is what makes this toy so much fun.

Use it as a stud finder. Yeah. One loses a small metallic stud, and what better way is there to find it than using a magnet? Similarly, you can use them to dress up your cuff links, as long as you remember not to swing your arms to strongly.

It is also useful for making art displays on the fridge door. Put up a magnetic ball curtain and it will keep out the sunlight while impressing your friends at the same time.

Here is other fun stuff you can do with Klikyballs.

  • Play darts on a cabinet: This is a good way to let yourself go when you are at the office and the boss is not around.
  • Squish the ball set in your palm: You wouldn’t believe how amazingly good this feels.
  • Use them as tinsel on your Christmas tree. Or set up a pull for a light switch.
  • Use them as coasters for your beer and wine glasses.
  • Get something out of drains (not the garbage disposal)

    Where To Buy Buckyballs

    Klikyballs Are Awesome

  • Hide a key under the doorframe. It stays there and you are the only one who knows where to find it.
  • Construct a cool-looking abacus. If you don’t know what that is, just skip ahead.
  • Use it as bookmark, of any shape.
  • Make a chess set. This takes loads of time, but it is worth the effort when you finally pull it off. Oh, and play carefully.
  • Close the ribbon on a birthday gift, because knots are overrated (unless you are a sailor).

These are just a few genius ways to use Klikyballs to make your life fun and easy. Like I said, these ideas are from different people, but ended up on this post thanks to the internet and of course, natural curiosity.

Top Stress Relieving Gadgets That Are Worth Your Time

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Stress Relieving Gadgets

Stress is a common problem that everyone wants to get rid of. Nevertheless, getting rid of stress is not as easy as said. Studies have proved that only a few people succeed in making use of conventional stress relief remedies. How can, then, the rest of the people get rid of stress? This is where the importance of stress-relieving gadgets lies.

The stress reliving gadgets are designed to help you deal with stress effectively. You can use them at any time; at the office, at home, while commuting to the workplace or commuting back home, etc. Here is a list of common stress relieving gadgets available in the market today.

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

When talked about stress reliving gadgets, the Hypnocube Animated LED cube comes up first in the list. As the name indicates, the cube comes with lots of LED lights. They are arranged attractively and lie inside the cube. When switched on, these lights will start turning on and off in multiple colors and patterns. When you are stressed, just turn it on and keep watching it. You will feel relaxed.

Mathmos Aduki Ni Light

It is another relaxing gadget. It looks quite like a hematite. When you turn this gadget on, it will start shining in the colors that you choose. If you don’t choose any colors, it will just cycle the entire color spectrum. Aduki Ni Light is regarded as one of the best color relaxation methods out there.

Giant Stress Ball

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnetic Balls

While the first two gadgets mentioned above had incorporated color relaxation methods to make people relieved, this one is using entirely different technique for that matter. As the name indicates, the giant stress ball is made in giant proportions, making it great for you for pounding out or squeezing out your stress.

Magnetic Balls Toy

Until recently, the magnetic balls toy was not listed among the top stress relieving gadgets but today there are. The reason is that people seem to have realized how effective and beautiful this gadget is. A set of 216 magnetic balls, these can be joined together for making any shape or design you have in mind. Your imagination is the limit here.

Magnets May Be The Thing For Treating Cocaine Addiction

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Magnets For treating Cocaine Addiction

A study has found that magnets can be used in cocaine addicts to stave off cravings. A technique named trans-cranial magnetic stimulation involves the patient sitting in a chair as doctors wax a wand over their head. This fires magnetic waves into the patient’s head, specifically entering the prefrontal cortex.

The results of the study on 29 cocaine addicts show that stimulation treatment can significantly cut down cocaine use and cravings. The findings were published in the European journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Eagerness is tremendous considering there is no effective treatment for cocaine addiction. Meanwhile, there is a theoretical explanation as to why brain stimulation with magnets may achieve the desired results.

The study showed strong patient improvement, and while this is still a preliminary study, it gives hope for people who only had cognitive therapy and psychological support to look forward to. Stanford University addiction researcher Rob Malenka says this method is a “logical extension” of the technology, which is also a component in treating persistent depression problems.

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Magnets For Treating Addiction

TMS was only approved by the FDA as a treatment for depression in 2008. How it works is still a mystery to many involved, but addiction seems to cause the same signaling patterns in the brain, which make people seek out the drug compulsively. And TMS can demonstrably disrupt the pattern, much the same way as noise can disrupt a radio signal. One study shows that for addicts, some areas of the prefrontal cortex only light up in the presence of the drug. This may be affecting the decision-making centers in the brain, which is what blinds drug users to its pitfalls.

The treatment method being perfected intends to use powerful magnets to stimulate a brain area called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Scanning has shown that the effects of this move outwards, the same as water pouring over an umbrella. Right now, interest is growing in the potential application of magnetism to cure patients and prevent them from seeking out the drug they wish to be free of.

This just goes to show that magnets are one of the most wonderful things in existence. Many of their possible applications in various fields point to a multitude, which may still lie undiscovered. Meanwhile for the average person, magnetic beads and similar toys are great fun to fiddle with. Don’t deny their appeal. Get yourself a Buckyballs set today.

Make Stars With Magnetic Balls This Christmas

Magnetic Buckyballs

Stars With Buckyballs

Christmas is a time of twinkling lights and glitters. It is the best time to decorate your home. If you are looking for some new ideas for this year’s Christmas and New Year decorations, magnetic balls toy can be a good choice.

What To Make With Buckyballs For Christmas?

You can see Buckyballs for sale banner everywhere these days. These are small magnetic balls, made of neodymium magnets. They are strong and can cling to each other just like any magnetic piece. Buckyballs come in a set of 216 magnetic balls, and in different colors such as sky blue, pink, purple, blue, red, green, gold, black, and silver.

With Buckyballs, you can make any shape or design. The shapes or patterns have a 3D effect, and all you need to do for making one is simply align them in order. Obviously, Buckyballs will be a good option for making your Christmas stars this year.

Making Christmas Stars With Buckyballs

There are 216 magnetic balls in a Buckyballs for sale set. So, if you have got a set, you can make multiple stars with them. Of course, it depends on the size of your stars. If you want to make more stars, you may have to buy another set. Also, you can go for colorful stars with multiple sets of Buckyballs.

Buckyballs For Sale

Christmas Decoration


First, you should have an idea on how big you want your star to be. It is easy to make five pyramids first and then join them together to make the star. Break off a nine balls from the packet of your Buckyballs set and make a ring by joining the balls. Once the ring is ready, it is easy to convert it into a triangle.

Make sure that you pinch three of the balls to make a point. Once you are ready with three triangles, snap them side by side. The position of the pointed side has to be altered in order to make base for one of the triangles. Once you are ready with five or six triangles, depending upon the number points you need for the star, join them together.

With magnetic balls toy, you can make any shape or pattern you imagine. Making a star with the balls toy may sound complicated. But it is made on logical pattern. Like any other shape, you will learn to make it quickly after a few attempts.

Neodymium Magnet In Magnetic Balls Toys

Buckyballs Magnets

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnets have the ability to attract metals. This property is shared by all types of magnets, but neodymium magnets are the strongest in this category. Here is how they differ from others.

Application Of Neodymium Magnets

As neodymium magnets are the strongest, they are used in numerous applications, especially in clean energy industry and in the production of electric vehicle motors. Neodymium magnets are also used in many electronic devices, and are integral part of wind turbine generators.

Where Is Neodymium Magnets Found?

Like all types of magnets, neodymium magnets are excavated. A recent survey indicates that about 95% of world’s neodymium magnets are extracted from the mines of China. Nevertheless, China has controlled the excavation of new mines for rare earth magnets due to environment concerns since 2010.

If you collect all the rare earth magnets, a sizable share of them would be constituted by neodymium magnets. China’s decision to control the extraction of rare earth magnets has started causing concerns among people now. Interestingly, a recent research invented a modern and innovative way to produce neodymium magnets. This method does not require rare earth minerals to produce magnets. The magnets produced from this new method are strong like neodymium magnets.

Toys Made From Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are used in several applications, including toys. The most notable toy that uses these magnets is the Buckyballs magnets. These magnetic balls are used as a stress-relieving tool; as it distracts you from stressful thoughts and helps you stay focused.

Original Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

How To Use Magnetic Ball Toys?

Getting started with magnetic ball toys can be difficult and confusing in the beginning. But once you know how to use them, you will enjoy it and stop thinking about all other stress relieving toys.

The most common way of using Buckyballs magnets is making shapes or patterns. Made of original neodymium magnets, Buckyballs stick to each other for long, until you forcefully separate them.

In addition to stress relive, magnetic balls have many other uses. And despite some recent disputes about the safety of using them, the magnetic balls toy is sold in great numbers.

Magnets Might Help People Move A Paralyzed Limb After Stroke

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Stroke Patient And Magnets

Magnets are good for a lot of things, but one of the possible applications unlocked by research can trump everything that came before. It seems that stroke patients who are combating paralysis in the affected limb can move it voluntarily after a magnet-based treatment.

People surviving a stroke usually have to cross several emotional and physical hurdles, one of the latter being the inability to move a limb. But a new discovery by researchers shows that a strong magnetic pulse can be sued to trigger inactive areas of the brain through transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

These areas can be put to work operating the motionless arm on the patient. While this isn’t a cure at this point, it is still a way for people to regain some semblance of control. Longer-lasting stimulation could be employed to ‘teach’ the brain how to move the paralyzed part in a different way.

Right now, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the country, with about 130,000 Americans dying from it every year. During a stroke, blood flow to the brain gets cut off, and the brain cells are starved of oxygen. Most times this is caused by a clot in a blood vessel. While only 15 percent of strokes cause a hemorrhage, these lead to around 40 percent of stroke deaths, according to a CDC survey. But paralysis happens widely, in about 90 percent of stroke sufferers, causing the inability to move an arm or a leg.

Magnet-Based Treatment

Buckyballs Stimulating Creativity

Treatment for this includes the physical, occupational and speech therapy performed intensively, weekly. Research has shown that strength training on one side can strengthen the other side as well. But for some, no measure of exercise suffices to mobilize the weakened limb.

The study examined the effects of TMS on 30 stroke patients, half of whom had mild problems with arm movement, while the other half had sever impairment. These people were asked to reach for an object when they saw a ‘go’ signal; meanwhile the part of their brains called the dorsal premotor cortex was stimulated with magnetic pulses. This is the region that a stroke does not affect.

The findings showed that people with small damage in their brain areas can more easily tap into other areas to achieve limb movement. This is harder if the brain damage sustained is more extensive. Targeted stimulation may be a way to train an entirely different part of the brain to move the arm.

Making A Pyramid With Buckyballs

Buckyballs For Sale

Buckyballs Shapes

The pyramid is one of the more advanced shapes for Buckyballs beginners to make. It probably lands right after the cube where complexity is concerned, and we saw in an earlier post how it could be made out of Buckyballs. The problem with a cube is that it looks the same from all sides, and is easy to grow tired of.

The pyramid looks better, especially when you leave it out on the desk or shelf. Not to mention it is a bigger project for someone who is just getting started with his or her magnetic balls set.

How To Make A Pyramid

  • Lay out a single strand of balls. You will not need all 216 here, just 144.
  • Break off nine of these and attach the two ends to get a ring. Turn this into a triangle by pinching three of the balls in the circle together and forming a point.
  • Now you have circle that looks like a teardrop. Hold that point in place and push the other parts. You will have two points now, making up the triangle.
  • Repeat the above step with 9-ball strands till you get 16 triangles. Take 4 of these triangles and snap them together into a bigger triangle.
  • Three of them need to be snapped side by side, alternating the position of the pointed side. This will give you a base for the larger triangle.
  • Snap the fourth triangle with pointed side up, and place it above the middle triangle of the base.
  • Repeat the above step with the other small triangles until you have four large triangles in all.
  • Snap these large triangles the same way as before to get an even larger triangle – three triangles side by side, and the remaining one above the triple-triangle base.
  • Bring the three outer points of the overall triangle together. For this, move them upward and inward. This will give you a 3-D figure. You just need to snap the points together and they will come in place on their own.
  • After all the point and sides have snapped together just right you will have a four-sided pyramid in your hand.

    Buckyballs Pyramid

    Making A Pyramid

This may seem complicated, but like everything else made using Buckyballs, it follows a pattern. Learning that can make it a lot easier to build the shape you have in mind. As always, the key is to work backwards from the intended shape. And yes, it is important to get the number of balls right when making the smaller constituent shapes.