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Why Are Klikyballs Considered The Best Stress Relieving Toys

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If you come home with a relaxed and cool mind, you can spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. However, it is not necessary that your mood always remain good, as your mind may be flooded with hundreds of things in the office. In such situations, you naturally feel stressed and this stress can make you angry about silly things and strain the relationship with your partner. Now, if you find an effective method to become engaged in other activities, these stressful issues will be out of your mind soon. Your mind would then become relaxed and you will feel a lot happier.

So, which is this effective method? Some experts suggest that toys and puzzles can be effective in relieving stress. However, a drawback of puzzles and some of the toys is that you cannot work with them for many days once you find out its end solution and working with them would soon become a boring affair. Now, an alternative to ordinary toys that could bore you soon are the geek toys. The advantages of geek toys are that you will not be bored easily due to their scientific applications. Now, in this post, we will take you through some of the features of one such toy called Klikyballs. It is one of the best geek toys in the market, which makes use of magnetic properties to help users create different patterns and shapes.

Scientific Applications

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Klikyballs package has 216 magnetic balls, which has attracting and repelling properties on each of its poles. This property is utilized to create numerous shapes and designs by arranging the balls in different formats. Klikyballs offer unlimited fun to its users and is therefore one of the most fun filled geek toys in the market. It is also one of the best selling geek toys in the market. You can create numerous shapes and sizes with Klikyballs, which will also helps to nurture your artistic talents.

The price of Klikyballs is another factor that makes it a favorite in geek toys. Klikyballs come at an amazing price of 22.99 dollars, which is much lesser than many of its competitors. There is also a small fee of 5.95 dollars for shipping. However, when you order two or more packages, you will receive the packages without the shipping fees. You can also avail other discounts from the manufacturer when you purchase two or more packages together.

Use Of Different Forms Of Energy In Science Toys

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Science toys help people of all age groups to improve their brain activities. Geek toys are being used extensively to nurture the scientific skills of a child. The Geek toys make use of different forms of energy for their working. In this post, we will take you through some of the commonly used energy forms in these Geek toys.

Use of magnetic energy

Magnetic energy is used in geek toys to move objects. For instance, this form of energy is used in levitating globes and also in places where a repulsive force is necessary. Magnetic accelerator cannon is another example where the canon shoots metal balls with the help of magnets.

Use of chemical energy

The use of chemical energy is common in geek toys. These toys work due to the chemical reactions in them. These reactions occur when different types of atoms combine or react with one another. The best examples of these toys are the ones that make use of battery for their working.

Use of elastic energy

Elastic energy is a form of potential energy. This energy forms in materials when they are stretched, and this energy is given out when they are released. Wind up toys, toys that uses rubber bands, are all examples of toys that use elastic energy.

Use of different forms of energy

Some geek toys make use of other different forms of energy. These toys help users to find out how one form of energy changes to another. An example is magnetic toys that use chemical energy from the battery and convert it into magnetic energy.


Klikyballs can be considered as a science toy. This is because they work using the magnetic properties of the balls. However, there are no complicated mechanisms involved in the working of Klikyballs. This makes it a simple and innovative toy.

Magnetic Balls

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Klikyballs are magnetic balls, which a user can stack together and form various shapes. By working with Klikyballs, the person starts to forget his worries. This is because with these balls, users can create numerous shapes and sizes as they wish.

Klikyballs come in various colors. Majority of the users recommend Klikyballs as the best stress relieving mechanism. A major advantage of these balls is that they are affordable and cheap. You can also return Klikyballs if you do not find the expected results, since there is a money back guarantee offered with every purchase.

Let Buckyballs Enhance Your Creative Skills

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Stress and strain can cause headaches and that is quite natural. But in order to avoid stress associated with your work, you need to choose certain techniques that could alleviate your stress and work pressure. Even if you are busy with your projects and schedules, you can definitely find some time to enhance your creativity. You may not have explored your creative skills, which if polished, could help you create new ideas.

There are several geek toys that can help make your leisure hours quite funny and creative and buckyballs are one such set of geek toys. Buckyballs are small magnetic balls that made of neodymium magnets that are quite powerful. You will find about 216 such magnetic balls in a set. Each ball has a smooth spherical surface and they have two poles. One of the poles attracts and the other pole repels. Based on this principle, these geek toys can be arranged to create different structures and forms.

Geek toys can be used by both adults and children and buckyballs falls in this category. You can use this toy in between your stress filled hours at workplace. This is a handy device that could be placed on your office desk.  You may find these geek toys to be quite helpful as they would definitely give you some sort of fun.

You can create funny shapes and geometrical structures using buckyballs and they can even be considered as an educational tool. Children would find it useful to learn geometry using these geek toys.


If you wish to purchase buckyballs, then it would be better to choose Klikyballs, which are

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the best buckyballs available today. Klikyballs are smooth magnetic balls that are made of rare earth magnets. These balls are the best ones available today and they can be considered as a life time toy. You can create anything using it and that too without even any instructions. You can guide your creative skills and thus enhance your creativity. It is quite easy to crush and mold these magnetic balls. You can learn physics and chemistry using it. Learning magnetism and atomic bonding theory would turn to a fun time using Klikyballs.

The price of Klikyballs is $22.99 plus $5.95 as shipping and handling charges. You can definitely avoid stress and work pressure using Klikyballs. You can pay $5 more to obtain the Black or Gold editions of Klikyballs.

Read About The Best Geek Toys- KlikyBalls

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Benefits Of Geek Toys

Bucky balls or the smooth, magnetic spheres are also used as effective geek toys. These can be the perfect toys you can gift to someone who works a sedentary job. The best part about using bucky balls is that you can mold it into as many shapes and sizes as you want. The bucky balls are made up of rare-earth magnets that have strong magnetic power. This ensures that the shapes you make out of these geek toys do not break, and last close to forever.

Along with being excellent geek toys, which can be used to make innumerable shapes and configurations, these can also be used as amazing stress-busters. These bucky balls are known to alleviate stress and stimulate the mood of a person. Hence, these prove to be handy, especially for people with a hectic schedule. Using these stress balls as geek toys is fun as you can create different geometrical shapes and also patterns that resemble the compounds in organic chemistry. In this way, it would also be easier for you to teach your students as well as children these subjects. Once you start making shapes using the bucky balls, you would find yourself totally engrossed in the activity, such that you would not even remember the facts that were disturbing you or leading you into stress.

According to several physicians, it has been found out that mashing and squeezing these geek toys in your palm can produce a soothing effect. This action is known to enhance the mood of the person and make him feel happy. You can just grab the Bucky balls and mash them in your hand to experience the relieving effect yourself. The shapes and configurations that you make can be used as desktop novelty in your office as well as home.

Kliky balls

Geometrical Shapes

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If you are looking to buy the best bucky balls, Kliky balls is the perfect answer. These Kliky balls are the best geek toys made up of 216 rare earth magnets. Kliky balls are in fact known as the Lego toys for adults as both children and adults can use them. These do not come with any instructions. This means that once you purchase the Kliky balls, you can start creating the shapes almost immediately.

So, stop searching over the stress-relieving techniques or about the best geek toys available in the market. Instead go for the amazing Kliky balls and start using this multi-featured product now itself.

A Great Stress Reliever You Can Make At Home

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Are you stressed out at work? Need something in your hand just to vent your frustration? Why not make a stress ball on your own?

A squishy ball can be an awesome stress reliever, while also helping tone the muscles in your forearms and hands. Just keep a couple of squishy stress balls at your workplace or near the nightstand, and you can use them anytime you feel stresses or frustrated. Venting your frustration on a person is never helpful, so you might as well vent it out on these geek toys. Though you could buy one at any store, making it at home is actually very simple, and a great project, especially with your kids. Here are a couple of things that you will need for making a squishy stress ball:

  • One and half cups of sand
  • A fine sieve
  • A bowl
  • A funnel
  • A water balloon

So now that you got all the ingredients ready let’s make a squishy stress ball. Sift all the sand through a fine sieve into the bowl. Next place the funnel at the mouth of the water balloon, and pour the sand into the balloon. Do not spill any sand on the floor. Tie the mouth of the water balloon tightly once the sand fills up the balloon. If the sand seems insufficient, sieve some more and pour it into the water balloon. You could even personalize it with a colored ribbon, or decorate to make your personal squishy stress ball. It might seem just like other geek toys, but it is a great stress reliever.

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 Great Gift

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KlikyBalls are small magnetic spheres that have each an attracting and repelling side. Due to their attractive power they cling to each other very strongly. This makes them superb geek toys. You might hesitate when you hear “geek toys”, but these geek toys are like no other. These spheres can be used to make wonderful designs and fascinating shapes. Just try them out and you will see. Plus they’re more than geek toys for kids, these can be used by adults as well. They are a great stress reliever, as you can play with them all day and forget about the stresses of life. Furthermore they also help in sparking your creative imagination. Just take a few minutes off work, and tinker about with KlikyBalls; you will see all your stress melting out. Priced at just $22.99, these are also a great gift for kids.