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Slide Out From Under Stress With Buckyballs Magnets

Magnetic Balls

Relieving Office Stress

For many people, the office is where they build up the most amount of stress. Beyond a point, work of the same kind gets boring, and eventually tedious. And if it isn’t that, then there is a chance it is taking too much out of you each day. Relatively few people are genuinely happy with the work they do, and those that are not build up stress like a twig someone is standing on.

It goes without saying that distractions can take some of the severity off what you are feeling by the time you go for lunch. Now, everyone gets lunch breaks, and most have enough on their minds that they want to forget for a short time. People find different ways to do that, but few are as truly relaxing as simply playing with a toy – a desk toy to be more precise. Something you can pick up when you have the time, and start fiddling with while your mind drifts.

Buckyballs Magnets

Relax With Buckyballs

All of that talk was building up to this: desktop magnetic balls. Easy to hold and play with, and a delight if you actually care about the other possibilities on the table, a magnetic balls set can take your mind off work problems for a short time each day. Who knows, maybe this will keep you from storming out because everything simply seemed wrong in that moment. Too much stress can make you act recklessly, which is why it is important to unwind when you get the chance. And desktop magnetic balls are a good way to do just that.

You can spend your free time fiddling with these magnetic spheres which make up a cluster, one that you can shape into whatever thin that comes to mind. After some time this gets to be a fun challenge; you start to see other shapes you can make, and start searching for more. The simple fact that this occupies you in a playful setting means you are no longer saddled with worries you were finding hard to handle. Whatever was bothering you gets set aside for the time being, and you get to enjoy a few minute of blissful peace.

It is not necessary to be mentally stimulated when you are actually trying to relax, but if that is the way you prefer it, you will find that Buckyballs magnets offer many opportunities to test your creative side. Get a set and see how good they are for you.

Buckyballs Is A Safe Science Toy For Students

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Buckyballs are usually regarded as a stress-relieving toy. But lately, they are increasingly used by students as science toys and for magnetic balls game. Adult students are encouraged by their schoolteachers to include Buckyballs in their science projects. And it seems the students are quite excited about it.

In fact, Buckyballs have got large scope in science projects. Students can make an unlimited amount of geometric shapes, structures, and designs with Buckyballs. The best part is that Buckyballs are quite cheaper than most other science toys. And they have got numerous applications other than being simply conventional science toys.

Advantages of Buckyballs as science toy

As compared to other science toys, Buckyballs are safer, cheaper, and more useful. Buckyballs is not just a magnetic balls game, it is much more than. It can improve your creative thinking and make you more engaged than other science toys. Below are some of highly regarded advantages of using Buckyballs for your magnetic balls game or as a science toy.

Safety sides

When you recommend a science toy to your kids, you must ensure that it is going to be safe for them. While many science toys do not live up to the safety standards, Buckyballs are hundred percent safe for adult students.


Buckyballs are affordable. You can get a standard set of Buckyballs for just $22.99, whereas you will have to spend more than $50 for most of the other science toys.

Simple to use

Sell Magnetic Balls

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

It is very simple to use the magnetic balls game. Buckyballs come with simple-to-follow user manual as well. By going through the instructions once, you will know how to use it. This is not the case with many other science toys or chemistry kits. You will have to spend several hours to understand how to use them safely.

Easy to purchase

You do not have to search shops after shops to get your Buckyballs set. You can order it online and get it delivered at your doorstep within a couple of days or even less.

There are several brands that sell magnetic balls toy these days. However, as an informed customer, you should ensure that you get the original one. Klikyballs are made of original neodymium magnets. They are durable and cheap. So order your Klikyballs set today and have fun.

Underrated Benefits Of Tweaking A Magnetic Set At The Office

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Office stress can be a slow killer. You hear enough breakdown stories and see internet memes that everybody these days is aware of the danger. Strenuous and prolonged work can leave you strung out on a daily basis, making you miserable and testy when you ride back home at the end of the day. Or worse – lead you to a loud outburst that may well cost you the job.

If there is no peace of mind to be found in the free time you get, then a distraction may be answer. Taking your mind of the problem you just got off, is winning half the war. Staring at the wall can get old; you need something to tinker with. A magnetic balls cube can turn out to be an excellent choice.

At this point, some would consider a Rubik’s Cube instead. Here is what they should be asking themselves: how interesting is the thing when you are at an impasse? A magnetic balls cube, on the other hand, has no set goal other than what the user can picture. Which means you can play to heart’s content, and not have made a much headway. This is a relaxation tool as much as a creative toy and you can choose to use it as either.

Retentive Magnetic Materials

Magnetic Office Toy

How does a magnetic balls cube work? It is made up of over 200 strong magnets, forming a bundle that can fit in your fist. If that did not give you ideas, then let us say this thing can also be used as a squeeze toy. But if you are feeling mentally up to it, it can be put to use in another way. You can make shapes using these neodymium balls.

Neodymium is one of the most retentive magnetic materials sold these days. That means the shapes you make will remain that way when you get back to them a month or a year later. More to the point, come recess you can pick up where you left off the previous day, and learn more about how solid shapes work, not to mention magnetism.

Of course, the full benefits of a magnetic balls cube will not dawn on you until you have used it. The distraction allows your mind to relax when it needs to do just that, and at other times, you will have a fun way to stave off boredom. Buy a set and try it out. You will find this was the solution you always needed.

Magnetic Ball Toy Can Make You Relieved

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Work related stress affects almost everyone, say, from daily wage earners to high salaried employees to even CEOs of big companies. Spending the whole day before the PC or laptop is not only tiresome for the body but also for the mind. It may make you highly tensed and depressed. If the job involves risk or monthly targets, you will be even more pressurized.

Taking a walk or going to the workout room, you can relax your body when you are too stressed. But what can be done for the mind? Employees working in multinational companies are encouraged to take part in recreational activities when they find themselves stressed out. Many companies have recreation rooms where the staff can go and watch movies, play chess or similar puzzles.

There are many benefits of these activities, but they cannot totally make your mind free from stress. But is there any activity that makes one totally relieved and focused? Well, magnetic ball toy is exceptionally great in this regard.

Magnetic balls toy

Wondering what a magnetic ball toy is. Magnetic toys, often known as Buckyballs are magnetic balls that come in a set 216 balls. These balls behave exactly like any other magnetic piece. They have got two poles with opposing powers. The magnetic balls can be joined together to form numerous shapes and designs.

Magnetic Toys

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Buckyballs is not just a toy that you can use to pass your free time or stressful moments during your office hours. It has got several benefits. It can improve your cognitive power; make you more creative, observant, and active. Despite all these benefits, most people focus on the stress reliving side of Buckyballs.

Studies indicate that regular use of the magnetic ball toy would make you more relaxed and happier. Being happy is the most important thing in everyone’s life and Buckyballs can help you in achieving it.

Klikyballs is one of the numerous brands that sell magnetic ball toy. The balls in each Klikyballs set is made of genuine neodymium magnet. So they are powerful and durable.

You can order Klikyballs online and get it delivered at your doorstep within two weeks. Klikyballs are available in different colors, so you can pick them in your favorite color as well.

Have Unlimited Fun With Klikyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

Original Magnetic Balls

Construction toys have always been in great demand. The best advantage with them is that they mentally engage you. Buckyballs is an effective magnetic ball toy as well as a construction toy. With a set of Buckyballs, you can pass hours without feeling bored.

Buckyballs magnetic ball toy is made of neodymium magnetic materials. Like an ideal magnet, Buckyballs have two magnetic poles with opposite nature. One pole of the ball attracts while the other pole repels. As neodymium magnets have a strong attraction power, it is easy for you to construct any shape or pattern that you have in your mind.

Buckyballs are used for different purposes. Mostly, it is used as stress relieving solution. When one engages in constructing shapes or designs with Buckyballs, the brain is amazingly stimulated. According to researches, Buckyballs based activities are capable of stimulating the left and right sides of the brain equally. As a result, you will feel relieved and more focused at the same time.

Buckyballs for recreation

Due to the multiple benefits that Buckyballs offer, many prefer it to other desk toys. Big companies are observed to be encouraging their staff to get involved in Buckyballs based funs. This obviously helps them bust out the work stress during peak time.

Buckyballs For Sale

Neodymium Magnetic Toy

Each set of Buckyballs comes in a pack of 216 magnetic balls, which means it can cater to your needs perfectly. There is no limit for the number of the shapes you can make with this magnetic ball toy, because the output is not preset, but solely based on your imagination.

Buckyballs are proven to be an effective booster of imagination. When you start making shapes with Buckyballs, you would begin to think differently. You would realize your potentials and creative abilities.

Buckyballs are manufactured and sold by different brands these days. However, it is highly recommended that you buy it from a reputed brand. Klikyballs is a reliable manufacturer that offers this amazing magnetic ball toy. These magnetic balls last for years, and are worth the money spent. They also come in various colors, so that you have unlimited options of creating your masterpiece.

The Benefits Of Using Buckyballs At The Office

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Desk Toy Balls

Relieving tension at the office is one of those things you can manage in many ways. But what if you need to do this before the end of the day? Suppose, all you are going to get is a ten-minute break. What can you think of in this time that will draw out your stress and make you ready for another bout of hectic office work?

Most people simply stare off into space and think of random things, but that isn’t reliably therapeutic. And brief therapy is exactly what you need for your mind to get back in order. Why not try fiddling with a desktoy that keeps you entertained? Magnetic balls, maybe?

It is a good way to leave behind a stressful situation for a short time. The ordinary motions do not require applying your mental powers overly, especially with the magnetic balls. These can be merely played around with, and even by accident, you could end up with shapes that are pleasing to your creative side. Everyone has one, to some extent. There is no pressure here, no goal that needs to be reached. Your ten minutes are yours alone, and you can spend them playing to heart’s content with these magnetic balls.

Buckyballs Desk Toy

Buckyballs Magnetic Balls

And there may come a time in the future when you start taking these shapes seriously. You can start where you left off the day before – these ball magnets are strong enough to stay in the same formation for years. When the shapes you have made start suggesting your next move, you will have found something to immerse in when work stress starts threatening your composure, or even sanity. Playing with magnetic balls can secure both of these things, and they are essential in the office environment.

You can cook up myriad shapes with the Buckyballs desk toy. Or simply use them as a palm toy, mashing them to sooth your fingers. No matter which of these ways it goes, you will go back to work feeling decidedly better than when you left for Break, And that is the thing you were mainly in search of. The alternative is to try to get a nap, or chat with colleagues, and these things work for most people. If you find out you are not ‘most people’ in this regard, then you know where to turn.

Buckyballs Are A Great Stress Reliever

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Buckyball Toy

We have all heard of the many issues, which stem from regular work hours, especially in sedentary jobs. Seated behind a desk might be where you are at your most productive, but in long run, this is not good for your body. Flawed posture and its consequences on the body can be easily noticed, but what of the mind? Tedium and unrelenting routine can take a toll, depriving you of the enjoyment you could have in the moments interspersing them. Like a wise person once said, life is what happens in when you aren’t looking. So it makes sense to save the best of you for when they come up.

Buckyball magnets are a good thing to pick up when you are about bored out of your mind. Science has showed numerous times that fiddling is not bad for you; on the contrary, most forms of this help you relax your mind and body. Buckyball magnets are just one of the many things you can occupy yourselves with and not shoulder any consequences. It is great for the office or home, and especially for people who spend a good amount of time working.

While something like a Rubik’s Cube may be more pleasing to the brainy types, Buckyballs are much simpler to understand, and definitely easier to play with. You have a set of small magnetic balls – essentially a bundle when they are together – which can be rearranged to obtain different shapes. If that made it seem boring, let me explain another way.

Buckyball Set

Fun With Buckyballs

Imagine yourself trying out new and innovative 3D shapes with this set. The main appeal is that you can enjoy it even at times when your body is ready to drop, and the mind looks ready to follow. There are no rules when you pick up Buckyball magnets, nothing to curtail your fun and creativity. Speaking of creativity, it is also fun to show off complicated shapes later by leaving them on your desk.

Buckyball magnets recall the fun to tackling a problem, perceived or otherwise. Almost everyone starts off with simple shapes till they bore of these and move on to something more challenging. After a break spent fiddling around with this toy, it is also easier to like the work you get back to. If you are ever going to take it home though, be advised that it should be kept away from children and pets. Accidental swallowing is always a possibility, so do not leave a Buckyball set lying around where anyone but an adult can reach it.

Why You Should Buy A Magnetic Ball Set For The Office

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Magnetic Desk Toys

Desk toys are a common distraction among office workers, and usually a welcome one. As for how needed they are, it depends on the amount of stress dealt with on a daily basis. While this is undoubtedly a good way to work off work anxiety, not all are as effective. Staring at pendulum waves is not really all that soothing to most people, for example. But there are options everyone can use, such as a magnetic balls game.

Magnetic toys are a longtime favorite for times when you absolutely need something to work the blues out of your system. A magnetic balls game lets you vent both physically and mentally, often with tangible benefits to be had a few days later. No amount of work stress is too much too much to dispel in a few minutes, and you will not show up at a weekend party looking like you just got run-over.

Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Ball Structures

With a set of cleverly crafted magnetic balls, you can explore myriad shapes, both solid and otherwise. Depending on your understanding of 3D shapes, which is actually higher than most people credit themselves with, the possibilities are almost limitless. Try out a few basic shapes or move onto more complex ones, with nothing to hold the magnetic balls gametogether but the magnetic attraction. This is quite enough, really. Bucky balls, for example, are made from neodymium, which is famous for retaining strong magnetism over years.

And if you’re just looking to relax your tensed up body, simply hold and mash the ball bundle in your palm. The comfort this offers is easily underrated, but it is something everyone should try once. Chances are they will not give it up. When you are not in the mood to start building shapes, why not break it all down into a ball and start squeezing it? The action soothes your wrists and fingers, and makes it easier to let your mind drift, if that is what you need come break time. No person loves his or her work so much to forego recess, at least not for long. No matter how interesting the work, routine is bound to make it a chore after some time.

This is what makes a magnetic balls game a good desk accessory. As long as you keep it away from children though because small, round magnets are not safe around them.

Why I Love Klikyballs

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I was quite happy when I got a job in a reputed multinational firm. Part of my happiness was due to the attractive salary I was offered there. However, after a couple of months in the office, I realized that my job was too stressing. I didn’t mind it initially and did not do anything to alleviate it. But in the course of time, I realized that I could no longer continue that way and I needed a change or at least a vacation for a few weeks. However, my boss was not ready for this because I was an integral part of the company’s latest project.

What I needed was some relief from stress. Finally, I decided to raise my concern at the weekly meeting. Everyone agreed with me because we all had to cope with stress one time or the other. Several solutions were suggested but they were too traditional or were proved ineffective in the past. One new recruit among the employees suggested using magnetic balls cube. He had a set of magnetic balls cube with him, and explained how it worked.

Magnetic balls

According to the guy, the magnetic balls were known by different names in different parts of the world. They are made of neodymium magnets and have two poles with opposing powers; one for attraction and another for repelling. When these balls were brought together, they hold on to each other. And with many such balls, it is possible to form any shape or design.

Original Magnetic Balls

Colored Magnetic Balls

We were quite fascinated about the magnetic balls cube and the way of working. After explaining how it worked, he started to explain about the benefits of these balls. The magnetic balls are scientifically proved effective in relieving stress.


Magnetic ball toys are manufactured by different brands. However, the ones from Klikyballs are quite effective because they are made of pure neodymium magnets, and have powerful magnetic properties. They are durable, and come in various colors as well. So you can make magnetic balls cube from Klikyballs in various color combinations.

Buy original magnetic balls from Klikyballs today. They come in packs of 216 balls and are of 4.5 mm size. However, be reminded that these magnetic balls are not meant for children, and should be used under adult supervision only.

Intellectually Enriching Funs With Klikyballs

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Klikyballs are magnetic balls with dual opposite magnetic poles; one with the power of attraction and another with power of repulsion. They were introduced as a means to help people relieve stress. But today, they are being used in a variety of contexts; say as a decorative thing, as a tool for science projects, as a desk-toy, and many more. We attempt to look at some of these aspects of Klikyballs here.

How do Klikyballs work?

Before we go to discuss the numerous applications of Klikyballs, let us look at its way of operation. Klikyballs are magnetic balls with two opposite poles. They can be joined together to make shapes and designs. However, it has to be noted that Klikyballs are not play toys, and should be kept away from the reach of children.

Klikyballs allows people with anxieties and stress to refocus their mind. When you start forming shapes and designs with Klikyballs, you will start to forget about the things that make you worried. Instead, you will get totally immersed in the fun and excitement that you get from making shapes and designs.

Uses and benefits

There are more than 200 magnetic balls in every Klikyballs set. Hence, it can be easily used for group activities and fun. Today, Klikyballs are a common thing to be found in the recreational halls of multinational companies, offices, and organizations. They encourage their employees to use Klikyballs as frequently as possible because these magnetic balls give them the best intellectual refreshment than any other games or puzzles.

Opposite Magnetic Poles

Fun With Magnetic Balls

Klikyballs have many intellectual properties. They can refresh your mind and improves the velocity of your response to the changes around you. Regular involvement in Klikyballs games and puzzles can make surprising changes in your intelligence and creative thinking.

Designs or shapes made of Klikyballs can be used for your science projects in school or collages. These magnetic balls help you make any geometric shapes with ease. Besides that, Klikyballs can be used to decorate the drawing room. You can create aesthetic patterns with them and fix them on walls or wherever you wish.

Klikyballs are durable, cost effective and attractive. They are made of pure neodymium magnets. Klikyballs are available now in different price ranges and color combinations. You can buy them online and make your leisure fun and exciting. You can also gift Klikyballs to your friends or family members on special occasions.