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Stress Relief With Buckyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

Buckyballs Magnets

Using a magnetic ball toy to pass time is a great way to alleviate boredom. However, that is not the only way you can benefit from being occupied like this. Because the main use of such toys is that they take up your attention for a short time, they are also very useful in fighting stress, especially in the workplace.

Have you ever wondered about a way to ease that ache in the back of your eyes, which happened probably from staring at the computer screen for too long? Have you been at a task for some time now and started wishing for some mental respite? In most cases, people wait for recess and look forward to a nap, a stroll outside, or a chat with coworkers. Others prefer none of those things, wanting instead to lay their head back and stare at the ceiling before going back to work. Another way to spend that time is to play with a magnetic ball toy. A desk toy like this will never lose its value as a tool for entertainment.

Bucky Balls

Desk Toy

Buckyballs Desk Toy

This magnetic ball toy comprises a set of 215 magnets, which come together to form a variety of different shapes. The thing about the variety is that you are the one discovering it, by pushing, snapping, rolling and breaking up the individual balls. Each of these is a neodymium magnet, which means it will retain its magnetic attraction for a long time. Make up almost any shape and leave this toy on the table, and it will stay the way you left it. When you find the time again, you can pick up where you left off, or start making something altogether new. There is no end to the fun you can have playing around with this desk toy.

Get this magnetic ball toy set and see the difference in how work feels. It will not be de-motivating as before, because you know there is something waiting to take the load off come break time. When you get off work, just take this toy in your palm and start squeezing it, if nothing else. At the very least, this will relieve the tension in your fingers and let you regain some calm. If you are up to it, explore a few possible shapes that these balls can be arranged in. Let out the artist in you, and be amazed at what you can achieve.

The Best Uses For The Buckyballs Desk Toy

Magnetic Balls

Buckyballs Desk Toy

Having a hard week at the office with too few moments of respite? Maybe your current task so daunting you cannot do without a break. But there is an art to breaking from work for a half hour, and getting back to it. It is different for different people; some chat, others nap. What too few people do is relax totally.

Desk toys are great way to take your mind off tensions that office work would no doubt pile you with. The simple and seemingly inane cat of fiddling with something like Buckyballs is a good way to let your mind and body calm down. Some even say that Buckyballs feel good when you knead them inside your palm.

Alleviating fatigue is not the only thing that Buckyballs are good for – there is also the fact that these are the most interesting desk toy to come along since the Rubix cube. 215 super strong magnets in the palm of your hand, and you would soon start seeing the possibilities. These are made of neodymium, which is renowned for the way it retains magnetic strength for a long time. Buckyballs stick together in many different shapes because there is so many of them in the bunch. Separate and rearrange in several different ways to rid yourself of boredom, snap, pull, and press as a whole to bring together wonderful shapes.


Buckyballs Desk Accessory

Leave them on your desk to passively show off your understanding of 3D shapes, and who know, maybe even hidden talent. These magnetic balls are an excellent way to brag without words, not to mention they stimulate your creative side. Make sure this does not get in the way of proper work though.

There is nothing against taking this desk toy home and enjoying its versatility in your solitary time. If you are bored easily, this is one thing way to stop that happening. Carry them in your pocket in the orange plastic cover that comes with the purchase. Just do not let children near it though.

This is solely a desk accessory for adults, and users should be careful not to let it fall into the hands of toddlers, to whom it is a choke hazard.

Balance fun with safety to get through the day without too many worries, and through the years without too much gray in your hair. Make work more bearable by livening up the moments separating it.

The Best Desktop Toy Made Of Magnetic Balls

Magnetic Balls

           Desktop Toy Made Of Magnetic Balls

There can be days when hectic office hours can adversely affect your mood and energy. This is why you require an instant stress reliever to eliminate the work pressure and to get back to your cheerful mood. Usually, most people go to watch a movie, listen to their favorite songs or hang around with their friends to unwind themselves. This is not always practical, especially during busy work schedules. The good news is that now you can bid good-bye to stress and have unlimited fun with the help of the desktop toy made of magnetic balls. Read along to know more about the unique set of magnetic balls.

Desktop toy made of magnetic balls

One of the most striking advantages of the magnetic balls is that they are cute and compact. You can crush and mold them into any shape you desire. There will be a new design at the end of every pattern you make with the magnetic balls. This is one reason why you simply cannot put them away. Adding to that, you can always enjoy leisure times with the magnetic balls without creating disturbance to your colleagues.

Your imagination and artistic skills will soar to great heights when you play with the magnetic balls. You will be able to make miniature models of buildings, bridges, planes etc. with the unique set of magnetic spheres. The desktop toy is becoming very popular among young executives. You can find them in several attractive colors. This is why you can use the magnetic spheres to decorate your office table or office wall. There are two poles in every magnetic sphere. One pole will repel and the other one will attract. Due to this magnetic property, you can quickly attach and detach the spheres to create interesting shapes and designs.


Eliminate Stress

             Compact Magnetic Balls

Are you in pursuit of an effective desktop toy to eliminate stress? Then KlikyBalls will rightly serve your purpose. You can use the unique set of magnetic spheres to enjoy quality leisure time. Hereafter you do not have to worry about stress and work pressure. Stress can never affect you while you are busy playing with KlikyBalls. You can also use KlikyBalls while you are stuck in the middle of traffic. KlikyBalls will enable you to improve your cognitive functions. You will be able to improve your concentration, analytical skills and memory power in a significant manner. This will in turn enable you to make your working hours more enjoyable and productive. Get a pack of KlikyBalls at the earliest. Forget about work pressure and enjoy your office hours.

KlikyBalls: Best Desk Toy To Pass Time

Magnetic Balls


Sometimes, office work can get extremely boring or stressful. You need a respite from deadlines and workloads. But you cannot help these as long as you wish to remain employed. Still, you can certainly make this more tolerable. KlikyBalls magnetic balls are one of the best games, allowing you ample opportunities to have fun while working. Why should meetings be dry and boring when you can make them exciting using these wonderful magnetic balls?


Now, you might be wondering what is so great about this desk toy game. Keep reading and you will find out. First, these are 216 beautiful magnetic balls in a single desktoy set, arranged in the form of a cube. These magnets can be easily molded into any structure you prefer making or creating. Since there are endless opportunities to explore your creativity, you can make innumerable shapes, structures and designs. There is no way you will get bored because there are no restrictions. If 216 balls are not enough, you can buy and use as many magnetic balls sets as it takes to complete your structure.

Now, some structures require application of logic to create them. But, if you do not want to tax your brain too much, you can try out some easy geometrical structures or just fiddle with these magnetic balls and see where that takes you. You may even surprise yourself with some of the structures you make. Since there are so many patterns and possibilities available, you may even invent a new structure accidentally. You could show your invention to friends or colleagues, even share the instructions or steps to be followed for making the structure.

Structure Accidentally

                         Magnetic Balls

The best thing is KlikyBalls magnetic balls can be kept on your desk. So, whenever you are bored you can fiddle with it. This way you can keep your creation out there for everyone to see. Moreover, you can use it as paper weight or for holding notes (like post it). Women even use it as jewelry.

Another major benefit of KlikyBalls magnetic balls is its valuable use as a stress relief toy. Whenever you feel stressed, just play with these magnetic balls and you will see how comforting that can be.

So, try these superb desk toy magnets and let your imagination loose, to de-stress yourselves and get rid of boredom!

Stress Relief Using The Klikyball Magnetic Desktoy

Magnetic Balls

              Magnetic Balls Toy

Believe it or not, we are more stressed than our predecessors. Stress is one of the problems associated with the progressive advancement of modern society. The tempo of life in the modern society is such that individuals are subjected to too much change, that too in a short period of time. Job stress can significantly affect our life.

Most individuals spend majority of their time at their workplace. While doing your job, the stress you experience is inescapable. Your body has a coping mechanism to deal with stress. But, with the number of stressful situations you encounter every day, the cumulative effect of it can eventually create devastating results. Your physical and mental health will be severely affected. The ability to deal with high-pressure situations also gets affected. Apart from that, stress is a silent killer. Hypertension, heart disease, obesity, headaches, depression, anxiety and worst of all, premature death are some of the significant problems related to stress.

So, one thing is clear, you don’t want stress. Then again, you cannot avoid it, on account of it being inescapable. But, the one thing you can do is alleviate it. Stress can be reduced. There are ways to do it. Many experts recommend KlikyBalls magnetic balls desk toy to mitigate stress.

Now, what is it? KlikyBalls Magnetic balls are one of the best stress relief toys available in the market today. It is a desk toy that can reduce your job stress and make it more tolerable.


KlikyBalls magnetic balls desk toy consists of a set of 216 tiny beautiful magnetic balls (neodymium magnets). Like any other magnets, they are held together by their magnetic attraction. Due to the magnetic attraction, they stick to each other with a strong bond. It is this particular ability of these amazing balls that allows you to create innumerable shapes, designs and patterns.

High-Pressure Situations

             Desk Magnetic Balls

Your mind cannot focus when you are stressed or overloaded. It needs regular rest to bring back the focus. To restore your concentration, you can take regular breaks. During the breaks, if you are not engaged in something, you may start thinking about your job which is stressing you out in the first place. To relieve stress, you should distract yourself from your job. KlikyBalls magnetic balls provide the best distraction to relieve your stress. You can play with it by creating various amazing structures and shapes. Once calm and collected, you can jump right back into the fray.

KlikyBalls magnetic balls desk toy is available in different colors. You can purchase them online at the official KlikyBalls website. So, if you are stuck inside your cubicle, stressed out, then KlikyBalls magnetic balls desk toy is available at your disposal. Play with KlikyBalls to express your creativity and relax your mind!

Get Your Kid A Science Toy

Play with science toys

                          Play with science toys

Kids just love to ask about everything they around them. Since they would be seeing different new things for the first time in life, they would become curious. There is no doubt that if kids love their environment and is curious about it, they would naturally develop a love for science subjects. This could be enhanced if parents take appropriate steps to introduce science toys or anything related to science that could develop this curiosity in students. Slowly or gradually, your kids would love learning science and develop an interest in science subjects. Eventually, they should be introduced to science toys that will help to expand their creative skills and logical reasoning.

Kids who love science toys would naturally develop an interest in the different mechanisms involved in them. This will enhance their observation, which is quite vital in science. You could definitely purchase such toys online or from a retail store. There are several geek kids, who would love such science toys and such kids may find other toy items to be quite boring.

Even though your kids can be encouraged to do small experiments, prevent their interaction from chemicals that could cause injuries. You could instead introduce science toys that would enhance their creativity. A miniature microscope will definitely be a good fun for your kid and he/she will love such science toys. Though they are pricey, they could be purchased at an affordable rate.

use science toys

                               use science toys


KlikyBalls can be one of the best science toys kit meant for slightly older children. They are infact small spherical balls that are made of rare earth magnets. These balls has two poles and one of them attracts and the other pole repels. Based on the property of each pole, you can place the small magnets next to one another or you could even create different forms using it. Children could learn more about the magnetic field using these toys. This would in fact enhance their creativity and they could create geometrical forms using the same.

Kids could create atomic structures using these spherical magnet balls and have great fun. They are quite easy to break and they can be used to try different shapes and structures using it. These can be considered as a lifetime toy and hence they could be used for many more years.

About Magnets And Magnetic Toys


              About magnets

As a kid, I used to love magnets. I remember the day when I got my first magnet in my hand and I had plenty of fun using it. There is no doubt that magnets could definitely arouse curiosity in kids and can be used as fun toys by them. It would be indeed make a great present for them that would attract kid’s attention and growing up, they would learn more about the magnetism and the magnetic property of certain elements. You would have definitely tried to attach magnets with iron objects. These are often made of materials like iron and steel.

In a magnet, the atoms would be arranged in units and they are known as domains.  When you find numerous domains, they would normally function together like a magnet. There would a magnetic field around a magnet because of the pulling of different domains against each other.

William Gilbert discovered the concept of magnetism and he also found that earth is a large magnet. William Gilbert also discovered that by twisting iron, you could create magnets.

Even though magnets are included in different components in different ways, we ought to know about the role of magnets toy sets in removing stress. For this, you need to purchase the KlikyBalls magnetic toy set.

Arouse curiosity

                Use magnets

They are quite small spherical magnetic balls that can be used to create different forms and structures. Since modern life is quite hectic with lots of work pressure and stress, you ought to give your brain the chance to relax and the same is possible using KlikyBalls. These magnetic balls possess two poles out of which one repels and the other attracts. Keeping in mind the theory of magnetism that ‘Like repels like’ you may create any structures and designs according to your wish. You may just leave your imagination to work and come up with any idea or creative design that pops into your mind. It would definitely keep your mind occupied and they are found quite helpful in alleviating work pressure and stress.

KlikyBalls are available in different editions and you may purchase the one you like. However, always ensure that these balls are kept away from kids in order to prevent them swallowing these rather small toys. Hope you are now ready to try the same!