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Get Creative With Magnetic Desk Toys


               About Magnetix Desk Toy

These days, office professionals are looking for innovative ways to de-stress themselves. And, of course, there are plenty of stress relief apps available that you can make use of for this. But, it is best to un-plug yourself, put down your smartphone, laptop, etc and engage in something creative to beat the stress. This is why magnetix desk toys are so popular.

About the KlikyBalls magnetic desk toys

The KlikyBalls magnetix toys are particularly popular among working professionals. The pieces in the KlikyBalls set are made from good quality rare earth magnets. As a result, these pieces will retain their magnetic properties for a lifetime.

They are also very elegantly designed magnetix toys that can be used as a decorative addition to your office table. The KlikyBalls magnetix toy set will contain about 216 magnetic pieces in a standard set. These pieces, being magnetic in nature, will stick together because of the magnetic force of attraction between them.

Using this magnetic force between the opposite poles, you can attach more and more magnetix pieces together creating all kinds of shapes and structures. Creating a structure, therefore, becomes very easy, as there are no interlocking structures are required for this.

These magnetix can therefore be used as a construction toy. Create some elegant looking structure, a prism or a cube, and place it on your office desk. Use it as paperweight. But, when you are feeling a little too stressed out, dismantle this structure and create a new one.

When you are creating a new structure using the KlikyBalls pieces, make sure that you are creating something unique. This will boost your creativity and ensure that you are completely distracted from all your work-related worries. You will soon feel relaxed, and will be able to get back to your work without any anxiety or stress.

Rare Earth Magnets

              KlikyBalls Magnetix Toy Set

One thing you need to keep in mind while using the KlikyBalls toy is to keep it out of the reach of young children. The magnetic pieces in the KlikyBalls toy set are very small spherical balls, which children could accidently swallow. So, read the warning label and the safety instructions on the product packaging carefully before you use the thing.

The KlikyBalls toy set is in different colours like green, blue, red, gold, silver, black, etc to suit your office interiors. The starting price is $29.99. Visit the official website for more information about this cool desk toy.

Magnetic Balls That Make Learning Geometry Easy


Realize the power of Magnetix

Magnetix opens a world of indelible fun and entertainment for people of all ages, kids in particular. When spherical magnetic balls are arranged to form different structures, it is termed as Magnetix. Usually, the small spherical balls are derived from neodymium magnets. It is designed to last long for many years. In fact, neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets that are available commercially.

Kliky balls

Kliky balls are small spherical magnetic balls that can be molded in to a number of designs and patterns. Each of the balls has two poles that repel and attract. Children can create unlimited number of geometrical structures with the aid of Kliky balls Magnetix since it is designed to stick to each other easily.

There are hardly any instructions required and hence the kids never get bored of the game. Unlike other games, Kliky balls Magnetix offers a number of options as solutions. While ordinary puzzles provide only unique solutions, Kliky balls provides you with infinite solutions that make creating designs interesting.

Indeed, Kliky balls Magnetix induces creative skills in children. While every time they mold new designs, it assists them in using the entire faculties of brain. Imaginative power enhances with thinking, coordination and execution of activities. While playing with Kliky balls, a child’s reasoning and creative skills will become double folded helping them become successful in their field of interest.

Kliky balls Magnetix aids students in their academics as well. The spherical magnetic balls are used for molding the replica of geometrical designs and patterns. Children would love to learn through experiments and fun. With Kliky balls Magnetix, they could make numerous two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional geometric patterns. In fact, Kliky balls Magnetix guides them in earning high grades in geometry and math.

strongest magnets

Magnetix for fun lovers

Since learning through fun is a different experience altogether, even a child who lacks interest in academics, especially in science subjects, can be brought back to track easily. With Kliky balls, this is easily possible. It is never late to incorporate Kliky balls as an aide in children’s academics. You can get the aid from Kliky balls for helping children with their academics.

Choose among the different colors such as Red, Green, Silver, Gold and Black. As a responsible parent, you need to help your child to get motivated and enhance creativity with Kliky balls.

The Magnetic Toy That You Won’t Be Able To Put Down


Magnetix toys

Are you tired of the conventional desk toys that do only one thing? Are you searching for new ways to pass your leisure time? If yes, you can read ahead to know more about the magnetix buckyball toys. These balls have become an instant hit in the market of desktop toys as playing with these toys is real fun and you will never get bored by playing with the magnetix buckyballs. This toy was featured in rolling stone, Esquire, People Maxim and many other popular magazines. With the magnetix buckyballs, people can let their imagination go wild. They are very powerful magnetic balls that are made from rare earth metals.

The magnetix buckyballs are only 0.5 mm in diameter and a single set contains 216 buckyballs that can assure hours and hours of fun. With these small balls, you can have endless and unlimited possibilities. Each of the magnetix buckyball is strong enough to hold up to 8 sheets of paper to a magnetic surface. This means that the user can make unlimited number of shapes and forms. They can be used to make creative patterns, jewelry like necklace, bracelets, and rings. These balls have a shiny and sleek finish that never wears off. These balls can also be used by people of nervous or anxious disposition to release their stress and anxiety.

The magnetix buckyballs are the best desk toy ever. It is also the perfect gift that you can give to your loved ones. They can also be used to demonstrate different shapes to the students. They can be used to explain bonding and also be used to demonstrate various 3 dimensional shapes and space lattices. These balls attract so strongly that you may strain your fingers while trying to pull them apart.

imagination go wild

Magnetix buckyballs

Kliky Balls

These are one of the best selling brands of magnetic desktop toys. These balls are very effective in alleviating stress because of their design and they provide the user with the ability to form limitless designs. Like all other magnets, each of these balls has two poles, one side attracts, and the other repels. These balls can be molded, twisted, crushed, and shaped to soothe your mind. These can be used productively to get rid of stress and tensions.

Many of the experts believe that magnets can prove to be useful for one’s health. You can choose from black, gold, and silver colors. Order today!

Develop Creativity Skills With Desktoys


                Uses Of Magnetix Building Toys

Bucky balls Magnetix is more than just magnetic balls. You can create numerous geometrical shapes with Bucky balls magnetic spherical balls. This special building toy is manufactured with rare earth metals that contain alloys of boron, iron and neodymium.

Earlier, Bucky balls were designed to meet educational needs. You can create countless designs of varied shapes. You will never get tired of playing with Bulky balls Magnetix. It is not a bad idea to gift Bucky balls. It can give hours of endless entertainment, as every time you can create new designs. The enthusiasm will never go off.

Kids find Bucky balls useful as they combine the aspects of both theory and practice. Kids can make three-dimensional geometric figures with ease. It is easy to break the ball patterns and remold them again. In fact, the Bucky balls toy improves the imagination ability of kids, providing them with strong foundation in geometric aspects.

Even though Bucky balls packages feature 6 X 6 inches balls, you can use additional packages for molding larger structures. The Bucky balls Magnetix is easily malleable and resembles the properties of clay.

Get Klikyballs desktoy

Like Bucky balls, Klikyballs also feature Magnetix for multipurpose uses. With Klikyballs, you can create unlimited structures, stress balls and jewelry. Klikyballs Magnetix are sold to professionals who rarely get time to relax. Klikyballs can be contorted and twisted like any other stress balls. Klikyballs Magnetix acts as a stress buster, and helps you relieve the pressures of high stress working environment. It is a known fact that when your mind and body is free from stress, you could improve productivity. Klikyballs Magnetix is the quick remedy to achieve high levels of productivity by releasing you from the clutches of boredom and stress.

Magnetic Balls

 Magnetix Desktoy For Improving Creativity

Klikyballs could be used as a status symbol as well. You could get different Klikyballs in gold, silver and black colors. In fact, this special spherical Magnetix toy can be used in the field of designing and architecture. Ordinary games and puzzles have a single solution. However, with Klikyballs, you could find infinite number of solutions. You will never get bored of building new designs and shapes.

Stimulate your brain by creating new designs and patterns without much effort.  You can form a line and then move on to building two-dimensional figures. The fun is limitless! Help your brain to give its 100 percent!