Use Of Different Forms Of Energy In Science Toys

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Science toys help people of all age groups to improve their brain activities. Geek toys are being used extensively to nurture the scientific skills of a child. The Geek toys make use of different forms of energy for their working. In this post, we will take you through some of the commonly used energy forms in these Geek toys.

Use of magnetic energy

Magnetic energy is used in geek toys to move objects. For instance, this form of energy is used in levitating globes and also in places where a repulsive force is necessary. Magnetic accelerator cannon is another example where the canon shoots metal balls with the help of magnets.

Use of chemical energy

The use of chemical energy is common in geek toys. These toys work due to the chemical reactions in them. These reactions occur when different types of atoms combine or react with one another. The best examples of these toys are the ones that make use of battery for their working.

Use of elastic energy

Elastic energy is a form of potential energy. This energy forms in materials when they are stretched, and this energy is given out when they are released. Wind up toys, toys that uses rubber bands, are all examples of toys that use elastic energy.

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Use of different forms of energy

Some geek toys make use of other different forms of energy. These toys help users to find out how one form of energy changes to another. An example is magnetic toys that use chemical energy from the battery and convert it into magnetic energy.


Klikyballs can be considered as a science toy. This is because they work using the magnetic properties of the balls. However, there are no complicated mechanisms involved in the working of Klikyballs. This makes it a simple and innovative toy.

Magnetic Balls

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Klikyballs are magnetic balls, which a user can stack together and form various shapes. By working with Klikyballs, the person starts to forget his worries. This is because with these balls, users can create numerous shapes and sizes as they wish.

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