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Magnetic Balls – A Office Desk Toy With Exciting Benefits

Magnetic Buckyballs

Office Desk Toy

The magnetic balls toy is generally considered as a stress reliving office desk toy. However, it has got many other uses. In a standard set of magnetic Buckyballs, you will get 216 powerful neodymium magnetic beads. Believe it or not, it is one of the finest stress reliving toys out in the world.

Technically speaking, the magnetic balls are just like any other piece of magnetic. Each ball in the set consists of two mini magnetic poles. They have got the power to attract each other. You can form them into any shape that you like.

As said, every ideal magnetic balls set contains 216 beads. You can use them to make as many numbers of shapes or designs as you like. The secret of making shapes with them depends on your creativity.

With the magnetic balls, you can kill boredom. Apparently, you will go through some difficult times initially when you start making shapes and designs with Buckyballs. But remember that this is quite natural with any puzzle. You would find yourself a loser in the first few attempts. If you take it as a challenge and go on making shapes and designs with them, you will pick up the tricks faster and will master this puzzle.

Although the basic purpose of using the magnetic Buckyballs is to kill boredom, it entails many other benefits as well.

A Puzzle For The Entire Family

Bucky Ball

Group Puzzles

If you are fed up of playing with the magnetic Buckyballs on your own, you can ask any of your family members to join you. In fact, when you play with magnetic balls with more people, you will get a chance to involve it with more passion. But always keep in mind that the magnetic balls toy is not meant for small children. Therefore, never let your children play with them.

Magnetic Buckyballs Help Improve Imagination

When you take on a puzzle that really interests you, it will improve your imagination and concentration. With these magnetic balls, the level of imagination and focus you get is greater.

You Can Use Magnetic Buckyballs For School Projects

As these magnetic balls toy can be used to create any shapes or design out there, you can use them for creating geometric shapes. Obviously, this allows you to use them for your science projects.

Klikyballs Fun, And Why It Is Good For You

Bucky Ball

Play With Klikyballs

Klikyballs are awesome for the sheer number of shapes and structures they let you make. The best part when you start using this Bucky ball set is that you begin with no instructions. All you really have to do is let your imagination set its own speed and makes its own turns, and the shapes appear before you gradually.

Made out of industrial grade neodymium magnets, a single Buckyball magnets set has around 216 magnetic balls. The best thing about these is the strong force of attraction, without which magnets are essentially useless. A single Bucky ball magnet can hold and pull all the remaining magnets, which is no small thing.

The thing about using your own imagination to build different structures is that this will help in boosting brain activity. Many people overlook the value of keeping their minds active stimulated and their brains active. Whether in the office or at home, making geometric shapes and such with this magnetic set can de-stress you quickly.

The reason for that is simple: you need to focus on the toy while playing with it, and pretty soon, you are forced to let go of the nagging feeling you’d been holding on to. On the flip side, this also improves the speed with which you can shift focus to an alternate activity, commonly useful as a means to preserve your mental fortitude.

Buckyball Magnets

Klikyballs Shapes

We bring you new tricks, shapes, how-to’s and more fun stuff every week, so here is another. Follow these instructions for a cool shape:

  • Start with a chain, and break off 9 balls
  • Join the ends to make a ring
  • Pinch and poke to turn this into a triangle.
  • Make 19 more of these triangles, and then snap those together to form a sphere.

All in all, Klikyballs continue to be a great bargain – desk toy, stress reliever, supermagnets, all rolled into one. You can snap, pull, mold, squeeze, and arrive at an endless mix of shapes using these rare earth magnetic spheres. There are plenty of cool shapes like cubes, cylinders, and pyramids you can make easily with Buckyball magnets. Then there is the useful stuff, like displaying photos or holding papers. Point is, you will never feel at a loss for uses after buying this wonderful magnetic desk toy.

Why Klikyballs Are A Good Idea

Bucky Ball

Magnetic Stress Toys

Magnetic stress toys have long been one of the best ways to relax at the office. When you are not on the clock, it is up to you to try to vent the stress that builds up in your mind and body during the course of the day.

The fact that people skip this simple recuperation process, and instead take a nap or chat with friends, is one of the reasons why they tire of their jobs as soon as they do, or develop stress symptoms which they later find it hard to cope with. You have all seen at least one video of a cubicle worker decimating his computer keyboard. What did you think led to that?

Your Klikyballs desktoy may look like just another stress relief toy, but it has the potential to be a lot more if you let it. Here is one simple exercise that rarely fails to improve your mood: take these balls in your hand and knead them until your fingers tire. Not only is the physical motion therapeutic, but your mind gets freed up from the hundreds of issues it is been noting down and doesn’t know how to deal with.

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Desktoy

Carrying these Buckyball magnets with you all the time is a sure recipe for a breakdown, and fairly few people ever see it coming. A relaxed mind is always much healthier, and that is what Klikyballs lets you achieve. Plus, it’s better in the long run if you don’t let yourself get swamped by the problems the world throws at you.

This popular Bucky ball desk toy is preferred for the ways you can fidget with it, sure. However, it is also a deeply engrossing set of magnetic beads whose positions can be altered to change the overall shape of the clump they form. Simply put, these are building blocks, just a lot better than Legos, and not so painful if you ever happened to step on them.

With Klikyballs, you can make a variety of shapes, and this is only limited by your ingenuity in the moment. Many people successfully make complex shapes out of these 216 balls, because it is a good way to pass the time, as well as gives a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Magnets May Be The Thing For Treating Cocaine Addiction

Bucky Ball

Magnets For treating Cocaine Addiction

A study has found that magnets can be used in cocaine addicts to stave off cravings. A technique named trans-cranial magnetic stimulation involves the patient sitting in a chair as doctors wax a wand over their head. This fires magnetic waves into the patient’s head, specifically entering the prefrontal cortex.

The results of the study on 29 cocaine addicts show that stimulation treatment can significantly cut down cocaine use and cravings. The findings were published in the European journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Eagerness is tremendous considering there is no effective treatment for cocaine addiction. Meanwhile, there is a theoretical explanation as to why brain stimulation with magnets may achieve the desired results.

The study showed strong patient improvement, and while this is still a preliminary study, it gives hope for people who only had cognitive therapy and psychological support to look forward to. Stanford University addiction researcher Rob Malenka says this method is a “logical extension” of the technology, which is also a component in treating persistent depression problems.

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Magnets For Treating Addiction

TMS was only approved by the FDA as a treatment for depression in 2008. How it works is still a mystery to many involved, but addiction seems to cause the same signaling patterns in the brain, which make people seek out the drug compulsively. And TMS can demonstrably disrupt the pattern, much the same way as noise can disrupt a radio signal. One study shows that for addicts, some areas of the prefrontal cortex only light up in the presence of the drug. This may be affecting the decision-making centers in the brain, which is what blinds drug users to its pitfalls.

The treatment method being perfected intends to use powerful magnets to stimulate a brain area called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Scanning has shown that the effects of this move outwards, the same as water pouring over an umbrella. Right now, interest is growing in the potential application of magnetism to cure patients and prevent them from seeking out the drug they wish to be free of.

This just goes to show that magnets are one of the most wonderful things in existence. Many of their possible applications in various fields point to a multitude, which may still lie undiscovered. Meanwhile for the average person, magnetic beads and similar toys are great fun to fiddle with. Don’t deny their appeal. Get yourself a Buckyballs set today.

Newly Introduced Kliky Shapes Attract Masses

Bucky Ball

Fun With Kliky Shapes

The newly introduced Kliky Shapes are becoming popular among all age groups – children and adults alike. It seems that it has many advantages over some of the existing magnetic ball toys. Here is a take on some of the best sides of Kliky Shapes.

Kliky Shapes Are Innovative

When magnetic balls toys were introduced a few years ago, people found them quite attractive and useful. They popular even now and people continue to buy Buckyballs. Similarly, Kliky Shapes too have captured people’s attention. In fact, they are a step ahead of the magnetic balls toy.

The best part is that they are good for everyone. Children were restricted from playing magnetic balls toys because some feared that they would tend to swallow them. But Kliky Shapes are innovatively designed building shapes and bigger enough not to be swallowed. You can gift them to children starting from the age of 3 and there is no risk factor involved while playing with them at all.

These innovative shapes would help your children develop concentration, creative thinking and imaginative play. They are sure to grab the attention of everyone. Once you give them to children, they will just spend the entire day playing with them. You can concentrate on your work while your children play with these innovative shapes.

Kliky Shapes Offer Unlimited Fun

Buy Buckyballs

Kliky Shapes Structures

Kliky Shapes are one of the best building toys out there. It can entertain both children and adult alike. Once you get involved in it, you would spend hours without bothering about anything else. You can get Kliky Shapes in a variety of colors, sizes and even shapes. So if you are not attracted by certain shapes, say round, you can go for square or triangle. It gives you a wide range of options for selection.


Kliky Shapes are made of durable plastics so they would last for years without any damage. Inside the plastic covering are strong and safe magnets that enable these shapes to cling to each other.

The key thing to note here is that Kliky Shapes have attracted no criticisms even from the critics. People love them very much because they trigger one’s creativity. Almost all children who were introduced to Kliky Shapes were found to show immense interest in them. And it’s a perfect gift for Christmas!