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Magnetic Ball – A Desk Toy With Unbelievable Stress Relieving Properties

Magnetic Buckyballs

Stress Reliever

People who have experienced stress would admit that desk toys are a great way to relieve stress. It is not that a desk toy has got a magic to disappear your worries and tensions. It is quite normal and common that that you will feel relieved when you start fidgeting with something when you are under stress.

When you are faced with an unresolved problem or when you are challenged by your boss to complete the monthly targets within the deadline, you would naturally feel upset and stressful. You would find that fidgeting something in your hand helps distract your mind from the worries and help focus on a solution.

If a mere paperweight or pen could help you stay focused on one thing, what would be the power of an toy that is specially designed to keep you focused? Certainly, the result it can bring will be unimaginable. And the magnetic Buckyballs are specially designed for that.

Buckyballs have many advantageous sides. It instantly attracts your attention. Once you start playing with them, you would never want to leave them.

Bucky Balls

Fidgeting Desk Toys

Although Bucky balls is basically a stress reliever, it is used in different scenarios. A single set of magnetic Buckyballs consists of more than two hundred balls. All of them are in equal shape. They stick to each other strongly because they are made of strong neodymium magnets. Through creative alignments, you can convert the magnetic balls into any shape or design you like.

All it requires is your imagination. Initially, it might seem hard to make the shape as fast as you think. But once you are familiar with aligning them, you will find making various shapes and structures quite fast.

As far as stress is concerned, these magnetic Buckyballs makes you forget that totally. It can truly make you relieved, relaxed, focused, and motivated. There has not been any stress reliever as powerful and simple as the magnetic Buckyballs.

Playing With Puzzles Can Improve Spatial Skills – Report

Magnetic Buckyballs

Playing With Buckyballs

A recent study conducted at University of Chicago reveals some interesting facts. Researchers found out that people who played with puzzles have more spatial skill than their non-playing counterparts. They conducted a study among a large number of people that comprised of different age groups to find this.

Playing with puzzles helped people develop their spatial skills at amazing range. It helped be capable of multitasking. These people have the ability to think fast and adapt to changes very easily than others. The researchers also conducted the study among kids.

Children who played with puzzles were found to be developing amazing level of spatial skills at their different growth stages. They were able to identify colors fast. Schoolchildren who played puzzles performed better in mathematics and science subjects.

According to the researchers, when one plays with a puzzle, his/her mind is completely occupied. Puzzles make them stay focused on one activity or thought. Because puzzles are interesting, people are able to engage in it with more interest and enthusiasm.

People who frequently play with puzzles are able to take every activity with the same spirit. Take an employee for instance. If he/she is accustomed to playing with puzzles at home or in the office, they would have more productivity in their work because they would be capable of executing their tasks with interest and enthusiasm because their mindset is molded to stay focused on a single task. In fact, one of the best advantages of playing with the puzzles is that it will mold your mind to stay focused.

Buckey Balls – An Excellent Puzzle That Keeps You Focused

Bucky Balls

Magnetic Ball Toys

There are hundreds of puzzles out there. Most of those puzzles are basically designed to entertain people. To some extent, they manage to keep people focused. Magnetic Buckyballs is different though. It has got a magical power to keep you focused.

Bucky balls were introduced as an office desk toy. It allowed employees in big companies to have mental refreshments during the work. However, due to their amazing clout to keep people focused, these magnetic balls became very popular. Today, they are regarded as the best intellectual puzzle out there.

How To Re-Magnetize An Old Magnet

Bucky Balls

Re-Magnetize Old Magnet

Old magnets can lose magnetic attraction over time. If you have one that doesn’t work as well as it used to, it’s because property has deteriorated for some reason. This holds especially true for older magnets, which have less retentive ability than your Bucky balls set. The former can lose their power if you do one of the following things:

  • Store them incorrectly
  • Drop them
  • Repel with other magnets

How Magnets Actually Work

If you had this down right, you wouldn’t need to read the post. Here is a quick recap: every magnet has two poles. These are at opposite ends, and the two places are where it is strongest. This is why a bar magnet is weak in the middle. A pole attracts its opposite, which is why unlike poles attract each other. The inverse is true as well, so like poles repel each other.

What you have to do first is find the poles of the magnet; then find out which is north. It is easier if that is marked, but if not, stack an even number of magnets. Dangle these on a string and let them rotate freely.

The pole that faces northward is the north pole of the magnet. This is against the idea that likes repel, but the north pole of the magnet is actually called that in place of north-seeking pole. Get a compass, and the needle will show you which way is north.


Magnetic Attraction

Restore An Old Magnet

Assuming it is not of the horseshoe type, the method to re-magnetize is pretty simple. Grab the old magnet, and a strong new one – something made of neodymium like your Bucky balls magnets are. Stroke the strong magnet along one side of the old magnet.

Now do the same along the other side. This will re-magnetize the old magnet, and it will be able to attract metals more strongly. It may not return to peak strength, but that is to be expected.

Your Bucky balls setmay not be enough for restoring the attraction in a large magnet, especially since they are a bunch of magnets and not just one. They are good as fridge magnets though, as long as you take care to hang them beyond the reach of children and pets.

You need to follow the same rule when placing them on a desk or shelf. Bucky balls are good to play around with because they are so small, but in young hands, this makes them a choke hazard.

Why Do People Consider Buckyballs As The Real Stress Balls

Bucky Balls

Buy Bucky Balls

Bucky balls are often understood by many as stress balls because if their stress reliving properties. But they are entirely different from the common types of stress balls that you get in the market. The common type of stress balls you get in the market would be soft and made of rubber. You can squeeze them when you feel stressed. Although many buy and use it to feel better and relaxed, such toys only provide temporary relaxation to your hands. They can do nothing when it comes to helping you deal with mental stress or problems.

Bucky balls, on the other hand, are stress-relieving toys. Unlike the normal stress balls that you are familiar with, Buckyballs are made of strong magnets. They are hard and compact, in contrast to the soft stress balls. Buckyballs can help you get rid of stress quite effectively. Here are some interesting facts that you may want to know about Buckyballs.

How Buckyballs beat off stress

Buckyballs are made of neodymium magnets. Unlike the usual stress balls, Buckyballs come as a set of 216 mini magnetic balls. Just like a normal magnet, these balls have two poles with opposite powers – one attracts, and the other repels. Because of this, the balls can be aligned together. You can use these balls to form shapes or designs, decorate your drawing room, etc.

Stress Balls

Bucky Balls Price

The actual or original purpose of Buckyballs is to help people to relax. Getting involved in any activities with Buckyballs require your full attention. Even if you want to join two balls together for no specific reason, you need to focus on. But soon you will realize that you are enjoying it. Buckyballs have got the magical power to make everyone interested in it. Whether you are a genius or a person with average IQ, you would love playing with Bucky balls once you are into it.

Apart from being a stress-reliving tool, Buckyballs act as a science kit, a drawing room decoration, and an office toy. You can use it in a variety of ways depending on your ideas.

If you have decided to get a Buckyballs set for yourself or your family, make sure that you purchase it from any reliable brand. Many brands sell magnetic balls these days, so make sure you buy from one that sells quality Bucky balls.

Get Original Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Magnetic Balls

What is so special about magnets – they have got the unique ability to attract metals. If you search about magnets, you would get to know that rare earth magnets are the most powerful ones. In fact, they are stronger than all other magnets.

Rare earth magnets are used for quite a number of purposes. Usually, they are used in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic products. According to a recent survey, China tops in the production of rare earth magnets. They have about 95% of world’s rare earth magnet sources.

Transition from rare earth magnets to neodymium magnet

The rare earth magnets are transformed into neodymium magnets, which have more applications than its original form. They can be found in many of the gadgets, equipments, and appliances we use for daily purposes.

Neodymium magnets in Bucky balls

Bucky balls use original neodymium magnets. It is because of this very reason that they are so powerful and are able to cling to each other when you connect them together. However, all magnetic balls you find in the market do not necessarily be made of neodymium magnets, and may not stay attached for long.

Bucky Balls

Original Bucky Balls

It is not easily possible to figure out whether the magnetic balls you have bought from the market are made of neodymium magnets or not. The only way you can do is closely compare them with genuine Bucky balls that are made of pure neodymium magnets. You could then differentiate the quality of the magnetic balls. Ordinary magnetic balls will lose their power in a few days time. Conversely, Bucky balls would have their strong magnetism trait even after years.

Klikyballs is a leading brand that manufactures pure neodymium magnetic balls. Klikyballs are strong and durable. They are used for different purposes in different contexts. Multinational companies recommend their use for stress relief. Adult students are encouraged to use them for their science projects. In families, they are used for group puzzle.

Klikyballs come in different colors and sizes. A standard Klikyballs set consist of 216 neodymium magnetic balls, which can be used to create various structures as your creativity guides. However, these are strong magnetic balls, and should be kept away from the reach of children for the fear of accidental swallowing or choking.

Playing Around With Bucky Balls

Magnetic Balls

Bucky Balls Desk Toy

Desk toys are great stress relievers. Not many people would admit this in the open. And that’s understandable, because who wants to be pictured fidgeting with their paperweight?

Paperweights are not even the only thing you can use to ease your mind after grinding it on through a seemingly unsolvable problem. Heard of Bucky Balls? They are a set of super strong magnets which can be snapped, pulled, molded or squeezed in a bevy of shapes. The magnetic desktoy is made of rare earth neodymium, which is what makes the magnetic spheres so much to play with.

Bucky Balls let create cool shapes to impress people who look at the toy, or simple ones like cubes, cylinders, and pyramids. If you are more playful than that, you could play darts on your fridge door. On the same token, they are also excellent photo holders on metal surfaces.

Although individually diminutive, these magnets are very strong. You will believe it when you see a single ball hold up a half-pound wrench. Considering the thickness of the ball is just 5 mm, which is impressively strong magnetism. Bucky Balls come in sets of 125 or 216. These give endless hours of fun, or just carefree fidgeting.

Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls Desk Accessory

Wondering how this could be of any conceivable use? Making patterns in this way stimulates the brain. Well yeah, the cubes sure are easy, but there is a lot more complexity you can add to your shapes using 125 balls. So many structures to discover and perfect, that you will not ever suffer from want of a distraction. Bucky Balls come in a compact orange plastic carrying case, so you can take them with you almost anywhere.

And as with many things of this kind, this is not a toy for children; especially young ones. Multiple metal balls could prove a choke hazard to toddlers, which is why the desk is the safest place to keep the former. Look at these as your personal source of blissful distraction, for the times you can manage a break from work activities. Just try kneading them in your palm if you feel unusually tired. Even that has a soothing effect, which allows you to recoup after a go at your latest tough project.

This is a really clever toy for latent artists, and there’s only one way to find out if you are one. Buy a set of these magnetic balls and leave them on your desk.

Explore Unending Fun With Klikyballs

Bucky Balls Magnetic Toys

      Align Bucky Balls

Stress is one of the unbearable feelings that many of us struggle to cope with. Unable to overcome stress, many get addicted to drugs, alcohol and smoking. In fact, stress can be avoided in a much better way. One can get involved in group activities, puzzles, games and the sorts to overcome stress. But, the busy schedule of our work may not allow us to engage in such creative means of stress relief. Here comes a modern means of stress relief. It is nothing but Bucky balls. Some call it stress balls.

What are Bucky balls and how do they help one overcome stress?

Bucky balls are magnetic spheres featuring two opposite poles, one for attracting and the other for repelling. One can align these spheres to mould any shape or design that he has in mind. When you start moulding a shape or design with stress balls, it will engage your entire attention, leaving no chance for you to worry about anything on earth. Because of its ability to draw one’s entire attention to it, many consider it to be an effective means to improve concentration.

Bucky balls- A popular desk toy

Initially, stress balls were introduced as a desk toy to help employees in multinational companies to get rid of their accumulating stress and depression. Today, stress balls are not just a desk toy. They are much more; a puzzle to pass time, a decorative thing and an intellect booster. Experts suggest that parents encourage their children to spend time in aligning stress balls to mould various shapes and designs as it can improve their cognitive abilities.

How Bucky balls are used as a decorative toy?

Bucky balls are used as a decorative toy too. You can mould various designs and shapes from your imagination using these stress balls and use them to decorate your drawing room or so. The best part is that you can change the designs from time to time to give your drawing room an enchanting and new look. In a single set of Bucky balls, you can find 216 balls. So, you can mould several designs with a single set of stress balls.

 Bucky Balls Toy

       Design Shapes With Bucky Balls


A popular brand of stress balls, KlikyBalls, is durable and made of strong neodymium magnets. Available in different hues at just $29.99, KlikyBalls is affordable for anyone who is looking for cheaper but lasting Bucky balls for stress relief, fun, decoration and many more things. It comes in varying colours including Gold, Silver and Black.

Get your KlikyBalls set today and start your exploration for unending fun.

Use Magnetic Toys For Stress Relief

Bucky Balls

                       About Magnetic Balls Toy

One of the best ways to kill stress is to indulge yourself in some fun as well as mentally stimulating games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles. However, such games, if you are not particularly good at them, might not be best way to beat stress; you should be looking for a fun activity that is much more relaxing but still creative.

Using magnetic ball toys

Magnetic ball toys are the new trend, when it comes to stress relief toys. Take for instance, the bucky balls set. It is a set of magnetic spheres that are held together by the magnetic force between them. Now, this magnetic property of the bucky balls makes them a very good construction toy.

You might already be familiar with the concept of magnetic force, the two poles, the forces of attraction and repulsion between the poles, etc. But, your children might now only be learning about all this in science class. They would love to play the magnetic bucky balls. However, you need to keep the bucky balls away from small kids, who would not understand the dangers of accidentally swallowing these small spherical balls.

As far as adults are concerned, bucky balls would be a great office desk toy for them. You can just make a simple cube or prism using the bucky balls set, and use it as a paperweight. When the work pressure really gets to you, take a break from your work and have some fun rearranging these bucky balls into a shape as unique as possible.

This would boost your creativity as you are trying to come up with a unique design for rearranging the magnetic balls. And, most importantly, as you are immersed in this activity, you would soon forget about your work-related worries.

Rare Earth Magnets

               Buy KlikyBalls Magnetic Balls Set

About the KlikyBalls magnetic toys

Get the KlikyBalls brand, if you are looking for a quality set of bucky balls magnets. They are made of high quality rare earth magnets and come in many different colours like red, green, blue, black, silver, gold, etc. The KlikyBalls set is available in sets, each with 216 to 2160 pieces.

This magnetic toy would be an elegant gift to your colleagues and friends. The starting price is 22.99$ with an additional 5.95$ for shipping and handling. By the way, go online and check out some of videos posted on Youtube about creating some cool structures using KlikyBalls.