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How Buckyball Magnets Are Good For You

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Beads

Magnets have been known to have healing properties for a long time. Someone working in an office needs this sooner or later, because the unchanging shifts and tedious work can soon wear you out in obscure ways. It is the effects of these that you notice first: lack of focus, irritability, and a constant fatigue that is hard to explain.

There is something called microcirculation, which is the flow of blood through the smaller blood vessels, which can be very important to the ways you are able to relax. This is even more vital when you are laboring under the effects of office stress. Magnetic therapy can relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow, even ridding the effect of injury-induced dilation that causes swelling. But that is not all that magnets are good for, and anyway, fairly few people are qualified to perform magnetic therapy in the right manner.

Ever heard of the Klikyballs toy? This is 216-piece magnetic bead set that serves as a desk toy, among many other things. The main use of this is to let you relax in the ways your body wants, while your mind wanders free from the worries and tensions which it’s built up in the course of the day. Imagine being able to turn to these shiny balls which stick to each other, and having the time to move those magnets in different directions. The first thing you will notice is that the shapes change, and you can make whichever you fancy.


Klikyballs Toy

There is a plethora of possibilities when it comes to making shapes with these magnetic beads. The one thing they will always do is attract each other, so shapes are easy to make as long as you figure out how the beads react when brought close. You can make a variety of 3-D shapes ranging from a symmetrical –sided pyramid, to something as complex and cool as a Thor’s hammer. There is a huge community online that shows off their exploits and plenty of inspiration to be drawn from the shapes they post in these forums, as well as from YouTube videos.

Another thing you soon realize is that there are no rules dictating the way you use these magnetic balls. Apart from the hundreds of good-looking shapes they can be arranged in, Klikyballs can also be used as paperweights, list holders on a metal surface, or even carefully designed jewelry. Buy your own set and start exploring the possibilities.

Get Fun And Relaxation With Klikyballs

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Beads

Klikyballs are a set of 216 magnetic balls, and for the uninitiated, they are little more than a toy to spend time playing with. But these strong magnets are much more to people who have come to appreciate is worth as a stress and boredom reliever. The mutual attraction between the mini poles lets these tiny balls be combined into different geometrical shapes, and since there is no bar on the things you can make, you have plenty of ways to stay occupied.

Not only is the thing good for making countless shapes with no name, but it is also one of the most intuitive easy to use toys to hit the market. Why bother with a Rubik’s cube when you can create shapes on a whim with Klikyballs instead?


  • These neodymium magnetic cubes are strong for their size, which makes it possible for the whole pack of beads sticks together even in hollow formation. Making these is a matter of creativity and entertainment for anyone, and a godsend for office workers looking for some relief from work stress.
  • The magnetic balls building toy has a glossy finish that makes it appealing to use it as magnetic jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets.
  • Educational skills can in the areas of geometry and mathematics can be honed through first-hand perception of 3-D shapes, and this is a lot better than trying to understand comparable concepts through pictures and videos. The practical aspect is what usually does the trick.

    Buckeye Balls

    Awesome Desk Toy

  • You get to stimulate both sides of the brain using these cool beads. This means you will have balanced cognitive function through stimulation of spatial imagination, creativity, and visual recognition capabilities. The left side of the brain controls all this, as well as the muscles on the right part of the body. Meanwhile, the right side of the brain is engaged in logical thinking, and mathematic expression.
  • Stress relief is the major pro of using these desk toy beads. Something as simple as a 216-ball set may not seem to be the thing that makes you feel relaxed inside five minutes but rest that it can and will do exactly that.

Check out these awesome magnetic toys and see how they work to give you the perfect relief from office stress and the tedium of work. You can buy them online and have them delivered right to your door.

Making A Four Sided 3-D Klikyballs Pyramid

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnetic Beads

The making of 3-D shapes with handheld toy is one of the best things to keep anyone occupied, no matter what age they are. It is not just children who can benefit from this kind of fun through mental activity. With beads like Klikyballs, you get a fresh perspective and plenty of insights into how magnets work and fit together. Also, you start to appreciate the beauty in your own creations, and in devoting yourself to a simple project at the times you break from work. We have Buckyballs for sale on this page.

Making A Klikyballs Pyramid

A pyramid is one of the finest Klikyballs projects you can take on, and it can alleviate stress while letting you create something beautiful at the same time. Here are steps to achieve the shape using the 216 balls in the set.

  • Line up all the balls in a single strand, and break off nine-piece strands.
  • Attach two of the smaller strands to get a ring. Turn the ring into a triangle, and then pinch three of the balls in the circle together using your thumb and forefinger. This forms a point, so the circle now resembles a 2-D teardrop. Hold the point where it is, and push the rounded end of the drop shape inward, to get two new points. This finishes the triangle.
  • Repeat the two steps above until you have 15 shapes similar to the one you have already made. That gives you 16 shapes when using one Klikyballs set.
  • Take four triangles aside and snap them together side-by-side to get a larger triangle. Do this three more times, and that uses up the remaining beads.

    Magnetic Buckyballs

    Magnetic Balls

  • Snap together the four triangles you have now to get a single big triangle. They need to be brought together side-by-side with points alternately facing up and down.
  • The three points of the triangle need to be brought together upward and inward, so that you get a 3-D figure. Snap these points together and the sides will join by themselves. When you have done this right, you should have a four-sided 3-D Klikyballs pyramid.

Each of these 5mm Buckyball magnets has dual polarity, so that one end attracts and the other repels. Classic shapes like spheres and pyramids get easier to make once you figure out the number of beads involved, and what shapes to make first. Most big shapes you make out of these comprise similar smaller shapes attached together, which is what makes it all so beautiful.

The Never Ending Benefits Of Klikyballs At The Workplace

Buckyball Magnets

Benefits Of Klikyballs

Why are Klikyballs so hard to put down once you start playing with them? If you have a set in your office or home, you probably know that they are immense fun to fidget with, and a great distraction from whatever stress had been getting you down.

As humans, we are not built to shoulder prolonged periods of stress without a break every now and then, which is why so many people take frequent smoke breaks at the office even though they never had a smoking habit before they joined work.

It is a testament to how good Klikyballs are for you, that they make you want to play with them so often. You remember the last time you set out trying to make cool shapes with this amazing desktoy, and how the endeavor lifted your mood, and, in some cases, even preserved your sanity. Tedium can chip away at your composure bit by bit, and few places have it in the same generous amounts as the workplace.

Without too many complicated constructions for use, or any in fact, Klikyballs offers a haven where you can let your mind flex itself the way it needs to. Of course, it goes without saying that you should only be playing with this or any other desk toy on your own time, and not the company’s. If that is taken care off, then look no further to find where to buy Buckyballs.

How They Work

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Buckyball Magnet Toy

With every new shift in alignment, these magnetic beads open up worlds of possibilities for you to explore. It is an appealing alternate to focusing on your physical surroundings too closely, and the latter would only bring you closer to the source of the stress you were experiencing. Klikyballs let you relax your fingers and body while moving both in a manner suited to leisure.

It is the shortest virtual vacation you can experience sitting at the office desk, and it can do wonders for your overall mental health. Ask anyone who has used Klikyballs if they would consider dropping the option of entertaining themselves this way, and you would hear a resounding NO. The reason is that this is one of the few desk toys, which align themselves to fit any person, and fit them well.

If you have just one hand free, there is still the option of kneading the clump of Buckyball magnets in it, as a way to soothe yourself. Even that done daily can make tedious work and stressful tasks more bearable.

Make Numerous Creative Shapes With Magnetic Balls Toy

Buckyballs For Sale

Buy Buckyballs

Magnetic Buckyballs are made of strong magnets. They are one of the best ways to spice up your free time. Whether you are in the office or at home, you will have lot of free time that you wish to use creatively. Buckyballs for sale will help you spend your free time more creatively and meaningfully. As the magnetic balls toy is a brilliant desktoy, you can play it with anyone, say, with your kids, with your parents, with your colleagues in the office, or anyone else.

Playing with the magnetic balls toy is not just a way to get rid of stress but also an interesting way to introduce your children to the world of imagination and creativity. Magnetic balls can be easily arranged into different shapes or designs such as cubes, pyramids, spheres, rectangle, etc.

An alloy of boron, iron and neodymium magnets makes these Buckyballs effective and powerful. However, if you were not careful while buying your magnetic balls toy, you would end up getting fake products. Only few companies like Klikyballs offer really good magnetic balls toy.

The magnets used in the magnetic balls from Klikyballs are as strong as a fridge magnet. With the help of these magnets, you can hold things like photographs, light materials, etc. A standard set of magnetic balls toy would consist of 216 magnetic spheres. With them, it is possible for you to make up to thousands of shapes, designs or structures.

Align Your Magnetic Balls Into Your Desired Shape

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Balls Toy

Initially, it would be difficult to make shapes using the Buckyballs for sale. You would become interested in it only in the course of time. The more time you spend on making shapes with these balls, the more interested you would become in it. Hence, whenever you get free time, try making your favorite shapes or designs with Buckyballs.

If you cannot make a specific shape as you start, simply align the balls into a long chain. You can make use of the entire spheres or a few spheres from it. Once you are done with the chain, you can convert it into a triangle or square or whatever shape you like.

The magnetic Buckyballs have got a wonderful ability to make you interested in it. The more you play with them, the more interested you will indulge with them, and forget all your stress and worries.

Klikyballs Fun, And Why It Is Good For You

Bucky Ball

Play With Klikyballs

Klikyballs are awesome for the sheer number of shapes and structures they let you make. The best part when you start using this Bucky ball set is that you begin with no instructions. All you really have to do is let your imagination set its own speed and makes its own turns, and the shapes appear before you gradually.

Made out of industrial grade neodymium magnets, a single Buckyball magnets set has around 216 magnetic balls. The best thing about these is the strong force of attraction, without which magnets are essentially useless. A single Bucky ball magnet can hold and pull all the remaining magnets, which is no small thing.

The thing about using your own imagination to build different structures is that this will help in boosting brain activity. Many people overlook the value of keeping their minds active stimulated and their brains active. Whether in the office or at home, making geometric shapes and such with this magnetic set can de-stress you quickly.

The reason for that is simple: you need to focus on the toy while playing with it, and pretty soon, you are forced to let go of the nagging feeling you’d been holding on to. On the flip side, this also improves the speed with which you can shift focus to an alternate activity, commonly useful as a means to preserve your mental fortitude.

Buckyball Magnets

Klikyballs Shapes

We bring you new tricks, shapes, how-to’s and more fun stuff every week, so here is another. Follow these instructions for a cool shape:

  • Start with a chain, and break off 9 balls
  • Join the ends to make a ring
  • Pinch and poke to turn this into a triangle.
  • Make 19 more of these triangles, and then snap those together to form a sphere.

All in all, Klikyballs continue to be a great bargain – desk toy, stress reliever, supermagnets, all rolled into one. You can snap, pull, mold, squeeze, and arrive at an endless mix of shapes using these rare earth magnetic spheres. There are plenty of cool shapes like cubes, cylinders, and pyramids you can make easily with Buckyball magnets. Then there is the useful stuff, like displaying photos or holding papers. Point is, you will never feel at a loss for uses after buying this wonderful magnetic desk toy.

Why Klikyballs Are A Good Idea

Bucky Ball

Magnetic Stress Toys

Magnetic stress toys have long been one of the best ways to relax at the office. When you are not on the clock, it is up to you to try to vent the stress that builds up in your mind and body during the course of the day.

The fact that people skip this simple recuperation process, and instead take a nap or chat with friends, is one of the reasons why they tire of their jobs as soon as they do, or develop stress symptoms which they later find it hard to cope with. You have all seen at least one video of a cubicle worker decimating his computer keyboard. What did you think led to that?

Your Klikyballs desktoy may look like just another stress relief toy, but it has the potential to be a lot more if you let it. Here is one simple exercise that rarely fails to improve your mood: take these balls in your hand and knead them until your fingers tire. Not only is the physical motion therapeutic, but your mind gets freed up from the hundreds of issues it is been noting down and doesn’t know how to deal with.

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Desktoy

Carrying these Buckyball magnets with you all the time is a sure recipe for a breakdown, and fairly few people ever see it coming. A relaxed mind is always much healthier, and that is what Klikyballs lets you achieve. Plus, it’s better in the long run if you don’t let yourself get swamped by the problems the world throws at you.

This popular Bucky ball desk toy is preferred for the ways you can fidget with it, sure. However, it is also a deeply engrossing set of magnetic beads whose positions can be altered to change the overall shape of the clump they form. Simply put, these are building blocks, just a lot better than Legos, and not so painful if you ever happened to step on them.

With Klikyballs, you can make a variety of shapes, and this is only limited by your ingenuity in the moment. Many people successfully make complex shapes out of these 216 balls, because it is a good way to pass the time, as well as gives a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Some Genius Uses For Klikyballs

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Desk Toy

I play with Klikyballs a lot, and over time, I have come to see myself as a scientist that is looking for better ways to align powerful neodymium magnets for maximum aesthetic effect. Or instant gratification, depending on the mood I am in. I have friends at the office who do similar and other stuff with their Klikyballs toy. Some of these ideas are so smart I thought to list them here.

Using Klikyballs The Innovative Way

There are heaps of different uses you can put your Klikyballs magnets to. Maybe you already figures out many of these. But there is bound to be at least one you didn’t. And that is what makes this toy so much fun.

Use it as a stud finder. Yeah. One loses a small metallic stud, and what better way is there to find it than using a magnet? Similarly, you can use them to dress up your cuff links, as long as you remember not to swing your arms to strongly.

It is also useful for making art displays on the fridge door. Put up a magnetic ball curtain and it will keep out the sunlight while impressing your friends at the same time.

Here is other fun stuff you can do with Klikyballs.

  • Play darts on a cabinet: This is a good way to let yourself go when you are at the office and the boss is not around.
  • Squish the ball set in your palm: You wouldn’t believe how amazingly good this feels.
  • Use them as tinsel on your Christmas tree. Or set up a pull for a light switch.
  • Use them as coasters for your beer and wine glasses.
  • Get something out of drains (not the garbage disposal)

    Where To Buy Buckyballs

    Klikyballs Are Awesome

  • Hide a key under the doorframe. It stays there and you are the only one who knows where to find it.
  • Construct a cool-looking abacus. If you don’t know what that is, just skip ahead.
  • Use it as bookmark, of any shape.
  • Make a chess set. This takes loads of time, but it is worth the effort when you finally pull it off. Oh, and play carefully.
  • Close the ribbon on a birthday gift, because knots are overrated (unless you are a sailor).

These are just a few genius ways to use Klikyballs to make your life fun and easy. Like I said, these ideas are from different people, but ended up on this post thanks to the internet and of course, natural curiosity.

Studies Indicate That Magnets Have Healing Properties

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Therapy

The healing properties of magnets were known to the people of ancient times. They used them in different ways and experienced healing. But they didn’t know how to cultivate these properties effectively. They just knew that magnets had magical powers. Modern studies have shed more light on to the healing effects of magnets. A recent study has found out that magnets can reduce swelling, if applied on inflammatory injuries.

Similarly, a different study conducted by the researchers at the University of Virginia has found out that magnetic therapy can improve microcirculation in the body. Microcirculation means the blood flow through the tiny blood vessels on the body. As part of their study, the researchers placed magnets with field strength of 70 milliTesla (mT) close to the blood vessels of a certain number of rats. These magnets were 10 times stronger than the magnets found in refrigerators.

After that, they kept on observing the microcirculation pace in the body of these rats. The result was amazing. The magnetic therapy could dilate even the most constricted blood vessels. So they arrived at the conclusion that magnetic therapy could relax blood vessels and improve the pace of blood circulation.

Magnetic Treatment Cures Tissue Injury

Magnetic Buckyballs

Magnetic Balls

After realizing the therapeutic properties of magnets, researchers at the University of Virginia went on with their investigation. This time, they tried to know whether magnetic treatment could do any difference to tissue injuries. So they created minor tissue injuries on rats’ paws and then placed the magnets close to the paws. The result was hopeful this time as well. They found that the rats that underwent magnetic therapy were cured of the swelling and the juries on the paws 50 times faster than the other rats.

They also found that magnets could be used effectively in treating common problems like joint sprains, muscle bruising, etc. Researchers are now investigating about various ways through which the therapeutic benefits of magnets can be effectively used.

Magnetic Buckyballs – A Toy With Healing Power

Buckyball magnets were introduced in the market as an office desk toy. People soon realized their healing properties. People who played magnetic Buckyballs for long time were found to be more active and focused in their work.

Magnetic Buckyballs can be considered as one of the first solutions that has integrated the healing properties of magnets. It is definitely a wonderful thing to have in your home or office.

Buckyballs Are A Great Stress Reliever

Buckyball Magnets

Buckyball Toy

We have all heard of the many issues, which stem from regular work hours, especially in sedentary jobs. Seated behind a desk might be where you are at your most productive, but in long run, this is not good for your body. Flawed posture and its consequences on the body can be easily noticed, but what of the mind? Tedium and unrelenting routine can take a toll, depriving you of the enjoyment you could have in the moments interspersing them. Like a wise person once said, life is what happens in when you aren’t looking. So it makes sense to save the best of you for when they come up.

Buckyball magnets are a good thing to pick up when you are about bored out of your mind. Science has showed numerous times that fiddling is not bad for you; on the contrary, most forms of this help you relax your mind and body. Buckyball magnets are just one of the many things you can occupy yourselves with and not shoulder any consequences. It is great for the office or home, and especially for people who spend a good amount of time working.

While something like a Rubik’s Cube may be more pleasing to the brainy types, Buckyballs are much simpler to understand, and definitely easier to play with. You have a set of small magnetic balls – essentially a bundle when they are together – which can be rearranged to obtain different shapes. If that made it seem boring, let me explain another way.

Buckyball Set

Fun With Buckyballs

Imagine yourself trying out new and innovative 3D shapes with this set. The main appeal is that you can enjoy it even at times when your body is ready to drop, and the mind looks ready to follow. There are no rules when you pick up Buckyball magnets, nothing to curtail your fun and creativity. Speaking of creativity, it is also fun to show off complicated shapes later by leaving them on your desk.

Buckyball magnets recall the fun to tackling a problem, perceived or otherwise. Almost everyone starts off with simple shapes till they bore of these and move on to something more challenging. After a break spent fiddling around with this toy, it is also easier to like the work you get back to. If you are ever going to take it home though, be advised that it should be kept away from children and pets. Accidental swallowing is always a possibility, so do not leave a Buckyball set lying around where anyone but an adult can reach it.