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Buckyballs Are A Great Stress Reliever

Buckyball Magnets

Buckyball Toy

We have all heard of the many issues, which stem from regular work hours, especially in sedentary jobs. Seated behind a desk might be where you are at your most productive, but in long run, this is not good for your body. Flawed posture and its consequences on the body can be easily noticed, but what of the mind? Tedium and unrelenting routine can take a toll, depriving you of the enjoyment you could have in the moments interspersing them. Like a wise person once said, life is what happens in when you aren’t looking. So it makes sense to save the best of you for when they come up.

Buckyball magnets are a good thing to pick up when you are about bored out of your mind. Science has showed numerous times that fiddling is not bad for you; on the contrary, most forms of this help you relax your mind and body. Buckyball magnets are just one of the many things you can occupy yourselves with and not shoulder any consequences. It is great for the office or home, and especially for people who spend a good amount of time working.

While something like a Rubik’s Cube may be more pleasing to the brainy types, Buckyballs are much simpler to understand, and definitely easier to play with. You have a set of small magnetic balls – essentially a bundle when they are together – which can be rearranged to obtain different shapes. If that made it seem boring, let me explain another way.

Buckyball Set

Fun With Buckyballs

Imagine yourself trying out new and innovative 3D shapes with this set. The main appeal is that you can enjoy it even at times when your body is ready to drop, and the mind looks ready to follow. There are no rules when you pick up Buckyball magnets, nothing to curtail your fun and creativity. Speaking of creativity, it is also fun to show off complicated shapes later by leaving them on your desk.

Buckyball magnets recall the fun to tackling a problem, perceived or otherwise. Almost everyone starts off with simple shapes till they bore of these and move on to something more challenging. After a break spent fiddling around with this toy, it is also easier to like the work you get back to. If you are ever going to take it home though, be advised that it should be kept away from children and pets. Accidental swallowing is always a possibility, so do not leave a Buckyball set lying around where anyone but an adult can reach it.