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Why I Love Klikyballs

Bucky Balls

Magnetic Desk Toy

What make Klikyballs so awesome? Is it the fact that they are so small and yet so fun? Or is it that every time you take this desk toy in hand, you get to escape to a boosted level of satisfaction, one that is a much-needed getaway from the tension that comes with strenuous work? Maybe it is being able to show off the cool shapes you made with it, or maybe it is all of these things and more.

Ask anyone that has used this stress-killer and they would tell you the same thing: Klikyballs are a lifesaver. Whether it is boredom they need saving from or stress, customers unequivocally endorse the product. I am one of those guys, and it is easy to understand now how people can be so taken with a set of magnetic beads.

Neodymium magnets, by the way – are the strongest form of magnet in the market today, which means you the beads don’t lose their attraction for at least a handful of decades, which is plenty of time to play with them, really. The first thing I remember thinking after I took them out of the packet is that these certainly weren’t going to last long in the list of stuff I was interested in. Turned out I was wrong, because they did.

Klikyballs are hard to put down, although a month ago I wouldn’t have admitted as much. The thing is, they grow on you fast when they are the only thing on the table that offers a chance to have fun.

Magnetic Balls Game

Magnetic Beads

Unlike the rubiks cube, or a crossword, either of which would just boggle your mind, Klikyballs can be used any which way, and you would still have the fun and relief you were looking for. You are in your own world making shapes from strings to round plates to four sided pyramids, and that is just the beginning.

See, no one has rally mapped out the full extent of possibilities where this toy is concerned, so essentially you are discovering the things you can do with it, unless you go online and check for cool shape ideas, like a Thor’s hammer. Yeah, someone has made that too.

If you are not looking to apply your too heavily on this, Klikyballs can double as a squeeze toy to. The feel of mashing it in your palm is very soothing, and sooner or later, you will try that too, or find them to be very useful as paperweights. In any case, these beads won’t disappoint.

Making A Four Sided 3-D Klikyballs Pyramid

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnetic Beads

The making of 3-D shapes with handheld toy is one of the best things to keep anyone occupied, no matter what age they are. It is not just children who can benefit from this kind of fun through mental activity. With beads like Klikyballs, you get a fresh perspective and plenty of insights into how magnets work and fit together. Also, you start to appreciate the beauty in your own creations, and in devoting yourself to a simple project at the times you break from work. We have Buckyballs for sale on this page.

Making A Klikyballs Pyramid

A pyramid is one of the finest Klikyballs projects you can take on, and it can alleviate stress while letting you create something beautiful at the same time. Here are steps to achieve the shape using the 216 balls in the set.

  • Line up all the balls in a single strand, and break off nine-piece strands.
  • Attach two of the smaller strands to get a ring. Turn the ring into a triangle, and then pinch three of the balls in the circle together using your thumb and forefinger. This forms a point, so the circle now resembles a 2-D teardrop. Hold the point where it is, and push the rounded end of the drop shape inward, to get two new points. This finishes the triangle.
  • Repeat the two steps above until you have 15 shapes similar to the one you have already made. That gives you 16 shapes when using one Klikyballs set.
  • Take four triangles aside and snap them together side-by-side to get a larger triangle. Do this three more times, and that uses up the remaining beads.

    Magnetic Buckyballs

    Magnetic Balls

  • Snap together the four triangles you have now to get a single big triangle. They need to be brought together side-by-side with points alternately facing up and down.
  • The three points of the triangle need to be brought together upward and inward, so that you get a 3-D figure. Snap these points together and the sides will join by themselves. When you have done this right, you should have a four-sided 3-D Klikyballs pyramid.

Each of these 5mm Buckyball magnets has dual polarity, so that one end attracts and the other repels. Classic shapes like spheres and pyramids get easier to make once you figure out the number of beads involved, and what shapes to make first. Most big shapes you make out of these comprise similar smaller shapes attached together, which is what makes it all so beautiful.

Make Numerous Creative Shapes With Magnetic Balls Toy

Buckyballs For Sale

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Magnetic Buckyballs are made of strong magnets. They are one of the best ways to spice up your free time. Whether you are in the office or at home, you will have lot of free time that you wish to use creatively. Buckyballs for sale will help you spend your free time more creatively and meaningfully. As the magnetic balls toy is a brilliant desktoy, you can play it with anyone, say, with your kids, with your parents, with your colleagues in the office, or anyone else.

Playing with the magnetic balls toy is not just a way to get rid of stress but also an interesting way to introduce your children to the world of imagination and creativity. Magnetic balls can be easily arranged into different shapes or designs such as cubes, pyramids, spheres, rectangle, etc.

An alloy of boron, iron and neodymium magnets makes these Buckyballs effective and powerful. However, if you were not careful while buying your magnetic balls toy, you would end up getting fake products. Only few companies like Klikyballs offer really good magnetic balls toy.

The magnets used in the magnetic balls from Klikyballs are as strong as a fridge magnet. With the help of these magnets, you can hold things like photographs, light materials, etc. A standard set of magnetic balls toy would consist of 216 magnetic spheres. With them, it is possible for you to make up to thousands of shapes, designs or structures.

Align Your Magnetic Balls Into Your Desired Shape

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Balls Toy

Initially, it would be difficult to make shapes using the Buckyballs for sale. You would become interested in it only in the course of time. The more time you spend on making shapes with these balls, the more interested you would become in it. Hence, whenever you get free time, try making your favorite shapes or designs with Buckyballs.

If you cannot make a specific shape as you start, simply align the balls into a long chain. You can make use of the entire spheres or a few spheres from it. Once you are done with the chain, you can convert it into a triangle or square or whatever shape you like.

The magnetic Buckyballs have got a wonderful ability to make you interested in it. The more you play with them, the more interested you will indulge with them, and forget all your stress and worries.

Why Fidgeting Is Something You Should Probably Do More Often

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Play With Klikyballs

Mindless fidgeting in the office is one of those things which have an invisible healing effect on the sore mind. If you are the type to wonder, and have, why you find yourself playing with a paper clip or paperweight, this is it. Science says the mind needs reprieves of this sort more than is obvious, which is why people usually break into the act when their mind gets a chance to wander.

Ask anyone who fidgets with a desk toy, and they will immediately respond that it takes their mind off the work they were doing a minute ago. Just because they cannot tell you why they need a distraction, doesn’t explain why without it, they are unable to perform well later.

Researchers have delved into the debatably understudied matter of why we fidget, and boil it down to the need for extra sensory-motor input. That means you are too bored with work to be doing it without steadily rising effort. Your brain wants to “work” in a way it likes. The fidgeting helps drive focus back to the primary activity.

As for the benefits of fidgeting, even kids show a marked performance improvement when they are doing it. Learning and information application are both boosted when the rest of your body isn’t idle. You would think office workers who fiddle aren’t particularly serious about this sort of thing, but they are usually more passionate than you would assume.

People make specific choices about the things they carry with them, and have a variety of preferences when it comes to fidgeting. This is one area where mindless repetition helps, and the ones who seek it instinctively know this.

Magnetic Buckyballs

Fidget With Klikyballs

Consider having a magnetic Buckyballs toy set on your office desk, and being able to make random shapes when you get free time. Not only does this release you from the stress that tedious work almost always carries, but it also makes you more adept at pulling your mind off that kind of stress.

If you have formed a habit of playing with Buckyballs during the day’s break, and can do this comfortably, pretty soon you’re automatically enabled to stop thinking about work for a few minutes. That, as many people know, can do wonders, because they fidget frequently.

If mindless finger motions seem beneath the way you carry yourself in the office, rest assured that Buckyballs for sale have a lot more things to do with them. Make intricate and complex shapes, or simply mash them in your palm. Whatever you choose, these magnetic Buckyballs won’t disappoint you.

Top Stress Relieving Gadgets That Are Worth Your Time

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Stress Relieving Gadgets

Stress is a common problem that everyone wants to get rid of. Nevertheless, getting rid of stress is not as easy as said. Studies have proved that only a few people succeed in making use of conventional stress relief remedies. How can, then, the rest of the people get rid of stress? This is where the importance of stress-relieving gadgets lies.

The stress reliving gadgets are designed to help you deal with stress effectively. You can use them at any time; at the office, at home, while commuting to the workplace or commuting back home, etc. Here is a list of common stress relieving gadgets available in the market today.

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

When talked about stress reliving gadgets, the Hypnocube Animated LED cube comes up first in the list. As the name indicates, the cube comes with lots of LED lights. They are arranged attractively and lie inside the cube. When switched on, these lights will start turning on and off in multiple colors and patterns. When you are stressed, just turn it on and keep watching it. You will feel relaxed.

Mathmos Aduki Ni Light

It is another relaxing gadget. It looks quite like a hematite. When you turn this gadget on, it will start shining in the colors that you choose. If you don’t choose any colors, it will just cycle the entire color spectrum. Aduki Ni Light is regarded as one of the best color relaxation methods out there.

Giant Stress Ball

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnetic Balls

While the first two gadgets mentioned above had incorporated color relaxation methods to make people relieved, this one is using entirely different technique for that matter. As the name indicates, the giant stress ball is made in giant proportions, making it great for you for pounding out or squeezing out your stress.

Magnetic Balls Toy

Until recently, the magnetic balls toy was not listed among the top stress relieving gadgets but today there are. The reason is that people seem to have realized how effective and beautiful this gadget is. A set of 216 magnetic balls, these can be joined together for making any shape or design you have in mind. Your imagination is the limit here.

How A Magnetic Desk Toy Can Make A Huge Difference

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnets On Your Desk

Magnets are awesome to play with. There is a great many things you can do with magnets. You have seen how cool ferro-fluids are. Magnets behave differently than normal metals, in that they attract/repel each other when you bring them close. Magnetism is one of the great mysteries in the universe that no minds have ever been able to fully explain. But they are cool.

They are also a great way to pass the time. If you are bored and there is nothing to do, ball magnets can be a blessing. These are essentially desk toys you can play with to alleviate boredom or even stress. It is mostly office workers who need to do the latter, and understandably, ball magnet sets are a popular desk toy.

What they do is open up a world of fun that a person can easily forget exists. It is almost easy to get caught up in the small things that make up your daily life, and lose sight of all the unlimited fun that you are entitled to as a person. Maybe that is just my opinion, but I have never been proven wrong on that count.

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Best Desk Toy

If you have never played with a Buckyballs set before, the thing almost seems unworthy of the time you would spend on it. However, think of the times when your mind has desperately needed a break – from the stresses of your job, the tedium of an uneventful life, or what have you. What is better at these times than something, which takes your mind off the feeling it can’t stand?

People often descend into depression if they hold themselves in that place long enough. What follows is the loss of productivity, or any one of the myriad aspects of your life you took for granted. Why not let yourself enjoy a few moments instead, with a toy that only demands the use of your hands? A grown person would look ridiculous playing with a teddy bear, and a Rubik’s cube mostly gives you the feeling of being held back. Crosswords aren’t for everyone. That leaves simple, amusing distractions like Klikyballs.

Buy a set and you will marvel at the difference it brings to your overall condition. Stress has no place in your life if you take the right measures to avert it. Few things help as well with doing that, as the Klikyballs magnetic desk toy.

Make Stars With Magnetic Balls This Christmas

Magnetic Buckyballs

Stars With Buckyballs

Christmas is a time of twinkling lights and glitters. It is the best time to decorate your home. If you are looking for some new ideas for this year’s Christmas and New Year decorations, magnetic balls toy can be a good choice.

What To Make With Buckyballs For Christmas?

You can see Buckyballs for sale banner everywhere these days. These are small magnetic balls, made of neodymium magnets. They are strong and can cling to each other just like any magnetic piece. Buckyballs come in a set of 216 magnetic balls, and in different colors such as sky blue, pink, purple, blue, red, green, gold, black, and silver.

With Buckyballs, you can make any shape or design. The shapes or patterns have a 3D effect, and all you need to do for making one is simply align them in order. Obviously, Buckyballs will be a good option for making your Christmas stars this year.

Making Christmas Stars With Buckyballs

There are 216 magnetic balls in a Buckyballs for sale set. So, if you have got a set, you can make multiple stars with them. Of course, it depends on the size of your stars. If you want to make more stars, you may have to buy another set. Also, you can go for colorful stars with multiple sets of Buckyballs.

Buckyballs For Sale

Christmas Decoration


First, you should have an idea on how big you want your star to be. It is easy to make five pyramids first and then join them together to make the star. Break off a nine balls from the packet of your Buckyballs set and make a ring by joining the balls. Once the ring is ready, it is easy to convert it into a triangle.

Make sure that you pinch three of the balls to make a point. Once you are ready with three triangles, snap them side by side. The position of the pointed side has to be altered in order to make base for one of the triangles. Once you are ready with five or six triangles, depending upon the number points you need for the star, join them together.

With magnetic balls toy, you can make any shape or pattern you imagine. Making a star with the balls toy may sound complicated. But it is made on logical pattern. Like any other shape, you will learn to make it quickly after a few attempts.

Making A Pyramid With Buckyballs

Buckyballs For Sale

Buckyballs Shapes

The pyramid is one of the more advanced shapes for Buckyballs beginners to make. It probably lands right after the cube where complexity is concerned, and we saw in an earlier post how it could be made out of Buckyballs. The problem with a cube is that it looks the same from all sides, and is easy to grow tired of.

The pyramid looks better, especially when you leave it out on the desk or shelf. Not to mention it is a bigger project for someone who is just getting started with his or her magnetic balls set.

How To Make A Pyramid

  • Lay out a single strand of balls. You will not need all 216 here, just 144.
  • Break off nine of these and attach the two ends to get a ring. Turn this into a triangle by pinching three of the balls in the circle together and forming a point.
  • Now you have circle that looks like a teardrop. Hold that point in place and push the other parts. You will have two points now, making up the triangle.
  • Repeat the above step with 9-ball strands till you get 16 triangles. Take 4 of these triangles and snap them together into a bigger triangle.
  • Three of them need to be snapped side by side, alternating the position of the pointed side. This will give you a base for the larger triangle.
  • Snap the fourth triangle with pointed side up, and place it above the middle triangle of the base.
  • Repeat the above step with the other small triangles until you have four large triangles in all.
  • Snap these large triangles the same way as before to get an even larger triangle – three triangles side by side, and the remaining one above the triple-triangle base.
  • Bring the three outer points of the overall triangle together. For this, move them upward and inward. This will give you a 3-D figure. You just need to snap the points together and they will come in place on their own.
  • After all the point and sides have snapped together just right you will have a four-sided pyramid in your hand.

    Buckyballs Pyramid

    Making A Pyramid

This may seem complicated, but like everything else made using Buckyballs, it follows a pattern. Learning that can make it a lot easier to build the shape you have in mind. As always, the key is to work backwards from the intended shape. And yes, it is important to get the number of balls right when making the smaller constituent shapes.

How To Make A Simple Cube With Buckyballs

Magnet Set

Buckyballs Shapes

There is a lot you can do with the Buckyballs magnet set to pass the time. If you are new to the thing, this is a set of 216 ball agents, each smaller than your smallest fingernail. The simplest shape you can make is a scrunched up ball in the palm of one hand, but if you ever wanted to move further than that, you should start with making a cube.

Making A Cube With Buckyballs

This is less of a trick than some of the more complex shapes people come up with. It is one of those things you need to be able to make if someone asks you to show them what you can do with the set. You don’t want them to think a cube is beyond you even after a couple of weeks owning the Buckyballs set. If you never got around to learning how, there is no time like the present. Here is how to go about it.

  • Take out all 216 balls from the pack. Arrange these in a straight line.
  • Count 36 balls in, and fold the rest over. You now have a short line of balls attached at one end to a longer line.
  • Repeat this so you have 6 attached rows of 36 balls each. That means, you would be alternating the direction of the folds.
  • Now think of this as a sheet, and lay it out horizontally. Count 6 columns in and fold.
  • Count another 6 columns in and fold in the other direction. Repeat while changing direction each time. You now have a stack of sheets. Or a cube, if you look at it from the side.

    Buckyballs For Sale

    Make A Buckyballs Cube

The important part is to be careful while folding. Break the sheet and you would have to start all over again. Making a cube is more about patience than it is with other shapes, because it is a lot easier to imagine how it will look when you are done. A few times and you will have picked up how to do this quickly.

The cube can requires you to use the number 6 and 36 when counting, but if you wanted something with different length and breadth, say cuboids, then you would have to use different numbers. Doing the math and having it work out right can be really gratifying. Then again, you can just check online to see how others did it.

The Magical Power Of Magnetic Ball Toy

Activities With Buckyballs

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One of factors that make Buckyballs stand out from all other stress reliving toys is its intellectual benefits. Buckyballs would not only make one feel relived but also would help become more creative. This is because of its influence on brain functions.

When one gets involved in any activities with Buckyballs, it would essentially improve the brain activities. Many of the geek toys available in the market are designed for geniuses. But Buckyballs for sale can equally attract the interest of both genius minds and average Joe. This is because there is no limit or restriction on the number of games, puzzles, or shapes that one can come up with Buckyballs.

Buckyballs contain the magic of magnetic power

Buckyballs are made of powerful neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnet is the most powerful magnet out there. It is one of the purest forms of magnetic and therefore contains the magical power of magnets. For this very reason, one would easily become engrossed in activities with Buckyballs.

A common drawback with many geek toys out there is that they would make you feel bored quite soon. On the other hand, you wouldn’t feel bored with Buckyballs. This brilliant toy can make you addicted to it in a very positive way. The more you get addicted to it, the more you are exposed into realizing your potentials and creative abilities.

A recent study indicates that many organizations and multinational companies are encouraging their staff to use Buckyballs. The reason is simple. Buckyballs for sale have got the magical power to make one feel refreshed and relived. Moreover, this magical toy can make one quite productive, creative and energetic.

Buckyballs For Sale

Fun With Buckyballs

The companies would definitely want to see their employees with these skills. So they allow their employees to spend as much time with Buckyballs for sale as possible. And the result has not been very bad so far. A comparative study of two companies – one used Buckyballs as the stress buster tool while the other used other geek toys – indicates that the company with employees who had Buckyballs as the stress buster tool was more creative and productive as compared to its counterpart.

There are several other positive sides with Buckyballs. So, there is no need to hesitate before making your choice on Buckyballs for sale. Buy Buckyballs today!