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How Klikyballs Alleviate Stress

Magnetic Buckyballs

Klikyballs Set

Different people have different mechanisms to cope with stress. A lot of things in life can have you face-palming yourself at least mentally, and many of those things can add to stress you accumulate at the end of the day. While this is most commonly seen to be the case for people working in offices across the country or even the world, it is not necessarily something related to those environments. Every moment that has you dissatisfied with the way things are, is a potential source of stress, and isn’t good for you in the long run.

Fidgeting Is Good For You

When you are at the office hurrying to meet a deadline or struggling to get a full breath without being crushed by the weight of work, few things can benefit you the same way a fidgeting toy would. Since the dawn of civilization, people have instinctively honed in on the fact that they feel better when using their hands and fingers in seemingly meaningless ways.

While thinking of things that don’t pertain to work, or even when applying your mind to the task at hand, fidgeting is a good way to actually keep yourself on point, although the tendency is frowned upon in most circles. But when you have a private space to work in, and nothing but work to command your attention, the need for a desk toy becomes palpable.

Buckyballs Magnets

Klikyballs Desk Toy

Desk toys as an answer to office stress are unrivalled in their effectiveness. Ask someone who has a Klikyballs set on their desk if they would let you borrow the thing for a week, and no good would come of it. No matter how polite they are most of the time, this is fragile territory you are treading. Klikyballs users know they are better off with something like this bead set to turn to, because it allows them varied levels of welcome distraction when they are in bad shape mentally.

Maybe they are all for fashioning complex shapes in their spare time, or maybe they like the feel of kneading these magnetic beads in their palm. Together, these things can be therapeutic; because each lets the person set aside the tedium of work and let their mind function normally.

Get a Klikyballs set if you are wondering what the experience is like. You can be sure of seeing a difference in way you handle your work, and being able to cut your stress levels by at least half.

Why I Love Klikyballs

Bucky Balls

Magnetic Desk Toy

What make Klikyballs so awesome? Is it the fact that they are so small and yet so fun? Or is it that every time you take this desk toy in hand, you get to escape to a boosted level of satisfaction, one that is a much-needed getaway from the tension that comes with strenuous work? Maybe it is being able to show off the cool shapes you made with it, or maybe it is all of these things and more.

Ask anyone that has used this stress-killer and they would tell you the same thing: Klikyballs are a lifesaver. Whether it is boredom they need saving from or stress, customers unequivocally endorse the product. I am one of those guys, and it is easy to understand now how people can be so taken with a set of magnetic beads.

Neodymium magnets, by the way – are the strongest form of magnet in the market today, which means you the beads don’t lose their attraction for at least a handful of decades, which is plenty of time to play with them, really. The first thing I remember thinking after I took them out of the packet is that these certainly weren’t going to last long in the list of stuff I was interested in. Turned out I was wrong, because they did.

Klikyballs are hard to put down, although a month ago I wouldn’t have admitted as much. The thing is, they grow on you fast when they are the only thing on the table that offers a chance to have fun.

Magnetic Balls Game

Magnetic Beads

Unlike the rubiks cube, or a crossword, either of which would just boggle your mind, Klikyballs can be used any which way, and you would still have the fun and relief you were looking for. You are in your own world making shapes from strings to round plates to four sided pyramids, and that is just the beginning.

See, no one has rally mapped out the full extent of possibilities where this toy is concerned, so essentially you are discovering the things you can do with it, unless you go online and check for cool shape ideas, like a Thor’s hammer. Yeah, someone has made that too.

If you are not looking to apply your too heavily on this, Klikyballs can double as a squeeze toy to. The feel of mashing it in your palm is very soothing, and sooner or later, you will try that too, or find them to be very useful as paperweights. In any case, these beads won’t disappoint.

Five Effective Ways To Deal With Stress

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                           Dealing With Stress

Living with stress is like carrying a burden. The longer you carry it, the heavier it will be. You need to stop sometimes and refresh your mind. This will help you manage stress more effectively. There is no apparent way to avoid stress though. It is part of everyone’s life. The only solution is to learn how to cope with your stress.

Fortunately, there are several ways to manage stress. Here are five simple stress management tips you can try out.

Do The Hard Tasks In The Morning

It is quite natural to feel bit of lazy in the morning. In fact, about 90 percent of people love to sleep some more or think if they could take a day off from work. However, when you get up in the morning, you will be more energetic and fresh.

It is the best time to do hard tasks even though you will be tempted to do small tasks. So find out the hard tasks and start working on them right when the day starts. When you realize that you have completed a hard task, you would feel more excited to go on. This will serve as the best stress-buster.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Things You Don’t Have Control Over

There are certain things you have control over and certain things you don’t. If you are bothered by a problem that you have no control over, let go of it. There is no use of feeling guilty about it.

Try To Find Positives In Everything

Happy people find positive elements in everything that comes to their life. They choose what they need and let go of what they don’t. This helps them live a happy life.

Spend Time With Family And Friends

Buckyballs Magnets

                               Stress Busting

Family and friends are the best people who can help you when you are down with stress. Share your problems with them. They may not be able to solve the problems right away, but you will feel supported and confident after sharing your concerns. This way, you can face the challenges more creatively.

Play With Stress Relieving Puzzles

Stress relieving games and puzzles can help you get rid of constant worry. Buckyballs magnets are one of the best stress busters you can get your hands on. Playing with Buckyballs magnets will change the focus of your mind from the bothering thoughts to creative and constructive ideas.

What Office Work Can Do To You, And How Klikyballs Can Help Prevent It


Stress Relief Toy

The best part of making time to relax mid-work is that your body gets to recover. Most people don’t realize that the knots in their neck and back are from 3-4 or more straight hours of the same work. The body can take a lot of this kind of abuse, but when the thing finally catches up to you, it is to understand what you and so many others did wrong, and why some people seem to simply evade the ravaging effects of office work.

It is easier if you picture a continuously stretched rubber band. How is your body similar to this? The fact that you adapted to your job when you first started working at the office is analogous to the stretchable nature of a rubber band. And like the rubber band, you need a release every now and then so you don’t wear out. Most conventional jobs don’t allow that, though, which is why the people working in them need to find a ‘release’.

There are few things as welcome as a distraction at the office. Tedium causes many people to break down right in the middle of it. Seeing the quiet guy from accounting turning his desk over in an uncharacteristic fit of rage, can offer loads of material for conversation later, but in your spare time, it is easy to start wondering how close you are to the edge. The way to not find out is by using a stress toy.

Buckyballs Magnets

Ball Magnets

If you get a break for lunch, and most office workers do under federal labor laws, that is the time you should use to unwind. Do something you don’t think of as a chore, something that lets your mind relax and your torso move naturally. Most people have issues in finger motion, which is why Klikyballs are an awesome relaxation tool. Test that, and you would wonder why the idea didn’t occur to you sooner, or why you didn’t act on it when it did.

This magnetic bead set comprises the most powerful commercially available magnets. These beads are quickest way to get your mind active in the ways you like it to be. Make beautiful, complex shapes, or squash them in your palm for some instant relief. Or use them as a paperweight. Any way you look at it, they are worth buying and keeping.

Magnetic Balls Set – A Toy That Makes Your Worries Disappear

Using Buckyballs Set

Buckyballs For Stress

In an office setup, people are limited with options to cope with boredom and stress. They cannot just go out of office when they are bored. They have to sit inside the office until the office hours are over. So, what can these people do to deal with stress?

Buckyballs To The Rescue

Buckyballs magnets are an easy way to cope with stress. It can help you feel relieved from all your stress. With these balls, you can make a variety of structures and shapes. When you are involved in any activities with the magnetic balls cube set, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

There are 216 magnetic balls in every set. They have all the properties of magnets. They stick together in whatever shape or pattern you arrange them into. For a creative person, Buckyballs magnets are a store of hundreds of different shapes and designs.

You will forget all your worries and tensions when you start making shapes with these balls. These balls have got the magical power to channelize your pressure into something more creative and meaningful.

Buckyballs Magnets

Stress Reliving Magnets

There are no apparent rules for playing with Buckyballs magnets. So it works just fine for everyone. You don’t have to worry if you don’t make any creative items with the magnetic balls in the first few attempts. The best part is that these balls will make you more involved and excited in it after each attempt you make.

The magnetic balls set is an entertainment set for the whole family. However, it is not advisable to let your kids try them because they have the tendency to put anything they get in their hand into their mouth. So, letting kids play with the magnetic balls set is strongly discouraged.

When you start using Buckyballs set for the first time, it is quite normal that you will hesitate because you don’t have any idea what to do with them. Take a few balls from the set and start aligning them. You will soon realize the number of possibilities for making shapes or designs with them. When you start sticking them together, your brain will start focusing on it. Naturally, you will forget what you have been doing or thinking.

Lately, many companies have even started to encourage their employees to use the magnetic balls set during their free time. They believe that it is better than conducting any stress management training for their employees.

Neodymium Magnet In Magnetic Balls Toys

Buckyballs Magnets

Buckyballs For Sale

Magnets have the ability to attract metals. This property is shared by all types of magnets, but neodymium magnets are the strongest in this category. Here is how they differ from others.

Application Of Neodymium Magnets

As neodymium magnets are the strongest, they are used in numerous applications, especially in clean energy industry and in the production of electric vehicle motors. Neodymium magnets are also used in many electronic devices, and are integral part of wind turbine generators.

Where Is Neodymium Magnets Found?

Like all types of magnets, neodymium magnets are excavated. A recent survey indicates that about 95% of world’s neodymium magnets are extracted from the mines of China. Nevertheless, China has controlled the excavation of new mines for rare earth magnets due to environment concerns since 2010.

If you collect all the rare earth magnets, a sizable share of them would be constituted by neodymium magnets. China’s decision to control the extraction of rare earth magnets has started causing concerns among people now. Interestingly, a recent research invented a modern and innovative way to produce neodymium magnets. This method does not require rare earth minerals to produce magnets. The magnets produced from this new method are strong like neodymium magnets.

Toys Made From Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are used in several applications, including toys. The most notable toy that uses these magnets is the Buckyballs magnets. These magnetic balls are used as a stress-relieving tool; as it distracts you from stressful thoughts and helps you stay focused.

Original Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

How To Use Magnetic Ball Toys?

Getting started with magnetic ball toys can be difficult and confusing in the beginning. But once you know how to use them, you will enjoy it and stop thinking about all other stress relieving toys.

The most common way of using Buckyballs magnets is making shapes or patterns. Made of original neodymium magnets, Buckyballs stick to each other for long, until you forcefully separate them.

In addition to stress relive, magnetic balls have many other uses. And despite some recent disputes about the safety of using them, the magnetic balls toy is sold in great numbers.

Slide Out From Under Stress With Buckyballs Magnets

Magnetic Balls

Relieving Office Stress

For many people, the office is where they build up the most amount of stress. Beyond a point, work of the same kind gets boring, and eventually tedious. And if it isn’t that, then there is a chance it is taking too much out of you each day. Relatively few people are genuinely happy with the work they do, and those that are not build up stress like a twig someone is standing on.

It goes without saying that distractions can take some of the severity off what you are feeling by the time you go for lunch. Now, everyone gets lunch breaks, and most have enough on their minds that they want to forget for a short time. People find different ways to do that, but few are as truly relaxing as simply playing with a toy – a desk toy to be more precise. Something you can pick up when you have the time, and start fiddling with while your mind drifts.

Buckyballs Magnets

Relax With Buckyballs

All of that talk was building up to this: desktop magnetic balls. Easy to hold and play with, and a delight if you actually care about the other possibilities on the table, a magnetic balls set can take your mind off work problems for a short time each day. Who knows, maybe this will keep you from storming out because everything simply seemed wrong in that moment. Too much stress can make you act recklessly, which is why it is important to unwind when you get the chance. And desktop magnetic balls are a good way to do just that.

You can spend your free time fiddling with these magnetic spheres which make up a cluster, one that you can shape into whatever thin that comes to mind. After some time this gets to be a fun challenge; you start to see other shapes you can make, and start searching for more. The simple fact that this occupies you in a playful setting means you are no longer saddled with worries you were finding hard to handle. Whatever was bothering you gets set aside for the time being, and you get to enjoy a few minute of blissful peace.

It is not necessary to be mentally stimulated when you are actually trying to relax, but if that is the way you prefer it, you will find that Buckyballs magnets offer many opportunities to test your creative side. Get a set and see how good they are for you.