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Making A Pyramid With Buckyballs

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The pyramid is one of the more advanced shapes for Buckyballs beginners to make. It probably lands right after the cube where complexity is concerned, and we saw in an earlier post how it could be made out of Buckyballs. The problem with a cube is that it looks the same from all sides, and is easy to grow tired of.

The pyramid looks better, especially when you leave it out on the desk or shelf. Not to mention it is a bigger project for someone who is just getting started with his or her magnetic balls set.

How To Make A Pyramid

  • Lay out a single strand of balls. You will not need all 216 here, just 144.
  • Break off nine of these and attach the two ends to get a ring. Turn this into a triangle by pinching three of the balls in the circle together and forming a point.
  • Now you have circle that looks like a teardrop. Hold that point in place and push the other parts. You will have two points now, making up the triangle.
  • Repeat the above step with 9-ball strands till you get 16 triangles. Take 4 of these triangles and snap them together into a bigger triangle.
  • Three of them need to be snapped side by side, alternating the position of the pointed side. This will give you a base for the larger triangle.
  • Snap the fourth triangle with pointed side up, and place it above the middle triangle of the base.
  • Repeat the above step with the other small triangles until you have four large triangles in all.
  • Snap these large triangles the same way as before to get an even larger triangle – three triangles side by side, and the remaining one above the triple-triangle base.
  • Bring the three outer points of the overall triangle together. For this, move them upward and inward. This will give you a 3-D figure. You just need to snap the points together and they will come in place on their own.
  • After all the point and sides have snapped together just right you will have a four-sided pyramid in your hand.

    Buckyballs Pyramid

    Making A Pyramid

This may seem complicated, but like everything else made using Buckyballs, it follows a pattern. Learning that can make it a lot easier to build the shape you have in mind. As always, the key is to work backwards from the intended shape. And yes, it is important to get the number of balls right when making the smaller constituent shapes.