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Getting Buckyballs For The Office

Buckyball Magnets

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Ball magnets are a good source of fun and distraction. It is easier to appreciate the truth of that statement when you are feeling down or worn out after harrying work. In times like these people wish for a break to regroup, and sometimes even try and preserve their sanity. What usually helps them do this is desk toys like Buckyball magnets.

Imagine your own mental haven where there are is no work stress to bother you. Some might associate such a feeling with daydreaming, but that is not the only thing, which can get you there. Focused activity that you actually like, which is more likened to fiddling, has been proved to be great for relaxation.

Buckyball magnets don’t keep you idle, and playing with them offers a creative way to vent your frustrations and tensions. Physically, this is a good way to keep the fingers engaged comfortably. Buckyball magnets consist of over 200 small balls made out of neodymium – one of the most retentive magnetic conductors – which come together to form any number of shapes.

Buckyballs Set

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All it takes is a simple modification to the bundle to get you started. You can begin with simple shapes and then gradually move on into uncharted territory, because who is stopping you. Remember your free time is your own, and make yourself feel better by playing around with Buckyball magnets. Some just like mashing the bundle in their palm repeatedly. Even this much has a therapeutic effect, often preparing them for a daunting work task.

Like all things of this sort, Buckyballs place no limits on the fun you can have, other than your own creativity and drive. Bring out the artist in you and arrange these balls in any shape you want, and leave the bundle on the table for someone to find and admire. Showcasing your talents may not be the final object of using this desk toy, but it certainly won’t hurt if someone admired your handiwork.

You can even have a Buckyball set at home, but make sure they are kept away from kids or pets. This is one of the things, which you should properly ensure against. Small magnetic balls can be a choke hazard if a child swallows one, so make sure not to leave them on or near the edge of the desk. This is something for you to relax using, but keep it where only you or another adult can reach it.