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How Buckyball Magnets Are Good For You

Buckyball Magnets

Magnetic Beads

Magnets have been known to have healing properties for a long time. Someone working in an office needs this sooner or later, because the unchanging shifts and tedious work can soon wear you out in obscure ways. It is the effects of these that you notice first: lack of focus, irritability, and a constant fatigue that is hard to explain.

There is something called microcirculation, which is the flow of blood through the smaller blood vessels, which can be very important to the ways you are able to relax. This is even more vital when you are laboring under the effects of office stress. Magnetic therapy can relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow, even ridding the effect of injury-induced dilation that causes swelling. But that is not all that magnets are good for, and anyway, fairly few people are qualified to perform magnetic therapy in the right manner.

Ever heard of the Klikyballs toy? This is 216-piece magnetic bead set that serves as a desk toy, among many other things. The main use of this is to let you relax in the ways your body wants, while your mind wanders free from the worries and tensions which it’s built up in the course of the day. Imagine being able to turn to these shiny balls which stick to each other, and having the time to move those magnets in different directions. The first thing you will notice is that the shapes change, and you can make whichever you fancy.


Klikyballs Toy

There is a plethora of possibilities when it comes to making shapes with these magnetic beads. The one thing they will always do is attract each other, so shapes are easy to make as long as you figure out how the beads react when brought close. You can make a variety of 3-D shapes ranging from a symmetrical –sided pyramid, to something as complex and cool as a Thor’s hammer. There is a huge community online that shows off their exploits and plenty of inspiration to be drawn from the shapes they post in these forums, as well as from YouTube videos.

Another thing you soon realize is that there are no rules dictating the way you use these magnetic balls. Apart from the hundreds of good-looking shapes they can be arranged in, Klikyballs can also be used as paperweights, list holders on a metal surface, or even carefully designed jewelry. Buy your own set and start exploring the possibilities.

Are Magnets Made Of New Fabrication Powerful Than Neodymium Magnets?

Buckyball Magnets

Production Of Buckyballs

One of the specialties that magnets have is their ability to attract all the typical metals out there. Over the years, science has developed and discovered different types of magnets, and among them, the most powerful one is neodymium magnet. As they are the strongest and the most powerful ones, they have got numerous applications. They are used in electric vehicles, motors, generators, magnetic balls toys, and many more.

When talked about magnets, it is good to find out the country that has got the highest amount of resources for magnets. As per the latest statistics, China is said to excavate about 95% of the rare earth minerals in the world. The country also processes the magnet minerals and transforms them into suitable type of magnets for various applications. A study shows that the huge amount of magnetic resources in China helps the electronic industries in the country. Despite the good sides of excavated magnets, it should be noted that the processes involved in the excavation of them cause serious dangers to the environment.

Among rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets amount to the majority. In recent times, different types of artificial magnets have been identified. These magnets are as powerful as neodymium magnets or even more powerful sometimes.


Buckyballs For Sale

Components that constitute the new type of magnets include iron nitride and theoretical magnetic energy of 130 mega gauss. These magnets are quite powerful and are used in many electronic applications being in use today. Moreover, it is quite cheaper to produce these magnets than excavating the original neodymium magnets.

When iron nitrate was used alone in certain applications in the past, those applications didn’t work in the proper way because they would get transformed into powders or thick films. Because of this, scientists started to look for new forms of magnets. Furthermore, in scenarios where bulk fabrication of iron nitride was necessary, they caused lots of inconveniences.

In the earlier days, any work with iron nitride yielded imperfect result. However, this new process allows bulk fabrication of iron nitride that was then used successfully in numerous scenarios. All existing mass production techniques required in the formation process of iron and nitrogen production are cheap.

Creating Different Shapes With Magnetic Balls Toy


Neodymium Magnets

Buckyballs are used to create different shapes and patterns. They moonlight as a stress buster when you start using them for the creating your favorite shapes. If you have bought a new set of magnetic balls or if you are planning to buy Buckyballs, you may be interested to know how to make shapes with them. Below are some useful tips.


Take 18 balls from your magnetic balls set and make a chain. After that, make a loop using first 6 balls in that chain. Use the remaining balls to wrap around this loop. You would find the balls snapping in place. The chain has turned into a hexagon now.


Tube is the easiest shape you can make with Buckyballs. Take some balls from the set and make a long chain with them. To make the chain, you just have to join the balls together. They will remain stuck to each other because of their magnetic properties. Once you are ready with the chain, just wrap it around your finger and the tube is ready.


Buy Buckyballs

Buckyballs Cube

To make a cube, make a sheet first. It should have the length of 36 balls and width of 6 balls. You will get 216 balls in a magnetic balls set so you won’t face any shortage of balls. After the sheet is ready, fold it back and forth. The folding should be done by every sixth row. After each folding, you will get closer to a cube. Continue until you get a perfect cube shape.

The magnetic balls toy is quite a popular desk toy. There are many brands that sell this, but not all brands sell quality products. So pay attention when you buy them from the market. Klikyballs is a good choice because the Buckyballs they sell are made of original neodymium magnets.

An Overview Of Neodymium Magnets


Cool Magnets

Neodymium magnets are famous for the fact that they make really powerful magnets out of it. But only a few know that Neodymium is an alloy that falls into the category of substances known as ‘rare earths’. They are not called this because they are naturally occurring; but because they undergo separation from other materials, which are linked to them via chemicals bonds. Let us see what makes Neodymium special.

Neodymium magnets, which certainly are not the cheapest in the market, are among the strongest ones when it comes to magnetic attraction. This is evident in a magnet of just a few centimeters. Neodymium magnets come in various shapes: cones, rings, cylinders, blocks, cubes, spheres, etc. There are even self-adhesive magnets available that can stick on to practically any surface.

For Hobbies And Industry Uses

You already know that neodymium is used in Buckyballs, one of the most popular desk toys to ever come out since the Rubik’s cube. The Buckyballs set is widely considered the best answer to office fidgeting, work stress, and creative frustration. You can make any number of shapes using over 200 small magnetic spheres, or simply play with it in the palm of your hand.

Neodymium is also big in industry uses, owing to its proportionally high magnetic strength as compared to traditional magnets. These mostly find use in the manufacture of mobile phones and computer components. Current technological research is aimed mostly towards achieving neodymium magnets, which can withstand higher temperatures. Scientists are also trying to devise a type of neodymium that will have better retentive magnetism and strength. This can help in many ways, such a improving the speed and performance of a hard drive, or even an amplifier.

Powerful Magnets

Strong Magnets

Careful Use

Neodymium is a popular material that has reached households around the country, and is used in them for many applications. Its high magnetic strength makes it important that you only use it in accordance with the safety instruction on the package. For one thing, neodymium shouldn’t be brought into content with flames. Also, it should be kept away from kids and pets, because it is a choke hazard. Welding neodymium can be dangerous as well.

As long as you follow these little rules, a neodymium ball set like Buckyballs can be an awesome toy to have. You can arrange the component magnets into myriad shapes and let the latent artist in you take over. The magnetism lasts many years, and the set looks really cool.

You Should Try Buckyballs For Stress Relief

Buckyball Toy

Buckyball Desk Toy

Ever been so mired in work that you desperately needed a break? Is it this way so often that you dread getting back to work after a break? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is stress unraveling you. Letting this go on brings the risk that you will snap somewhere down the line. Instead, try to mitigate the condition by using those breaks to cheer yourself up.

There is a bevy of approaches to this objective, which is a calm and active mind. If chatting with coworkers doesn’t do the trick for you, or if you’re simply too tired for it, then you need a mental retreat. Some activity that doesn’t tax you mentally or physically, but one that you can enjoy. This is where Buckyballs come into the picture.

What are Buckyballs


Buckyball Accessories

First off, this is a desk toy. It is about fun, and not about finding a solution to the work problem you are currently tackling. If you want to lean back and relax, a Buckyballs set is the perfect thing to be holding in your hand. These super strong magnetic balls come together to form a great number of shapes, and you can discover these by rearranging the individual balls. Made of neodymium, Buckyballsretain magnetism for long years, so you can keep using them as your personal stress reliever.

With enough creativity and drive, you can come up with beautifully complex shapes, which would please you and amaze coworkers. Showing off may not be your reason to start using this toy, but it sure won’t hurt if someone spent a couple of seconds checking out the cleverly arranged magnetic set on your desk. With each new shape you discover, you actually have more to go on, and pretty soon you will have mastered your work stress in a similar way.

Trying out shapes is not the only thing they are useful for. Given that the Buckyball toy has no fixed shape, it can be great as a press ball. Mash it in your palm if you are not up to exploring the fun you can have with 3D shapes. This is seen to relieve your fingers and wrist, so they don’t have the soreness which comes from unilateral use. Plainly put, there are just so many ways your fingers can move on a keyboard, and that limit can tire them eventually. Buckyballs can fix this up in just a few minutes.

The Best Uses For The Buckyballs Desk Toy

Magnetic Balls

Buckyballs Desk Toy

Having a hard week at the office with too few moments of respite? Maybe your current task so daunting you cannot do without a break. But there is an art to breaking from work for a half hour, and getting back to it. It is different for different people; some chat, others nap. What too few people do is relax totally.

Desk toys are great way to take your mind off tensions that office work would no doubt pile you with. The simple and seemingly inane cat of fiddling with something like Buckyballs is a good way to let your mind and body calm down. Some even say that Buckyballs feel good when you knead them inside your palm.

Alleviating fatigue is not the only thing that Buckyballs are good for – there is also the fact that these are the most interesting desk toy to come along since the Rubix cube. 215 super strong magnets in the palm of your hand, and you would soon start seeing the possibilities. These are made of neodymium, which is renowned for the way it retains magnetic strength for a long time. Buckyballs stick together in many different shapes because there is so many of them in the bunch. Separate and rearrange in several different ways to rid yourself of boredom, snap, pull, and press as a whole to bring together wonderful shapes.


Buckyballs Desk Accessory

Leave them on your desk to passively show off your understanding of 3D shapes, and who know, maybe even hidden talent. These magnetic balls are an excellent way to brag without words, not to mention they stimulate your creative side. Make sure this does not get in the way of proper work though.

There is nothing against taking this desk toy home and enjoying its versatility in your solitary time. If you are bored easily, this is one thing way to stop that happening. Carry them in your pocket in the orange plastic cover that comes with the purchase. Just do not let children near it though.

This is solely a desk accessory for adults, and users should be careful not to let it fall into the hands of toddlers, to whom it is a choke hazard.

Balance fun with safety to get through the day without too many worries, and through the years without too much gray in your hair. Make work more bearable by livening up the moments separating it.

A Rare Earth Magnetic Desktoy: Buckyballs


Buckyballs Are Made Of Neodymium                                      Magnets

Buckyballs is fun to play with. It plays different roles as a desktoy and stress buster. The magnetic balls, the Bucky balls, or the neocubes are fun to play with as you can manipulate many designs out of it.

With the help of these magnets, you can create many shapes like cylinders, pyramids and cubes. It is fun to play darts on the fridge with the buckyballs. You can use them as fridge magnets that can hang some of your favorite recipes or even the bills that you have to pay. The buckyballs can hold the photograph of your favorite pet or even your best friend.


The buckyballs is made from neodymium rare earth magnets, which is so strong that it can hold up to a half-pound pull. The toy is best suited for adults. It is important to keep it away from children or let them play under the supervision of an adult. It includes a case that carries the magnets and hence utmost care is mandatory.

Addictive Desktoy

It is the most addictive magnetic desktoy. People have them at their desk, to have them handy at times when they get bored with the monotonous job that they do all the time. You can make various shapes out of the buckyballs or create puzzles during the leisure hours in the office.

Strong Magnets

These tiny magnets are so strong that a 5mm diameter sized Buckyball can hold half a pound weight. This makes buckyballs a perfect holder. You can hang papers in your cabins or photographs on the fridge or anywhere, where you want to put them up. The Buckyball can handle a lot more than this.

Discover New Shapes

When you start making shapes with the magnetic balls, you go boundless in the number of shapes that you can make.


           Buckyballs Are A Good Stress Buster

Kliky Balls

Kliky balls are magnetic spheres that stick together. These allow you to make different shapes out of the magnetic spheres. It is made of super strong magnetic material. Due to its magnetic property, they have two sides or poles, one side repels and the other side attracts. With the strong magnets, you can snap, pull, form, squeeze and construct shapes in boundless ways.

The buckyballs are available in various styles. Sidekick is a pack of 125 small nickel spheres and Original is a pack of 216-nickel spheres. Executive black and executive gold, both are a pack of 216 spheres in their respective colors.

Support Your Geometric Projects With Klikyballs


        Buckyballs Improves Creative Skills

Magnetic spherical balls derived from neodymium rare earth magnets serve multiple purposes. When magnets are formed into small spherical shaped balls, you could create a number of structures and designs within seconds. These designs are extremely useful for creating different geometric patterns.


Buckyballs are spherical neodymium magnets that help you mold fun designs. These strong magnets from Buckyballs last for long and hence you can enjoy making different designs. The fun goes on as there are no instructions needed and you can create limitless designs. Designing patterns with Buckyballs Magnetix is the favorite pass time for many children. Moreover, Buckyballs can motivate children in learning and creative skills while playing. When they learn the basics of geometric designs with the aid of Buckyballs, the lessons on geometry and math will become more interesting for children.

Klikyballs Magnetix

Klikyballs are small, round spherical magnetic balls that stick to one another to make infinite designs and patterns. You could get better tutorial on designing three-dimensional geometric designs by allowing children to make replicas of various triangular, polygonal and hexagonal designs. It takes children’s creative skills to a very advanced level as they motivate themselves in molding innovative structures and designs.

You can make the balls lined up to create a line. From there, you can carry on making different two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional structures. You can even make balls of different sizes. Since Klikyballs can be easily contorted, twisted and crushed; you could mold them into limitless fun designs.

Magnetic Spherical Balls

           Benefits Of Buckyballs Magnetix

Learning through fun can be interesting. In fact, children are motivated in learning while we design a varied path for them. Indeed, Klikyballs Magnetix is a very good example. It is a great way to improve their logical and reasoning skills. Every time they implement designing, it is certain that they get unique structures. Unlike traditional games and puzzles, Klikyballs solutions are never ending. You will never run out of ideas, nor do you get bored with the Klikyballs building game.

While you create innovative designs, it acts as a brain exercise that further promotes the efficiency of all areas of the brain. You can choose from a variety of Klikyballs package options. The price varies with the Klikyballs contents in the package.

However, the basic package with 216 magnetic balls is priced at $29.99. To enhance its life, Klikyballs are coated and plated. So do not hesitate to buy his innovative magnetic toy!