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Buckyballs Is A Good Remedy To Deal With Work Related Stress

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You can try out a lot of remedies when you feel stressed out. Some people can escape stress by engaging in group activities, where others sit before the television and watch programs to relax. As each person is different, the type of remedy that can make a person feel relaxed when he undergoes stress varies.

When You Are Under Stress

It is very important to take part in healthy activities when you feel stressed. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening with most people these days. A growing number of folks tend to smoke or take alcohol when they feel stressed. Although these things can make you feel bit relaxed for a short while, the extent of danger they can cause in the long run is very big.

Regular intake of alcohol or smoking will make you sick for good. Similarly, never take any drugs or anti-depressants unless you have been prescribed for the same by a reputed physician.

See A Doctor For Stress

Work related stress is quite common and you don’t necessarily have to see any doctor for the same. However, if stress affects your productivity at office very badly, consider seeing a doctor immediately.

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Original Magnetic Balls

For normal types of stresses, there are a lot of remedies that you can try out. This includes engaging in individual or group puzzles, visiting new places, eating out with friends, etc. All types of hobbies have got a magical power to alleviate stress. Many offices buy and keep stress reliving office desk toys in their offices for their staff. These toys help their staff to stay cool during the office hours.

Among the numerous office desk toys introduced in the recent years, Buckey balls is the most effective and popular stress toy in terms of stress relieving properties. Buckey balls have got this magical power to engage you fully in the act and alleviate stress. It is quite interesting to see how Buckyballs work.

Buckey balls, also known as magnetic balls toy, are small magnetic spheres. You can align these spheres together to form any shape or design. With these magnetic spheres, you can form any number of shapes or design and use them to decorate your home, drawing room, office table, etc. If you want to buy original magnetic balls, buy buckyballs from a reliable brand like Klikyballs.

The Curing Effect Of Magnets On Stroke Patients

Magnetic Buckyballs

Curative Effects Of Magnets

It may sound quite strange but a recent study found out that magnets have medicinal values. We all know that the magnets are used in different things, ranging from MP3 players to decorating things. However, it was quite recently when medical science unveiled the curative abilities of magnets.

The Curative Effects Of Magnets In Stroke Patients

Stroke patients can experience miraculous cure in their problems if they undergo magnet-based treatments. After magnet-based treatment, many stroke patients were able to move their limbs that were paralyzed.

Paralysis is a common problem that affects stroke patients. In addition to the physical problems, stroke patients are subject to deal with a number of emotional hurdles. The realization that they cannot move their limbs can be a frustrating experience.

One of the reasons why stroke patients succumb to death without fighting the illness is because they are mentally weakened. The magnet-based treatment would not only cause vibration in the paralyzed limbs but also would cause the awaking of the inactive areas in the brain.

Magnet based treatments use a modern technology called TMS (Transcranil Magnetic Stimulation). This is behind stimulating the inactive cells in the paralyzed body part and the brain.

The magnet-based treatment does not give instant results, but studies have proved that it can give patients hope and confidence. Even modern medical science has admitted the role of one’s confidence in fighting illnesses.

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Magnetic Buckyballs

As long as stroke patients are concerned, anything that makes them feel depressed can have a negative impact in their curing process. The magnet-based treatment stimulates the inactive cells in the brain and the paralyzed part of the body. After the treatment, the patients experience a change and vibration in the affected areas.

Some patients are even capable of moving the affected limp soon after the treatment. This sudden progress makes these patients quite confident and ready for a miraculous cure.

Magnetic Buckyballs are made of pure neodymium magnets. Like the magnetic treatment, it can also have curative effect on people with stress, lethargy, boredom, etc. People who spend more time with Buckyballs seem to be more productive and creative as well. You can buy Buckyballs online and see how it can work on reducing stress the instant you take them in your hands.

Why Playing With Klikyballs Is Good For You


Magnetic Balls

Buckeyballs will never really disappear. There will always be those that appreciate the opportunities for tweaking and fidgeting that this wonderful toy represents, and its ability to alleviate stress. What else would you expect from a pack of 216 ball magnets, except hours of entertainment on end, and a way to keep you focused even when you are working?

Buckeyballs are made of neodymium magnets which have properties unlike any other on earth. There are many stress relief items on the market, but have you ever encountered this particular brand off fun when playing with one of them.

Why Buckeyballs are different is that they can be taken apart completely, and put back together without any effort. There is no upkeep factor involved with these desk toys, because all they need to work is the magnetic attraction of individual balls.

As you have neodymium in the construction, the magnetic pull does not fade no matter how long you use them, which is why kneading them in your hands is such a relaxing act. Bubble wraps are the only things to match the careless relaxation you get with these, although the former become useless once you have burst all the bubbles.

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Magnetic Desk Toy

There are experts who say that playing with magnets per se is beneficial to one’s health, due to the calming effects from the magnetic fields they produce. If you value a distraction that gives vent to your creative instincts, Buckeyballs can be used make a variety of shapes. Few things beat the feeling of accomplishment and personal price when you manage to make a complex and intricate shape in your free time.

Every individual sphere can be considered a point, while handful or more arranged in a string from a line. Those can be manipulated to form 2D shapes or polygons, and then you have 3D shapes or polyhedrons. With time, you can learn a variety of ways that magnets will align if you apply the right pressure from the right direction.

It is a fun way to pass the time, as well as to regain a sense of control using these ball magnets. This also improves your knowledge of geometry and math, so it is also an educational tool. Buy Buckyballs now and get the whole set of benefits mentioned here.

Creating Different Shapes With Magnetic Balls Toy


Neodymium Magnets

Buckyballs are used to create different shapes and patterns. They moonlight as a stress buster when you start using them for the creating your favorite shapes. If you have bought a new set of magnetic balls or if you are planning to buy Buckyballs, you may be interested to know how to make shapes with them. Below are some useful tips.


Take 18 balls from your magnetic balls set and make a chain. After that, make a loop using first 6 balls in that chain. Use the remaining balls to wrap around this loop. You would find the balls snapping in place. The chain has turned into a hexagon now.


Tube is the easiest shape you can make with Buckyballs. Take some balls from the set and make a long chain with them. To make the chain, you just have to join the balls together. They will remain stuck to each other because of their magnetic properties. Once you are ready with the chain, just wrap it around your finger and the tube is ready.


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Buckyballs Cube

To make a cube, make a sheet first. It should have the length of 36 balls and width of 6 balls. You will get 216 balls in a magnetic balls set so you won’t face any shortage of balls. After the sheet is ready, fold it back and forth. The folding should be done by every sixth row. After each folding, you will get closer to a cube. Continue until you get a perfect cube shape.

The magnetic balls toy is quite a popular desk toy. There are many brands that sell this, but not all brands sell quality products. So pay attention when you buy them from the market. Klikyballs is a good choice because the Buckyballs they sell are made of original neodymium magnets.

Know What Stress Can Cause To Your Body, Mind, And Behavior

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Causes Of Stress

Every year, millions of people seek medical help to cope with stress. It is one of the problems, for which people spend a lot of money on. Stress can result from varied factors such as work related pressures, financial problems, marital disparities, sexual problems, physical ailments, etc. All these are valid reasons for people to feel stressed. When people are under stress, their productivity declines and they often experience nagging headache. Frequent insomnia is another common symptom.

Effects Of Stress On The Body

Stress has very severe consequence to you. It affects you both physically and mentally. It will affect your behavior, thoughts, and feelings. But if you can identify the symptoms early and learn how to cope with them, you will be on the winning side.

The common effects of stress on the body include change in sex drive, chest pain, headache, muscle tension, pain, fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, stomach upset, and sleep problems. Studies also indicate that people who fail to cope with stress develop health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetics, and heart diseases.

Stress also leads to psychological and behavioral problems. Some of the common problems include social withdrawal, lack of motivation, restlessness, anxiety, drug abuse, increased tobacco use, etc.

If you are under stress, it is quite important to ensure that you do the necessary steps cope with it. There are a number of ways to cope with stress – yoga, meditation, physical activity, etc. are a few that count. Getting involved puzzles and games can also help you deal with stress to a great extent.

Buckey Balls To Deal With Stress

Buckey Balls

Stress Reliever

Buckey balls, often called magnetic stress balls, emerged as a stress-relieving toy quite recently. It was initially introduced as a puzzle for adults and as an office desk that employees can use to kill boredom. It became quite popular after people realized that they could alleviate their stress with the use of these magnetic balls.

Buckey balls help you divert your attention from all the worrying thoughts. When you start playing around with these balls, you will get completely immersed in it and forget all your stressful concerns.

Top Stress Relieving Gadgets That Are Worth Your Time

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Stress Relieving Gadgets

Stress is a common problem that everyone wants to get rid of. Nevertheless, getting rid of stress is not as easy as said. Studies have proved that only a few people succeed in making use of conventional stress relief remedies. How can, then, the rest of the people get rid of stress? This is where the importance of stress-relieving gadgets lies.

The stress reliving gadgets are designed to help you deal with stress effectively. You can use them at any time; at the office, at home, while commuting to the workplace or commuting back home, etc. Here is a list of common stress relieving gadgets available in the market today.

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

When talked about stress reliving gadgets, the Hypnocube Animated LED cube comes up first in the list. As the name indicates, the cube comes with lots of LED lights. They are arranged attractively and lie inside the cube. When switched on, these lights will start turning on and off in multiple colors and patterns. When you are stressed, just turn it on and keep watching it. You will feel relaxed.

Mathmos Aduki Ni Light

It is another relaxing gadget. It looks quite like a hematite. When you turn this gadget on, it will start shining in the colors that you choose. If you don’t choose any colors, it will just cycle the entire color spectrum. Aduki Ni Light is regarded as one of the best color relaxation methods out there.

Giant Stress Ball

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Magnetic Balls

While the first two gadgets mentioned above had incorporated color relaxation methods to make people relieved, this one is using entirely different technique for that matter. As the name indicates, the giant stress ball is made in giant proportions, making it great for you for pounding out or squeezing out your stress.

Magnetic Balls Toy

Until recently, the magnetic balls toy was not listed among the top stress relieving gadgets but today there are. The reason is that people seem to have realized how effective and beautiful this gadget is. A set of 216 magnetic balls, these can be joined together for making any shape or design you have in mind. Your imagination is the limit here.

Newly Introduced Kliky Shapes Attract Masses

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Fun With Kliky Shapes

The newly introduced Kliky Shapes are becoming popular among all age groups – children and adults alike. It seems that it has many advantages over some of the existing magnetic ball toys. Here is a take on some of the best sides of Kliky Shapes.

Kliky Shapes Are Innovative

When magnetic balls toys were introduced a few years ago, people found them quite attractive and useful. They popular even now and people continue to buy Buckyballs. Similarly, Kliky Shapes too have captured people’s attention. In fact, they are a step ahead of the magnetic balls toy.

The best part is that they are good for everyone. Children were restricted from playing magnetic balls toys because some feared that they would tend to swallow them. But Kliky Shapes are innovatively designed building shapes and bigger enough not to be swallowed. You can gift them to children starting from the age of 3 and there is no risk factor involved while playing with them at all.

These innovative shapes would help your children develop concentration, creative thinking and imaginative play. They are sure to grab the attention of everyone. Once you give them to children, they will just spend the entire day playing with them. You can concentrate on your work while your children play with these innovative shapes.

Kliky Shapes Offer Unlimited Fun

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Kliky Shapes Structures

Kliky Shapes are one of the best building toys out there. It can entertain both children and adult alike. Once you get involved in it, you would spend hours without bothering about anything else. You can get Kliky Shapes in a variety of colors, sizes and even shapes. So if you are not attracted by certain shapes, say round, you can go for square or triangle. It gives you a wide range of options for selection.


Kliky Shapes are made of durable plastics so they would last for years without any damage. Inside the plastic covering are strong and safe magnets that enable these shapes to cling to each other.

The key thing to note here is that Kliky Shapes have attracted no criticisms even from the critics. People love them very much because they trigger one’s creativity. Almost all children who were introduced to Kliky Shapes were found to show immense interest in them. And it’s a perfect gift for Christmas!

Magnets Might Help People Move A Paralyzed Limb After Stroke

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Stroke Patient And Magnets

Magnets are good for a lot of things, but one of the possible applications unlocked by research can trump everything that came before. It seems that stroke patients who are combating paralysis in the affected limb can move it voluntarily after a magnet-based treatment.

People surviving a stroke usually have to cross several emotional and physical hurdles, one of the latter being the inability to move a limb. But a new discovery by researchers shows that a strong magnetic pulse can be sued to trigger inactive areas of the brain through transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

These areas can be put to work operating the motionless arm on the patient. While this isn’t a cure at this point, it is still a way for people to regain some semblance of control. Longer-lasting stimulation could be employed to ‘teach’ the brain how to move the paralyzed part in a different way.

Right now, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the country, with about 130,000 Americans dying from it every year. During a stroke, blood flow to the brain gets cut off, and the brain cells are starved of oxygen. Most times this is caused by a clot in a blood vessel. While only 15 percent of strokes cause a hemorrhage, these lead to around 40 percent of stroke deaths, according to a CDC survey. But paralysis happens widely, in about 90 percent of stroke sufferers, causing the inability to move an arm or a leg.

Magnet-Based Treatment

Buckyballs Stimulating Creativity

Treatment for this includes the physical, occupational and speech therapy performed intensively, weekly. Research has shown that strength training on one side can strengthen the other side as well. But for some, no measure of exercise suffices to mobilize the weakened limb.

The study examined the effects of TMS on 30 stroke patients, half of whom had mild problems with arm movement, while the other half had sever impairment. These people were asked to reach for an object when they saw a ‘go’ signal; meanwhile the part of their brains called the dorsal premotor cortex was stimulated with magnetic pulses. This is the region that a stroke does not affect.

The findings showed that people with small damage in their brain areas can more easily tap into other areas to achieve limb movement. This is harder if the brain damage sustained is more extensive. Targeted stimulation may be a way to train an entirely different part of the brain to move the arm.