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Why Allegations Against Magnetic Balls Fail To Attract Ban

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The debate whether it is necessary to ban magnetic balls or not has been going on for quite some time. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) earlier filed a lawsuit to ban the sale of Buckyball magnet. They pointed out that magnetic balls posed serious threats to children. The commission cited some cases of children swallowing magnet pellets. However, the proponents of Buckyball magnet say that allegations made by CPSC are baseless.

The magnetic balls are not marketed as a toy for kids. The ads clearly state that they are meant for adult use. They also pointed out that magnetic balls are just like any other toys. Any toy can be dangerous to kids if they are not monitored well, because kids have the tendency to put anything they get into their mouth. In this context, it is pointless to ban magnetic balls citing that they pose threats to children.

The points put forth by the proponents of Buckyball magnet are justifiable because it is very clear that Bucky balls do not cause any health issues. The problems happen only when they are used by kids, and without strict supervision of adults.

Bucky balls Continue To Be The Best Selling Desk Toy Despite Allegations

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The magnetic balls toy is not dangerous by default. They are just like any household products. As such, banning them is not required. The authorities have not taken any decision to ban them since they have realized that it was pointless to do so. Although CPSC filed a lawsuit against the sale of magnetic balls, they could not produce any evidence of fatalities resulting from the use of Buckyball magnet. And more than 2.2 million buckey ball sets are already sold.

Magnetic balls are used in different contexts for different purposes. In offices, they are used a stress reliving tool. In homes, they are used as a decorative thing. Students use them as a science project kit. What is even more surprising is the fact that as compared to other science project kits, which involve the use of chemicals or electricity, magnetic balls are less dangerous. You can use them under any circumstances without problems.

The sale of the magnetic balls continues without any hassles. Bucky balls are available through various online shopping sites.

Buckyballs – The Only Stress Reliving Tool With So Many Uses

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Stress is a common thing that almost everyone is frightened of. But everyone has got their own ways to deal with stress. Some use creative methods to overcome stress while others tend to go after unhealthy solutions like alcohol and nicotine. This tells a lot about the grave impact of stress.

No one likes to live with stress because it has a very negative influence on the day-to-day life of the person. Magnet balls are one of the very common methods that people use to deal with stress. In addition to helping a person overcome stress, Buckyballs offer unlimited amount of entertainment and fun.

Buckyball magnet balls are made of pure neodymium magnets which can be joined together in order to form a wide variety of patterns and shapes. Buckyballs are quite small in diameter, but have great magnetic power to attract and repel. It is the magnetic properties of these balls that make them an extremely useful stress-reliving tool.

Well, it is quite natural that one gets wondered how magnet balls help a person overcome stress. Here is the simple logic. Buckyballs provides one with an unlimited range of fun and entertainment. With Buckyballs, one can form any number of patterns and shapes. When one starts to make shapes with Buckyballs, he or she is immersed in it, forgetting all worries and things that invite stress.

Reports indicate that no other stress reliving puzzles or tools make one as involved in it as Buckyballs do. Buckyballs help one forget worries and focus entirely on creating shapes and designs.

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In addition to acting as a stress-reliving tool, Buckyballs has got a number of other uses as well. They can be used as a decorative thing, a science kit and an office desk toy.

Because Buckyballs magnet balls cling to each other until you forcefully separate them, they remain in the shape or pattern you mould them into. And these shapes and patterns can be kept in the drawing room to decorate it.

Buckyballs from Klikyballs are made of original neodymium magnets. They are strong and last longer than other brands. Klikyballs are available in different colors and price ranges, so you can have more fun while beating off stress out.