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How To Make A Sphere With Klikyballs

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Magnetic ball toy is used to create various shapes and designs. They are used in science projects, as a decoration item, as desk toy, and in many other contexts. Even though the package contains instructions on how to align the balls, getting familiar with using these magnetic balls can be a bit confusing for beginners. So to help you out, here are some guidelines on how to make a sphere with magnetic toys.

1. Make A Straight Line

To begin with, make a single line with all the magnetic balls. By the end of this process, you will get a rough idea about how they work.

2. Create Small Triangles

Separate nine balls from the line and make it to a small circle. After creating the circle, you can easily convert it into a triangle.

3. Arrange The Triangles

Make 24 triangles using the magnetic ball toy and then arrange them into four vertical lines. Each line would contain 6 triangles each.

4. Align The Triangles

Take four triangles each and align them together into ‘U’ shape. Repeat making similar shapes using all the triangles you have made. Now you will have six ‘U’ shapes ready for the next alignment.

5. Make A Spiral Shape

Get three ‘U’ shaped magnetic ball toy sets and align them together to create a spiral shape. Note that some balls may not stick to each other. If that happens, change the side of the shape and try to align again.

6. Make A Hexogen

The spiral shaped thing need to be further aligned to create a hexogen. Get hold of the triangle from every edge of the hexogen and make it to face opposite side.

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7. Make A Star

When you have four triangles sticking out of the hexagon, form it to a pentagon. Again, find out the triangles on the edges and stick them. Repeat this for all the triangles and you will now get a shape somewhat like a star.

8. Fill The Gaps

The next step is filling up the gaps inside this star shaped set. Use the four remaining triangles for this. Make sure that each magnetic ball toy is properly fit into its position. With the remaining balls, you can add make a stand for the sphere.

That’s it! You have made a sphere with your magnetic balls set. Remember this is one of the most basic things you can do with them. You can make any shape or design with these balls – your imagination is the limit.

Buckyballs As A Powerful Stress Buster Toy

Stress Buster Toy

Stress Buster Ball Toy

Buckyballs are made of strong magnets. This magnetic ball toy can make your free time quite interesting and worthwhile. Whether you are in the office or at home, Buckyballs can be the most appropriate spare time killer. Furthermore, you can use your magnetic ball toy to play with your kids or to decorate your drawing room or whatever.

It has been observed that children learn various kinds of structures and shapes very easily when they are taught about the same through using Buckyballs. Buckyballs can be easily arranged to make shapes like rectangles, spheres, pyramids, cubes, etc.

According to experts, Buckyballs are made from the mixture of boron, iron and neodymium magnets. Buckyballs are used in different scenarios, as toy, as decorative thing, as stress relieving tool and even as a utility tool sometimes. Because they are made of strong magnet, they can easily moonlight as a fridge magnet to hold light objects.

Buckyballs as perfect stress buster

A standard Buckyballs set consists of 216 magnetic balls. Undoubtedly, you can use it to cater to the recreation of an entire family or a large group. With a single set of Buckyballs, you can come out with huge number of structures and shapes. They are so strong that they remain connected to each other even if you try to stick several balls even as a single bunch.

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Of late, Buckyballs have emerged as one of the most sought after stress buster toy. Employees who feel stressed out after spending several hours in front of the computer, tallying things up can spend some time with Buckyballs and feel quite refreshed. Many entrepreneurs introduce Buckyballs to their employees and encourage them to use it as compulsory game during their free time. As an office recreational tool, Buckyballs help one improve their bonding with their coworkers. It also helps them to be more creative and fast in their tasks.

Magnetic ball toy from Klikyballs

You can get the magnetic ball toy these days from different brands. One of the brands that stand out from the rest in terms of offering long lasting and powerful Buckyballs is Klikyballs. Klikyballs last longer because they are made of original neodymium magnets.

You can order Klikyballs online and get it delivered right at your doorstep. Choose from the various colors available, and start creating your own masterpiece today!

Relieving The Blues With Buckyballs

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Small Magnetic Balls

Everyone has heard of how bad office stress can get. If your typical day at work leaves you drained physically, or worse, mentally, at the end of the day, then the situation needs fixing. There are many ways to disperse work stress and blues, but they need to be used at the right time to ensure you don’t walk out in such a way as to inspire a meme.

If it hasn’t gotten that bad yet, that alone doesn’t say it won’t ever. Of course you shouldn’t be pessimistic, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. It is common knowledge that the occasional distraction lets you overcome negative emotional states like stress. Fidgeting with stuff is a great idea, and if unsure of where to start, try a magnetic ball toy. You can spend hours or even minutes doing what seems satisfyingly like nothing, but this is bound to raise your spirits to a safe level. Safe for work, and life in general.

Magnetic Ball Set

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It is easy to dismiss the effects of stress, but not for too long. Your body and mind can start getting twisted up from prolonged exposure to seemingly impossible tasks or workloads. We are not machines, and each of us needs time off. But some things persistently weigh on the mind, and many people have the habit of taking work home with them this way. A magnetic ball toy at home or the office can solve that for you.

Here is how these work. You have 216 small ball magnets, which can be arranged into different shapes. For someone with an eye for possibilities, this is endless hours of fun right there in the palm of their hand. No instructions means you can do or make anything you want out of the magnetic ball toy. Many even take on the challenge of using multiple sets to arrive at amazingly complex and beautiful shapes.

There is no single right way to be using this, because technically, it is a toy. That thought alone can be liberating when you pick up the set during a short recess. You are free to make out any shape you want, as long as the magnets arrange that way. And if you are not up to it, this magnetic ball toy is a great palm toy. Kneading it in your palm feels great, and some say it is therapeutic. Buy a magnetic ball set and explore a whole range of possibilities.

Different Contexts In Which Buckyballs Are Used

Magnetic Ball Toy

Shapes With Magnetic Balls

Buckyballs are magnetic ball toy made from strong magnets. Today, many folks find them the best toy to kill the leisure time during the office time. Some use it as means of recreation at home as well. In fact, Buckyballs are used in different contexts and the best part is that they are just amazing in all the contexts where they are used.

The uses of Buckyballs

We have seen that Buckyballs are used in different scenarios. Well, you will certainly want to know what the different contexts of using magnetic balls toy. Here are a few of them.

A science toy for kids

Children love playing games. They learn things faster whey see and experience things. Adult children can learn a lot of things from this magnetic ball toy. They can use them in their science projects. Buckyballs allow them to make any shapes or designs they can think of. Geometrical shapes can be formed with Buckyballs quite easily. As magnetic balls toy moonlight as an interesting puzzle, children would love it even while using it for their academic projects.

One of the best stress relieving tools

There are many stress relieving tools out there. Some of them are quite expensive while others are cheaper. However, this magnetic balls toy is different from all these tools because it is both cheap and effective, a feature that you can rarely find with most other stress reliving tools.

A decorative piece

Science Toy For Kids

Magnetic Balls Structures

Buckyballs magnetic ball toy comes in different colors. They are available in silver, black, golden, red, blue, green, and more. Apparently, the shapes or designs that you make with Buckyballs will be attractive. You can use them to decorate your parlor or office desk. So, instead of buying expensive decorative stuffs to beautify your living space, investing money in Buckyballs would be a brilliant idea.

How to find genuine Buckyballs

Buckyballs are manufactured by different brands. However, if you are planning to buy a set of Buckyballs, make sure that you invest your money in a set of magnetic balls that will last for years.

Klikyballs is one of the leading brands that manufacturer magnetic ball toy. The advantage with Klikyballs is that they are made of original neodymium magnets. Moreover, they are priced quite lower than their counterparts are, although they offer supreme quality.

Magnetic Ball Toy Can Make You Relieved

Magnetic Ball Toy

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Work related stress affects almost everyone, say, from daily wage earners to high salaried employees to even CEOs of big companies. Spending the whole day before the PC or laptop is not only tiresome for the body but also for the mind. It may make you highly tensed and depressed. If the job involves risk or monthly targets, you will be even more pressurized.

Taking a walk or going to the workout room, you can relax your body when you are too stressed. But what can be done for the mind? Employees working in multinational companies are encouraged to take part in recreational activities when they find themselves stressed out. Many companies have recreation rooms where the staff can go and watch movies, play chess or similar puzzles.

There are many benefits of these activities, but they cannot totally make your mind free from stress. But is there any activity that makes one totally relieved and focused? Well, magnetic ball toy is exceptionally great in this regard.

Magnetic balls toy

Wondering what a magnetic ball toy is. Magnetic toys, often known as Buckyballs are magnetic balls that come in a set 216 balls. These balls behave exactly like any other magnetic piece. They have got two poles with opposing powers. The magnetic balls can be joined together to form numerous shapes and designs.

Magnetic Toys

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

Buckyballs is not just a toy that you can use to pass your free time or stressful moments during your office hours. It has got several benefits. It can improve your cognitive power; make you more creative, observant, and active. Despite all these benefits, most people focus on the stress reliving side of Buckyballs.

Studies indicate that regular use of the magnetic ball toy would make you more relaxed and happier. Being happy is the most important thing in everyone’s life and Buckyballs can help you in achieving it.

Klikyballs is one of the numerous brands that sell magnetic ball toy. The balls in each Klikyballs set is made of genuine neodymium magnet. So they are powerful and durable.

You can order Klikyballs online and get it delivered at your doorstep within two weeks. Klikyballs are available in different colors, so you can pick them in your favorite color as well.

Have Unlimited Fun With Klikyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

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Construction toys have always been in great demand. The best advantage with them is that they mentally engage you. Buckyballs is an effective magnetic ball toy as well as a construction toy. With a set of Buckyballs, you can pass hours without feeling bored.

Buckyballs magnetic ball toy is made of neodymium magnetic materials. Like an ideal magnet, Buckyballs have two magnetic poles with opposite nature. One pole of the ball attracts while the other pole repels. As neodymium magnets have a strong attraction power, it is easy for you to construct any shape or pattern that you have in your mind.

Buckyballs are used for different purposes. Mostly, it is used as stress relieving solution. When one engages in constructing shapes or designs with Buckyballs, the brain is amazingly stimulated. According to researches, Buckyballs based activities are capable of stimulating the left and right sides of the brain equally. As a result, you will feel relieved and more focused at the same time.

Buckyballs for recreation

Due to the multiple benefits that Buckyballs offer, many prefer it to other desk toys. Big companies are observed to be encouraging their staff to get involved in Buckyballs based funs. This obviously helps them bust out the work stress during peak time.

Buckyballs For Sale

Neodymium Magnetic Toy

Each set of Buckyballs comes in a pack of 216 magnetic balls, which means it can cater to your needs perfectly. There is no limit for the number of the shapes you can make with this magnetic ball toy, because the output is not preset, but solely based on your imagination.

Buckyballs are proven to be an effective booster of imagination. When you start making shapes with Buckyballs, you would begin to think differently. You would realize your potentials and creative abilities.

Buckyballs are manufactured and sold by different brands these days. However, it is highly recommended that you buy it from a reputed brand. Klikyballs is a reliable manufacturer that offers this amazing magnetic ball toy. These magnetic balls last for years, and are worth the money spent. They also come in various colors, so that you have unlimited options of creating your masterpiece.

Stress Relief With Buckyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

Buckyballs Magnets

Using a magnetic ball toy to pass time is a great way to alleviate boredom. However, that is not the only way you can benefit from being occupied like this. Because the main use of such toys is that they take up your attention for a short time, they are also very useful in fighting stress, especially in the workplace.

Have you ever wondered about a way to ease that ache in the back of your eyes, which happened probably from staring at the computer screen for too long? Have you been at a task for some time now and started wishing for some mental respite? In most cases, people wait for recess and look forward to a nap, a stroll outside, or a chat with coworkers. Others prefer none of those things, wanting instead to lay their head back and stare at the ceiling before going back to work. Another way to spend that time is to play with a magnetic ball toy. A desk toy like this will never lose its value as a tool for entertainment.

Bucky Balls

Desk Toy

Buckyballs Desk Toy

This magnetic ball toy comprises a set of 215 magnets, which come together to form a variety of different shapes. The thing about the variety is that you are the one discovering it, by pushing, snapping, rolling and breaking up the individual balls. Each of these is a neodymium magnet, which means it will retain its magnetic attraction for a long time. Make up almost any shape and leave this toy on the table, and it will stay the way you left it. When you find the time again, you can pick up where you left off, or start making something altogether new. There is no end to the fun you can have playing around with this desk toy.

Get this magnetic ball toy set and see the difference in how work feels. It will not be de-motivating as before, because you know there is something waiting to take the load off come break time. When you get off work, just take this toy in your palm and start squeezing it, if nothing else. At the very least, this will relieve the tension in your fingers and let you regain some calm. If you are up to it, explore a few possible shapes that these balls can be arranged in. Let out the artist in you, and be amazed at what you can achieve.