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Magnetic Balls – A Office Desk Toy With Exciting Benefits

Magnetic Buckyballs

Office Desk Toy

The magnetic balls toy is generally considered as a stress reliving office desk toy. However, it has got many other uses. In a standard set of magnetic Buckyballs, you will get 216 powerful neodymium magnetic beads. Believe it or not, it is one of the finest stress reliving toys out in the world.

Technically speaking, the magnetic balls are just like any other piece of magnetic. Each ball in the set consists of two mini magnetic poles. They have got the power to attract each other. You can form them into any shape that you like.

As said, every ideal magnetic balls set contains 216 beads. You can use them to make as many numbers of shapes or designs as you like. The secret of making shapes with them depends on your creativity.

With the magnetic balls, you can kill boredom. Apparently, you will go through some difficult times initially when you start making shapes and designs with Buckyballs. But remember that this is quite natural with any puzzle. You would find yourself a loser in the first few attempts. If you take it as a challenge and go on making shapes and designs with them, you will pick up the tricks faster and will master this puzzle.

Although the basic purpose of using the magnetic Buckyballs is to kill boredom, it entails many other benefits as well.

A Puzzle For The Entire Family

Bucky Ball

Group Puzzles

If you are fed up of playing with the magnetic Buckyballs on your own, you can ask any of your family members to join you. In fact, when you play with magnetic balls with more people, you will get a chance to involve it with more passion. But always keep in mind that the magnetic balls toy is not meant for small children. Therefore, never let your children play with them.

Magnetic Buckyballs Help Improve Imagination

When you take on a puzzle that really interests you, it will improve your imagination and concentration. With these magnetic balls, the level of imagination and focus you get is greater.

You Can Use Magnetic Buckyballs For School Projects

As these magnetic balls toy can be used to create any shapes or design out there, you can use them for creating geometric shapes. Obviously, this allows you to use them for your science projects.

How Klikyballs Alleviate Stress

Magnetic Buckyballs

Klikyballs Set

Different people have different mechanisms to cope with stress. A lot of things in life can have you face-palming yourself at least mentally, and many of those things can add to stress you accumulate at the end of the day. While this is most commonly seen to be the case for people working in offices across the country or even the world, it is not necessarily something related to those environments. Every moment that has you dissatisfied with the way things are, is a potential source of stress, and isn’t good for you in the long run.

Fidgeting Is Good For You

When you are at the office hurrying to meet a deadline or struggling to get a full breath without being crushed by the weight of work, few things can benefit you the same way a fidgeting toy would. Since the dawn of civilization, people have instinctively honed in on the fact that they feel better when using their hands and fingers in seemingly meaningless ways.

While thinking of things that don’t pertain to work, or even when applying your mind to the task at hand, fidgeting is a good way to actually keep yourself on point, although the tendency is frowned upon in most circles. But when you have a private space to work in, and nothing but work to command your attention, the need for a desk toy becomes palpable.

Buckyballs Magnets

Klikyballs Desk Toy

Desk toys as an answer to office stress are unrivalled in their effectiveness. Ask someone who has a Klikyballs set on their desk if they would let you borrow the thing for a week, and no good would come of it. No matter how polite they are most of the time, this is fragile territory you are treading. Klikyballs users know they are better off with something like this bead set to turn to, because it allows them varied levels of welcome distraction when they are in bad shape mentally.

Maybe they are all for fashioning complex shapes in their spare time, or maybe they like the feel of kneading these magnetic beads in their palm. Together, these things can be therapeutic; because each lets the person set aside the tedium of work and let their mind function normally.

Get a Klikyballs set if you are wondering what the experience is like. You can be sure of seeing a difference in way you handle your work, and being able to cut your stress levels by at least half.

The Curing Effect Of Magnets On Stroke Patients

Magnetic Buckyballs

Curative Effects Of Magnets

It may sound quite strange but a recent study found out that magnets have medicinal values. We all know that the magnets are used in different things, ranging from MP3 players to decorating things. However, it was quite recently when medical science unveiled the curative abilities of magnets.

The Curative Effects Of Magnets In Stroke Patients

Stroke patients can experience miraculous cure in their problems if they undergo magnet-based treatments. After magnet-based treatment, many stroke patients were able to move their limbs that were paralyzed.

Paralysis is a common problem that affects stroke patients. In addition to the physical problems, stroke patients are subject to deal with a number of emotional hurdles. The realization that they cannot move their limbs can be a frustrating experience.

One of the reasons why stroke patients succumb to death without fighting the illness is because they are mentally weakened. The magnet-based treatment would not only cause vibration in the paralyzed limbs but also would cause the awaking of the inactive areas in the brain.

Magnet based treatments use a modern technology called TMS (Transcranil Magnetic Stimulation). This is behind stimulating the inactive cells in the paralyzed body part and the brain.

The magnet-based treatment does not give instant results, but studies have proved that it can give patients hope and confidence. Even modern medical science has admitted the role of one’s confidence in fighting illnesses.

Buy Buckyballs

Magnetic Buckyballs

As long as stroke patients are concerned, anything that makes them feel depressed can have a negative impact in their curing process. The magnet-based treatment stimulates the inactive cells in the brain and the paralyzed part of the body. After the treatment, the patients experience a change and vibration in the affected areas.

Some patients are even capable of moving the affected limp soon after the treatment. This sudden progress makes these patients quite confident and ready for a miraculous cure.

Magnetic Buckyballs are made of pure neodymium magnets. Like the magnetic treatment, it can also have curative effect on people with stress, lethargy, boredom, etc. People who spend more time with Buckyballs seem to be more productive and creative as well. You can buy Buckyballs online and see how it can work on reducing stress the instant you take them in your hands.

Why Fidgeting Is Something You Should Probably Do More Often

Buckyballs For Sale

Play With Klikyballs

Mindless fidgeting in the office is one of those things which have an invisible healing effect on the sore mind. If you are the type to wonder, and have, why you find yourself playing with a paper clip or paperweight, this is it. Science says the mind needs reprieves of this sort more than is obvious, which is why people usually break into the act when their mind gets a chance to wander.

Ask anyone who fidgets with a desk toy, and they will immediately respond that it takes their mind off the work they were doing a minute ago. Just because they cannot tell you why they need a distraction, doesn’t explain why without it, they are unable to perform well later.

Researchers have delved into the debatably understudied matter of why we fidget, and boil it down to the need for extra sensory-motor input. That means you are too bored with work to be doing it without steadily rising effort. Your brain wants to “work” in a way it likes. The fidgeting helps drive focus back to the primary activity.

As for the benefits of fidgeting, even kids show a marked performance improvement when they are doing it. Learning and information application are both boosted when the rest of your body isn’t idle. You would think office workers who fiddle aren’t particularly serious about this sort of thing, but they are usually more passionate than you would assume.

People make specific choices about the things they carry with them, and have a variety of preferences when it comes to fidgeting. This is one area where mindless repetition helps, and the ones who seek it instinctively know this.

Magnetic Buckyballs

Fidget With Klikyballs

Consider having a magnetic Buckyballs toy set on your office desk, and being able to make random shapes when you get free time. Not only does this release you from the stress that tedious work almost always carries, but it also makes you more adept at pulling your mind off that kind of stress.

If you have formed a habit of playing with Buckyballs during the day’s break, and can do this comfortably, pretty soon you’re automatically enabled to stop thinking about work for a few minutes. That, as many people know, can do wonders, because they fidget frequently.

If mindless finger motions seem beneath the way you carry yourself in the office, rest assured that Buckyballs for sale have a lot more things to do with them. Make intricate and complex shapes, or simply mash them in your palm. Whatever you choose, these magnetic Buckyballs won’t disappoint you.

There Are So Many Things That Make Klikyballs Awesome

Magnetic Buckyballs

Play With Klikyballs

How good are Klikyballs to play with? If you are an avid user of this desk toy, there is no need to tell you the kind of relaxation they offer through stimulation. Playing with these magnetic Buckyballs is the shortest route to alternate stimulation when you really need to jog yourself from the fog of tedium surrounding office work.

As humans, we are not built to slog for nine straight hours each day, without a break. Plus, many offices have work policies which disregard the effects of protracted work strain on the mind. Adverse as these are, our natural resilience lets us work past them for long durations, but that has consequences. You may have a temper tantrum at home for no other reason that you can’t find the remote, or be too tired on weekends to do much else besides lie in bed.

The problem here is that most jobs involve repetitive work, and there is rarely something to take your mind off the activity you are doing over and over. In such an instance, a desk toys can be a godsend. Fiddling is an age-old method for letting your mind stretch itself in the all the ways it needs to. With Klikyballs, you can do much more.

First, these are amusing from the simple fact that they are bead magnets. There is a whole range of motions you can perform with your fingers without even thinking about it, which itself is sufficient to calm you. And if you are at the point where you could use stimulation, these beads can be remodeled into a numerous shapes.

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Fun With Klikyballs

Bear in mind they are magnetic, and few things work as well when you are using them as building blocks. The only thing limiting what you can make is your imagination and skill, both of which are guaranteed to grow if you use this desk toy the right way, and long enough.

For people who have just discovered the wonders of clump of magnets sitting on their desk or shelf, there are plenty of online videos and posts, including the ones here, showing what other shapes people have managed to make with their Klikyballs set. I would be remiss not to mention someone has even made a miniature Thor’s hammer with magnetic Buckyballs, and it looks awesome.

Get your own Klikyballs set today, and start exploring the ways magnets behave, or simply daydream while mashing the clump in your palm. Or do both. Just make sure it is your free time, and forget about any stress you had.

Magnetic Ball – A Desk Toy With Unbelievable Stress Relieving Properties

Magnetic Buckyballs

Stress Reliever

People who have experienced stress would admit that desk toys are a great way to relieve stress. It is not that a desk toy has got a magic to disappear your worries and tensions. It is quite normal and common that that you will feel relieved when you start fidgeting with something when you are under stress.

When you are faced with an unresolved problem or when you are challenged by your boss to complete the monthly targets within the deadline, you would naturally feel upset and stressful. You would find that fidgeting something in your hand helps distract your mind from the worries and help focus on a solution.

If a mere paperweight or pen could help you stay focused on one thing, what would be the power of an toy that is specially designed to keep you focused? Certainly, the result it can bring will be unimaginable. And the magnetic Buckyballs are specially designed for that.

Buckyballs have many advantageous sides. It instantly attracts your attention. Once you start playing with them, you would never want to leave them.

Bucky Balls

Fidgeting Desk Toys

Although Bucky balls is basically a stress reliever, it is used in different scenarios. A single set of magnetic Buckyballs consists of more than two hundred balls. All of them are in equal shape. They stick to each other strongly because they are made of strong neodymium magnets. Through creative alignments, you can convert the magnetic balls into any shape or design you like.

All it requires is your imagination. Initially, it might seem hard to make the shape as fast as you think. But once you are familiar with aligning them, you will find making various shapes and structures quite fast.

As far as stress is concerned, these magnetic Buckyballs makes you forget that totally. It can truly make you relieved, relaxed, focused, and motivated. There has not been any stress reliever as powerful and simple as the magnetic Buckyballs.

Playing With Puzzles Can Improve Spatial Skills – Report

Magnetic Buckyballs

Playing With Buckyballs

A recent study conducted at University of Chicago reveals some interesting facts. Researchers found out that people who played with puzzles have more spatial skill than their non-playing counterparts. They conducted a study among a large number of people that comprised of different age groups to find this.

Playing with puzzles helped people develop their spatial skills at amazing range. It helped be capable of multitasking. These people have the ability to think fast and adapt to changes very easily than others. The researchers also conducted the study among kids.

Children who played with puzzles were found to be developing amazing level of spatial skills at their different growth stages. They were able to identify colors fast. Schoolchildren who played puzzles performed better in mathematics and science subjects.

According to the researchers, when one plays with a puzzle, his/her mind is completely occupied. Puzzles make them stay focused on one activity or thought. Because puzzles are interesting, people are able to engage in it with more interest and enthusiasm.

People who frequently play with puzzles are able to take every activity with the same spirit. Take an employee for instance. If he/she is accustomed to playing with puzzles at home or in the office, they would have more productivity in their work because they would be capable of executing their tasks with interest and enthusiasm because their mindset is molded to stay focused on a single task. In fact, one of the best advantages of playing with the puzzles is that it will mold your mind to stay focused.

Buckey Balls – An Excellent Puzzle That Keeps You Focused

Bucky Balls

Magnetic Ball Toys

There are hundreds of puzzles out there. Most of those puzzles are basically designed to entertain people. To some extent, they manage to keep people focused. Magnetic Buckyballs is different though. It has got a magical power to keep you focused.

Bucky balls were introduced as an office desk toy. It allowed employees in big companies to have mental refreshments during the work. However, due to their amazing clout to keep people focused, these magnetic balls became very popular. Today, they are regarded as the best intellectual puzzle out there.

How A Magnetic Ball Set Can Help Kill Stress

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Best Desk Toy

What is the best thing about having a desk toy in the office? Ask anyone who has one and uses it; they would tell you this is the best way to unwind in under 10 minutes. This is one of the most underrated ways to vent stress. In fact, most incumbent workers are skeptical about these benefits, preferring to believe it is some placebo effect instead as opposed to anything substantial.

And If It Is?

Saying desk toys are a placebo doesn’t mean getting one will have no favorable effect on your well being. Come to think of it, that is exactly what you need in these cases. Although stress is not a physical ailment, it has been known to cause many of the different aches and pains that office workers bring home from work.

These end up disrupting long-term happiness by leaving the person moody or irritable at the end of the day. You would spend weekends relaxing because you need to, and not because you get to; and there is a big difference.

You notice one thing about people who take care of the seemingly small things like this one – they appear to have boundless energy, and have no problem living life in the moment. There is bound to be that one colleague who never seems to run out of fuel. These people are generally either stupid, or make sure to release stress whenever they get the time. You could try the latter.

Magnetic Buckyballs

Awesome Desk Toy

Doing the crossword is not something everyone is successful at. And the Rubik’s cube isn’t simple enough to be enjoyable when all you need is a mental break. It is better to fidget with something that doesn’t require too much in the way of thinking. What better way to do that than with a magnetic ball set? These are the best cure for any level of tedium or boredom you are dealing with.

There is no age bar to the fun you can have either. Go to that place in your mind where every new shape you make with Buckyballs is a source of wonder. This is enough to drive away the exhaustion of work.

The Klikyballs magnetic set is a set of 216 ball magnets which can fit into a number of shapes depending on the person’s ability to manipulate them. There are few things you cannot make out of this, and the best part – you will enjoy yourself in the meantime.

Know The Five Coolest Magnetic Products

Magnetic Buckyballs

FlexiT Light

Magnets are used in a lot of products these days. The magnetic power makes these products different from the same products without magnets. Here is a list of five coolest products that have powerful magnets inside them to make them more useful.

FlexiT Light

The FlexiT may look quite ordinary. However, it is incorporated with strong magnets. It is a very thin light and is highly flexible. You can bend, fold, or wrap it in the desired direction. There are about 16 high intensity lights in it. They are attached with powerful neodymium magnets. The magnet helps this light to be attached to metal surfaces. FlexiT light is ideal for camping, night walking, and using in workstations and similar places.

Magnetic Vases

A magnetic vase has a minimal design. However, this helps create a totally strange illusion of a vase standing vertical without a base. If you want to use this vase with its magnetic illusion, all you need to do is to hold a thin metal under the tablecloth and then simply keep the vase on the table. The strong magnet incorporated on the bottom part of the vase will hold it in vertical position.

Jpeg Wall Hooks

Jpeg wall hooks are customizable hooks. You can use to attach your photos, memos, mail, reminders, or whatever. These hooks are made with two powerful magnets. Consequently, you can stick them to any metal surface, for instance, refrigerator, cupboard, etc.

Kohler Moxie

Where To Buy Buckyballs

Magnetic Ball Toy

It is a showerhead with built-in wireless speaker. The wireless speaker is attached to this magnetic and is removable. The speaker is also equipped with Bluetooth technology. So it is possible to pair it with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, laptops, or MP3 players. The devices need to be placed within 32 feet from the speaker.

Magnetic Balls Toy

Magnetic balls toy, popularly known as Buckyballs, are stress-relieving balls used in an office setting. People use them to get rid of stress and kill boredom. A standard set of Buckyballs consists of 216 strong magnet balls. You can join them together to form any structure or shape you have in mind.

What Makes Kliky Shapes Popular Among All Age Groups?

Buckey Balls

Kliky Shapes

Kliky balls have introduced a new product called Kliky Shapes. They are liked by both children and adults alike. Children love them because they are colorful and beautiful. For parents, it is a safe toy to gift their children.

Kliky Shapes have many positive sides. They are flat, smooth, and do not have any sharp edges. Here are some of the best sides of Kliky Shapes:

Easy To Clean Up

Kliky Shapes are easy to use and clean up even if they are scattered here and there. As a parent, you must be quite familiar with using Lego toys. It is very hard to clean up them if they are scattered all over your house. Well, this will not be the case with Kliky Shapes, because they are large and clear pieces.

Kliky Shapes are exactly like Buckey balls in terms of magnetic properties. You can pick them up easily if your kids have thrown them under the couch. Just take an iron ruler and reach it towards the Kliky Shapes sitting under the couch. Those hiding pieces will be attracted to the ruler and you can just pull them back.

Unlimited Fun Options

Magnetic Buckyballs

Kliky Shapes Fun

Kliky Shapes are colorful and attractive. Every kid will like it. Do you have small children bothering you all the time, no matter what toy you give them to play? Just give them a set of Kliky Shapes. You will be amazed to see how fast they get accustomed to using them. They will be quite comfortable using them. Besides that, these are safe and do not pose any chocking threat.

No Need To Teach Children How To Use Them

You do not have to teach your children to use Kliky Shapes – they will discover it themselves. Give them a set of Kliky Shapes and observe them for a few minutes. They will be attracted to magnetic power of these pieces. When they see each piece getting attracted to each other automatically, they will become curious about it and try to detach them. After a while, they will start joining them for making shapes or patterns they have in mind.