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Support Your Geometric Projects With Klikyballs


        Buckyballs Improves Creative Skills

Magnetic spherical balls derived from neodymium rare earth magnets serve multiple purposes. When magnets are formed into small spherical shaped balls, you could create a number of structures and designs within seconds. These designs are extremely useful for creating different geometric patterns.


Buckyballs are spherical neodymium magnets that help you mold fun designs. These strong magnets from Buckyballs last for long and hence you can enjoy making different designs. The fun goes on as there are no instructions needed and you can create limitless designs. Designing patterns with Buckyballs Magnetix is the favorite pass time for many children. Moreover, Buckyballs can motivate children in learning and creative skills while playing. When they learn the basics of geometric designs with the aid of Buckyballs, the lessons on geometry and math will become more interesting for children.

Klikyballs Magnetix

Klikyballs are small, round spherical magnetic balls that stick to one another to make infinite designs and patterns. You could get better tutorial on designing three-dimensional geometric designs by allowing children to make replicas of various triangular, polygonal and hexagonal designs. It takes children’s creative skills to a very advanced level as they motivate themselves in molding innovative structures and designs.

You can make the balls lined up to create a line. From there, you can carry on making different two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional structures. You can even make balls of different sizes. Since Klikyballs can be easily contorted, twisted and crushed; you could mold them into limitless fun designs.

Magnetic Spherical Balls

           Benefits Of Buckyballs Magnetix

Learning through fun can be interesting. In fact, children are motivated in learning while we design a varied path for them. Indeed, Klikyballs Magnetix is a very good example. It is a great way to improve their logical and reasoning skills. Every time they implement designing, it is certain that they get unique structures. Unlike traditional games and puzzles, Klikyballs solutions are never ending. You will never run out of ideas, nor do you get bored with the Klikyballs building game.

While you create innovative designs, it acts as a brain exercise that further promotes the efficiency of all areas of the brain. You can choose from a variety of Klikyballs package options. The price varies with the Klikyballs contents in the package.

However, the basic package with 216 magnetic balls is priced at $29.99. To enhance its life, Klikyballs are coated and plated. So do not hesitate to buy his innovative magnetic toy!