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Get Creative With Magnetic Desk Toys


               About Magnetix Desk Toy

These days, office professionals are looking for innovative ways to de-stress themselves. And, of course, there are plenty of stress relief apps available that you can make use of for this. But, it is best to un-plug yourself, put down your smartphone, laptop, etc and engage in something creative to beat the stress. This is why magnetix desk toys are so popular.

About the KlikyBalls magnetic desk toys

The KlikyBalls magnetix toys are particularly popular among working professionals. The pieces in the KlikyBalls set are made from good quality rare earth magnets. As a result, these pieces will retain their magnetic properties for a lifetime.

They are also very elegantly designed magnetix toys that can be used as a decorative addition to your office table. The KlikyBalls magnetix toy set will contain about 216 magnetic pieces in a standard set. These pieces, being magnetic in nature, will stick together because of the magnetic force of attraction between them.

Using this magnetic force between the opposite poles, you can attach more and more magnetix pieces together creating all kinds of shapes and structures. Creating a structure, therefore, becomes very easy, as there are no interlocking structures are required for this.

These magnetix can therefore be used as a construction toy. Create some elegant looking structure, a prism or a cube, and place it on your office desk. Use it as paperweight. But, when you are feeling a little too stressed out, dismantle this structure and create a new one.

When you are creating a new structure using the KlikyBalls pieces, make sure that you are creating something unique. This will boost your creativity and ensure that you are completely distracted from all your work-related worries. You will soon feel relaxed, and will be able to get back to your work without any anxiety or stress.

Rare Earth Magnets

              KlikyBalls Magnetix Toy Set

One thing you need to keep in mind while using the KlikyBalls toy is to keep it out of the reach of young children. The magnetic pieces in the KlikyBalls toy set are very small spherical balls, which children could accidently swallow. So, read the warning label and the safety instructions on the product packaging carefully before you use the thing.

The KlikyBalls toy set is in different colours like green, blue, red, gold, silver, black, etc to suit your office interiors. The starting price is $29.99. Visit the official website for more information about this cool desk toy.

Use Magnetic Toys For Stress Relief

Bucky Balls

                       About Magnetic Balls Toy

One of the best ways to kill stress is to indulge yourself in some fun as well as mentally stimulating games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles. However, such games, if you are not particularly good at them, might not be best way to beat stress; you should be looking for a fun activity that is much more relaxing but still creative.

Using magnetic ball toys

Magnetic ball toys are the new trend, when it comes to stress relief toys. Take for instance, the bucky balls set. It is a set of magnetic spheres that are held together by the magnetic force between them. Now, this magnetic property of the bucky balls makes them a very good construction toy.

You might already be familiar with the concept of magnetic force, the two poles, the forces of attraction and repulsion between the poles, etc. But, your children might now only be learning about all this in science class. They would love to play the magnetic bucky balls. However, you need to keep the bucky balls away from small kids, who would not understand the dangers of accidentally swallowing these small spherical balls.

As far as adults are concerned, bucky balls would be a great office desk toy for them. You can just make a simple cube or prism using the bucky balls set, and use it as a paperweight. When the work pressure really gets to you, take a break from your work and have some fun rearranging these bucky balls into a shape as unique as possible.

This would boost your creativity as you are trying to come up with a unique design for rearranging the magnetic balls. And, most importantly, as you are immersed in this activity, you would soon forget about your work-related worries.

Rare Earth Magnets

               Buy KlikyBalls Magnetic Balls Set

About the KlikyBalls magnetic toys

Get the KlikyBalls brand, if you are looking for a quality set of bucky balls magnets. They are made of high quality rare earth magnets and come in many different colours like red, green, blue, black, silver, gold, etc. The KlikyBalls set is available in sets, each with 216 to 2160 pieces.

This magnetic toy would be an elegant gift to your colleagues and friends. The starting price is 22.99$ with an additional 5.95$ for shipping and handling. By the way, go online and check out some of videos posted on Youtube about creating some cool structures using KlikyBalls.

One Of The Best Magnetic Toys Available

Buckeye Balls

              About Buckeye Balls Toys

You kid’s birthday might be approaching, and you still have no clue as to what to get him. Of course, there is no dearth of all kinds of toys in the market. But, I am sure that your kid would enjoy playing with magnetic toys rather than any of other the fancy toys you would get them. This is because the invisible magnetic force that holds these toys together would always invoke a sense of curiosity in kids.

About the buckeye balls magnetic toys

One of the magnetic toy types available is the buckeye balls. The buckeye balls magnetic toys are construction toys – much like Lego – which can be used to construct all types of shapes and figures. Your kid would love creating new shapes and designs using the buckeye balls set.

Though buckeye balls are really cool toys, you need to take into consideration the age of your kid, before you present him a set of buckeye balls. These very small magnetic spheres might get accidently swallowed by young children. So, these toys should be kept away from toddlers.

On the other hand, your teenage kids would love playing with these toys and creating cool shapes using them. Your kid would be learning about the concept and properties of the magnetic force in his science class. The buckeye balls magnetic toy set would be a good way for him to put his science lessons into practice.

Buy KlikyBalls toy set

Of course, there are many different brands marketing the buckeye balls toys these days. But, if you want to buy a set of good quality magnetic toys that would last a lifetime, you need to buy KlikyBalls. A standard KlikyBalls set would contain about 216 magnetic spheres.

Each of these pieces is made from good quality rare earth magnets. This ensures that the pieces would not lose its magnetic property even after many years of rough use. KlikyBalls are available in sets starting from 216 pieces a set, to 2160.

Rare Earth Magnets

           Buy Kliky Balls Magnetic Toys

They are also available in a variety of colours – black, silver, gold, red, blue and green. The starting price for a KlikyBalls set is 22.99$ plus an extra 5.95$ for shipping and handling charges. You can choose from the different colours at no extra cost.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee for each purchase. So, go ahead and purchase a set of KlikyBalls toys today itself.