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Buckyballs vs Klikyballs.

Klikyballs should not be confused with Buckyballs. The FTC has complained that the small 3.5mm diameter BuckyBalls could be ingested by small children, causing them harm. However, Klikyballs are almost 50% larger than BuckyBalls at 4.5mm. Still, we recommend that Klikyballs and small magnets be kept out of the reach of small children at all times. Because Klikyballs are larger than Buckyballs, they are also easier to work with and harder to misplace. There are 216 4.5mm Klikyballs in each set, about enough, when stacked, to fit in an adult hand. They come packed in a 6 by 6 by 6 cube. The more sets you order, the more intricate the designs you can make. The core of Klikyballs is neodymium, a Rare Earth and they will retain their magnetic charge for years, under normal use. Klikyballs are coated in either nickel, rare black nickel, silver or gold.

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Comparisons Chart Between Zencube, Klikyballs and Buckyballs

1) Large 4.5mm Size
2) Long Lasting High Quality Neodymium
3) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
4) Choice of High Quality Packaging Options
5) Choice of 9 different colors
6) Free Shipping in the USA
We are now offering nine colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Blue, Purple, Pink, Sky Blue, Red & Green.
Forms, Structures,
Stress Relief & More.
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Choose from BLACK, GOLD, BLUE, RED, GREEN, PINK, SKY BLUE, PURPLE or SILVER at no extra cost!

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