Best answer: Why do magnetic field lines form closed continuous closed loop?

Magnetic lines form continuous closed loops because magnetic monopole does not exist in nature. We always find magnetic poles – North and South pole which are coupled together in such a way that field lines originating from one pole ends at the another loop, forming a closed loop.

Do magnetic field lines always form Closed Loop?

Magnetic field-lines form closed loops which never begin or end. Thus, magnetic field-lines behave in a quite different manner to electric field-lines, which begin on positive charges, end on negative charges, and never form closed loops.

Why are the magnetic field lines closed?

Since the direction of magnetic field line is the direction of force on a north pole. So the magnetic lines always begin from the ‘N’ pole of the magnet and end on the ‘S’ pole of the magnet. … Thus the magnetic field lines are closed.

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Why do the electric field lines not form any closed loop?

The electrostatic field lines do not form closed loop because no electric field line exist inside the charged body.

What is the probable cause of Earth Magnetism?

The Earth’s magnetic field is believed to be generated by electric currents in the conductive iron alloys of its core, created by convection currents due to heat escaping from the core.

What happens when a magnetic needle is kept in a uniform magnetic field?

A magnetised needle in a uniform magnetic field experiences a torque but no net force because the forces experienced by it are equal in magnitude, opposite in direction and have different lines of action. Therefore, the net force is zero. … Due to the bar-magnet the iron nail experiences a non-uniform magnetic field.

Are electric field lines closed curves?

The electric field lines can never form closed loops, as line can never start and end on the same charge. These field lines always flow from higher potential to lower potential.

Where is the magnetic field the strongest?

The magnetic field is strongest at the center and weakest between the two poles just outside the bar magnet. The magnetic field lines are densest at the center and least dense between the two poles just outside the bar magnet.

Which property of the magnetic field lines is wrong?

Solution : (a) Wrong, because magnetic lines of force never emanate from a single point as shown. The field lines shown represent electric field of a single positive charge.

Why electric field inside a conductor is zero?

A conductor is a material that has a large number of free electrons available for the passage of current. … Hence in order to minimize the repulsion between electrons, the electrons move to the surface of the conductor. Hence we can say that the net charge inside the conductor is zero.

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Why electric field lines are continuous curves?

An electrostatic field line is a continuous curve because a charge experiences a continuous force when placed in an electrostatic field. The field line cannot have sudden breaks because the charge moves continuously and does not jump fom one point to another.

Why must electrostatic field be normal to the surface?

Electric field is defined as the gradient of potential and the surface of a conductor has a constant potential. Therefore, there is no field along the surface of the conductor and hence the electrostatic field at the surface of a charged conductor should be Normal to the surface at every point.

Why is Earth called a magnet?

The crust of the Earth has some permanent magnetization, and the Earth’s core generates its own magnetic field, sustaining the main part of the field we measure at the surface. So we could say that the Earth is, therefore, a “magnet.”

Why can’t two magnetic lines of force cross each other?

Reason – The two magnetic field lines do not intersect each other because if they do it means at the point of intersecting the compass needle is showing two different directions which are not possible.

How Earth magnetic field is created?

The Earth’s magnetic field is generated in the fluid outer core by a self-exciting dynamo process. Electrical currents flowing in the slowly moving molten iron generate the magnetic field.

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