Frequent question: Why are magnetic field lines closed curves Class 10?

Magnetic field lines are closed curve because magnetic monopoles do not exit. Outside a magnet direction of magnetic field, lines are from north to the South Pole and inside a magnet the direction if from south to north, hence forming a closed loop.

Are magnetic field lines closed explain?

A small compass will point in the direction of the field line. … Magnetic field lines can never cross, meaning that the field is unique at any point in space. Magnetic field lines are continuous, forming closed loops without beginning or end. They go from the north pole to the south pole.

Why are magnetic lines of force closed?

Magnetic lines form continuous closed loops because magnetic monopole does not exist in nature. We always find magnetic poles – North and South pole which are coupled together in such a way that field lines originating from one pole ends at the another loop, forming a closed loop.

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What does the magnetic field lines show?

Magnetic field lines are a visual tool used to represent magnetic fields. They describe the direction of the magnetic force on a north monopole at any given position. … One useful analogy is the close connection between magnetic monopoles and electric charges.

What is magnetic field lines Class 10th?

The path along which north pole moves in a magnetic field is called magnetic lines of force or magnetic field line. They show the direction and strength of magnetic field. If magnetic field lines are very close to each other in a particular region,then the strength of magnetic field in that region,is very large.

Where is the magnetic field the strongest?

The magnetic field is strongest at the center and weakest between the two poles just outside the bar magnet. The magnetic field lines are densest at the center and least dense between the two poles just outside the bar magnet.

What is meant by magnetic field?

A magnetic field is a vector field that describes the magnetic influence on moving electric charges, electric currents, and magnetic materials. … Magnetic fields surround magnetized materials, and are created by electric currents such as those used in electromagnets, and by electric fields varying in time.

What happens when a magnetic needle is kept in a uniform magnetic field?

A magnetised needle in a uniform magnetic field experiences a torque but no net force because the forces experienced by it are equal in magnitude, opposite in direction and have different lines of action. Therefore, the net force is zero. … Due to the bar-magnet the iron nail experiences a non-uniform magnetic field.

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Why can’t two magnetic field lines cross each other?

Two magnetic field lines do not intersect each other because if there was point of intersection, The compass needle would point towards 2 directions. Which means that the magnetic field has two different directions, which is not possible.4 мая 2020 г.

Do magnetic field line always form closed loops?

Magnetic field-lines form closed loops which never begin or end. Thus, magnetic field-lines behave in a quite different manner to electric field-lines, which begin on positive charges, end on negative charges, and never form closed loops.

How magnetic field is created?

Any current (movement of electrical charge) will create a magnetic field. Certain materials are capable of realigning the angular momentum of their electrons, and iron is one of them. When the angular momentum of electrons gets aligned, an external magnetic field is created.

What causes a magnetic field?

When you rub a piece of iron along a magnet, the north-seeking poles of the atoms in the iron line up in the same direction. The force generated by the aligned atoms creates a magnetic field. The piece of iron has become a magnet. Some substances can be magnetized by an electric current.

Can we see magnetic flux lines?

At each end of a magnet is a pole. These lines of flux (called a vector field) can not be seen by the naked eye, but they can be seen visually by using iron fillings sprinkled onto a sheet of paper or by using a small compass to trace them out.

What are the 4 properties of magnet?

They are:

  • Attractive Property – Magnet attracts ferromagnetic materials like iron, cobalt, and nickel.
  • Repulsive Properties – Like magnetic poles repel each other and unlike magnetic poles attract each other.
  • Directive Property – A freely suspended magnet always points in a north-south direction.
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Can you direct a magnetic field?

Yes, it is possible to guide magnetic field lines using a shaped magnetic material. Just as field lines concentrate when entering the south pole of a magnet from a large area, an external magnetic field can be “gathered” using, for example, a cone-shaped piece of iron.

What is right hand rule 10th thumb?

If a current carrying conductor is imagined to be held in right hand such that thumb points in direction of current,then curled fingers of hand indicate the direction of magnetic field. If current flows in upward direction then direction will be anticlockwise.

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