Is it safe to swim at Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island is, in fact, great for swimming all year round. Palms line the golden, sandy shores, with coral-fringed bays making for inviting sea temperatures throughout the year. If you’re wondering whether you can swim on Magnetic Island, the answer is yes!

Can you swim in Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island has the perfect temperature water for swimming throughout the year. Stinger nets are available at Picnic Bay and Horseshoe Bay. If you are swimming outside the nets during the season it is adviseable to wear a stinger suit which you can either buy or hire from outlets on the island.

Are there crocodiles on Magnetic Island?

CROCODILES have been crossing the 8km stretch of ocean between Townsville and Magnetic Island and are having an impact on its tourism market. Records from the Department of Environment and Science revealed there had been seven reported sightings on the island this year.

Is Magnetic Island safe?

H All. As a general rule, you are quite safe 1 May to 30 September everywhere. If you got stung and died an impossibly agonising death at Radical Bay before October, it would be dreadfully unlucky, in addition to being an awful shame of course.

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Is Magnetic Island worth visiting?

At 52sqkm and with only 2000 residents, Magnetic Island is the perfect, relaxed getaway; with its palm trees, national park reserves and gorgeous hidden beaches, it’s definitely worth a visit on any east coast Australia itinerary.

What is Magnetic Island known for?

Magnetic Island is well known for its distinctive environment and picturesque landscape featuring large granite boulders, hoop pines, sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs. The story of Magnetic Island began 275 million years ago when molten granite was pushed to the earth’s surface with volcanic force.

How much is the ferry to Magnetic Island?

Standard TicketsAdult Return – Online price$30.00Child Return (5 – 14 years)$17.00Child Single (5 – 14 years)$8.70Student Return*$22.50Student Single*$11.50Ещё 5 строк

Can you swim in the ocean in Townsville?

A well-developed beach backed by the city of Townsville. Waves are usually low to non-existent and swimming is relatively safe in the pool or stinger enclosure.

Where can you swim on Magnetic Island?

For beautiful swimming spots, check out the small and secluded cove of Rocky Bay, and for velvety golden sand head to Radical Bay, or Balding Bay. The mild and pleasant temperatures of the winter months are also when there are no stingers in the water.

Are there crocodiles at Mission Beach?

We have some wonderful wildlife in Mission Beach and we hope you get to meet some of our furry, feathered and scaly locals. But, there are some that are best admired from afar such as spiders, snakes, cassowaries and crocodiles. If you are careful, the risk of getting hurt is low.

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Do you need a car on Magnetic Island?

Hire Car. If you want to explore the Island at your own pace, hiring a car is the way to go. Whether you want to feel the wind in your hair, or explore the secluded bays only accessible by 4WD, there are options to meet every style!

Can you walk around Magnetic Island?

For those that enjoy discovering nature on foot, the Island offers an extensive 26km network of walking trails that guide visitors through thick bushland, ranging from dry wattles and the beautiful barks of eucalypts to pockets of rainforest.

How long does it take to walk around Magnetic Island?

approximately 2 hours

How long should I stay on Magnetic Island?

I recommend at least three days and two nights on Magnetic Island, but if you can stay three nights, that’s even better. There are so many beautiful beaches, trails and restaurants, plus there is a super relaxed vibe on Maggie, that you might as well take advantage of it.

How do you spend a day on Magnetic Island?

Things to do on Magnetic Island

  1. Forts Walk. This fantastic walk takes you to the WWII fort and structure ruins on the island. …
  2. Horseshoe Bay. …
  3. Grab some lunch. …
  4. Horseshoe Bay to Radical Bay walk. …
  5. Alma Bay. …
  6. Geoffrey Bay and the Rock Wallabies. …
  7. Castle Hill. …
  8. The Strand.

What shops are on Magnetic Island?

These places are best for shopping in Magnetic Island:

  • Batuta Gallery.
  • Horseshoe Bay Markets.
  • Arcadia Store.
  • Magnetic Island Museum.
  • Croc Stock and Barra.
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