Is there a similar magnetic field produced around?

Well, the answer is “No”. Magnetic field is created around the path of moving charged particles.

Is there a similar magnetic field produced?

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Explanation :magnetic field is created around the path of moving charged particle . Here is clear , there is no similar magnetic field produced around thin beam of moving alpha particles and neutrons .

Do alpha particles produce magnetic field?

(i) Alpha particles being positively charged constitute a current in the direction of motion, therefore magnetic field will be produced around a thin beam of moving alpha particles.

Can a moving neutron produce a magnetic field?

The magnetic moment generates a magnetic field on it’s own, even if the neutron is not moving. This field will Lorentz transform just like any other Electromagnetic field. More interestingly, you’ll find that a moving neutron will generate an electric field in addition to its magnetic field.

How can you justify that a current carrying wire produces magnetic field?

If two straight wires are placed side by side, the magnetic fields produced by the currents in them will combine to form a resultant field. (a) Figure shows the magnetic field for two straight parallel wires carrying current in the same direction. The wires attract with each other.

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What does alpha particle mean?

Alpha particles (a) are composite particles consisting of two protons and two neutrons tightly bound together (Figure 1). They are emitted from the nucleus of some radionuclides during a form of radioactive decay, called alpha-decay.

What happens to alpha particles in a magnetic field?

And positive alpha particles will be attracted towards a negatively charged plate. … Because they consist of charged particles, alpha and beta radiation can also be deflected by magnetic fields . Just as with electric fields, gamma radiation is not deflected by magnetic fields.

Why are beta particles deflected more than alpha particles?

Beta particles are negatively charged. Beta particles are fast-moving electrons with a very low mass and so have a high charge to mass density. They are deflected much more than the heavier alpha particles due to this charge to mass density.

Which side does alpha particle deflect to when exposed to a magnetic field?

Alpha rays (heavy, positively charged particles) are deflected slightly in one direction. Beta rays (light, negatively charged electrons) are deflected strongly in the opposite direction. Electromagnetic gamma rays are not deflected.

Do neutron stars have magnetic fields?

In a typical neutron star, the magnetic field is trillions of times that of the Earth’s magnetic field; however, in a magnetar, the magnetic field is another 1000 times stronger. In all neutron stars, the crust of the star is locked together with the magnetic field so that any change in one affects the other.

What causes the magnetic field of a neutron star?

Neutron stars are magnetic because their interiors contain powerful electrical currents. … The Zeeman effect is a splitting of atomic lines due to magnetic fields. Neutron stars, however, have such huge magnetic fields that the structures of the atoms on the surface are altered.

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Which is not deflected by magnetic field?

The protons, cathode rays and the alpha particles are charged particles, so these are deflected by the magnetic field. But neutrons have not any charge, so these are not deflected by magnetic field.

Does a current carrying wire produces magnetic field?

A wire carrying electric current will produce a magnetic field with closed field lines surrounding the wire. … The Biot-Savart Law can be used to determine the magnetic field strength from a current segment.

What factors influence the magnetic field around a current carrying conductor?

Magnetic field due to a current-carrying conductor depends on the current in the conductor and distance of the point from the conductor. The direction of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the wire.

Why does a compass always point north?

A magnetic compass points to the earth’s magnetic poles, which are not the same as earth’s geographic poles. … When it comes to magnets, opposites attract. This fact means that the north end of a magnet in a compass is attracted to the south magnetic pole, which lies close to the geographic north pole.

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