Quick Answer: Can I take my own car to Magnetic Island?

Do I have to take my car? No, walk on passengers and bicycles are welcome, however transfers to and from the ferry are to be made by the passenger and is not the responsibility of Magnetic Island Ferries.

How much does it cost to take a car to Magnetic Island?

Car PricesONLINECar*ReturnOne wayStandard car (up to 5.5m)$216$113High season standard car$240$1265.6-6m car$239$131Ещё 1 строка

Can you take cars to Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island is just 8 kilometres offshore of Townsville. Access is via a car or passenger ferry. … This is the only car ferry connecting Magnetic Island to the mainland. You may hire a car in Townsville and travel on the Fantasea vehicle ferry.

Can you take your own boat to Magnetic Island?

Well there are many ways to get to Magnetic Island with many locals arriving with their own boat, jetski and even kayak! … What makes Magnetic Island very special is the fact you can take your car over on the Fantasea ferry and visit every corner of the Island at your own pace.

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Can you stay on Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island is the ultimate chameleon when it comes to accommodation. It’s got options designed to get backpackers as excited for a place to stay as they are to see a happy hour special. In other corners of the island, it’s nothing but resort-style pools and beachfront holiday homes.

How long is the ferry ride to Magnetic Island?

20 minutes

How many days do you need in Magnetic Island?

three days

Is Magnetic Island worth visiting?

At 52sqkm and with only 2000 residents, Magnetic Island is the perfect, relaxed getaway; with its palm trees, national park reserves and gorgeous hidden beaches, it’s definitely worth a visit on any east coast Australia itinerary.

Do you need to book ferry to Magnetic Island?

Is it necessary to pre-book ferry tickets to Magnetic Island? No, it is not necessary to pre-book ferry tickets. We do not allocate tickets to our ferry departure times, arriving early to the terminal is recommended to board your desired ferry departure.

How long does it take to walk around Magnetic Island?

approximately 2 hours

Is there Uber on Magnetic Island?

Uber is available on Magnetic Island. Requesting a pick up by an Uber driver can be done via the Uber App.

Is it safe to swim at Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island has the perfect temperature water for swimming throughout the year. Stinger nets are available at Picnic Bay and Horseshoe Bay. If you are swimming outside the nets during the season it is adviseable to wear a stinger suit which you can either buy or hire from outlets on the island.

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Who owns Magnetic Island?

Traditionally, the Aboriginal owners of Magnetic Island, the Wulgurukaba people, call it Yunbenun. But the common name came from Captain James Cook. According to his journal, Captain Cook named it ‘Magnetical Island or Headland’ on June 7, 1770, as he travelled up Australia’s east coast.

What is Magnetic Island known for?

Magnetic Island is well known for its distinctive environment and picturesque landscape featuring large granite boulders, hoop pines, sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs. The story of Magnetic Island began 275 million years ago when molten granite was pushed to the earth’s surface with volcanic force.

Is Townsville worth visiting?

It’s often overlooked by international visitors, in favour of its northern counterpart, Cairns. But Townsville is worth a visit as well, thanks to its family-friendly attractions, excellent day trips, and close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Here’s the top 10 things to do.20 мая 2018 г.

Where is Magnetic Island located?

Magnetic Island is an island 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) offshore from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. This 52 km2 (20.1 sq mi) mountainous island in Cleveland Bay has effectively become a suburb of Townsville, with 2,335 permanent residents.

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