Quick Answer: What is magnetic whiteboard eraser?

This Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser can be used to clean dry wipe marker ink from any whiteboard. The smart blue eraser has an easy to use grip and is also magnetic so you can leave it on your magnetic whiteboard when you are not using it. … The eraser includes a felt pad.

What is a magnetic eraser?

Magnetized eraser block easily mounts to any magnetic whiteboard surface. Firm felt surface allows you to quickly erase ink markings.

Can I use a magic eraser on a dry erase board?

If you are looking for a chemical-free way to clean your dry erase board, there are a few ways for you to keep your whiteboard clean. Magic Eraser: By wetting a magic eraser, you are able to clean the whiteboard’s surface while removing stains and ghosting. … If an old marker was used, there may be some stains/ghosting.

How do you clean magnetic dry erase erasers?

After brushing off all the lose dust, mix a small amount of a mild detergent with water. Use the soft bristled brush, dipped in the water, to gently scrub the surface, working from top to bottom again but this time in circular motions. Be sure to rinse the eraser with cold water when you’re finished.

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What is Expo whiteboard cleaner made of?

Expo Cleaning Spray cleans and refreshes whiteboards.

General InformationManufacturerNewell BrandsColorWhiteMaterialEthylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (EGBE)Isopropyl AlcoholЕщё 15 строк

How do you get old whiteboard marker off?

How to Clean a Dry Erase Board

  1. Use a fresh dry erase marker to write over top of the stains, covering them completely.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the marker to dry.
  3. Wipe away all marks with a cloth or felt eraser.
  4. The dry erase ink will lift away the permanent ink.

What should you not use magic eraser on?

4 things you should never clean with a Magic Eraser

  • Your car. A magic eraser can feel soft when it’s wet, but according to Apartment Therapy, it has the abrasiveness of 3000 grit sandpaper. …
  • Stone benchtops. Magic erasers can scratch delicate surfaces such as granite and marble benchtops and make them appear dull.
  • Nonstick pots and pans. …
  • Stainless steel.

How do you get dry erase marker off?

Using a cloth moistened with whiteboard cleaner is enough to keep a board clean if used every week. Warm soapy water, window cleaner and peroxide all work well too. Be sure to stay away from wax-based cleaners as they leave a pesky film on the whiteboard.

Can you use Windex to clean a dry erase board?

It is very important that you do not use Industrial cleaners, such as 409 or Windex, as they will strip your board’s surface. This will cause ink to stain the surface and can ruin the board.

What is the best whiteboard eraser?

10 Best Whiteboard Erasers in 2020

  • U Brands Magnetic Dry Eraser.
  • 3M Whiteboard Eraser 2-Pack.
  • Ashley Productions Magnetic Eraser Maroon.
  • Expo Block Eraser 81505 Dry Erase.
  • Aolvo 30 Packs Magnetic Dry Eraser.
  • 40 Pack Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser.
  • Wellerly Whiteboard Erasers (8 Pack)
  • Expo Low-Odor 80675 Dry Erase Set.
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Does rubbing alcohol damage whiteboards?

To put it simply, alcohol destroys the lubricating layer of your dry erase board. Yes, your whiteboard will look spotless, but after continued use, your whiteboard will eventually lose the ability to wipe clean.

How do you clean a whiteboard naturally?

Homemade Dry Erase Board Cleaner Options

  1. Rubbing Alcohol. Simply saturate a clean rag or some paper towels with rubbing alcohol and wipe away ink stains from your dry erase board. …
  2. Vinegar. …
  3. Glass Cleaner. …
  4. Hair Spray. …
  5. Possible Damage From Alcohol. …
  6. All-Purpose Cleaners and Abrasives May Void Warrantees. …
  7. Check Warranty.

Can you drink Expo whiteboard care?


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