What is the use of magnetic whiteboard?

A magnetic whiteboard will, however make it possible for you to place magnetic accessories on the board. You can place markers, arrows, highlights, and even place sheets and flip boards. It makes it easy to present, especially if it is going to be used as a notice board or as an information board.

How does a magnetic whiteboard work?

A magnetic whiteboard has the white surface deposited on top of a thin layer of steel sheet-metal, instead of particle board or MDF. Since it has steel behind the thin plastic, magnets stick quite well to it.

What is the purpose of a whiteboard?

The purpose of a whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, concepts, write down ideas, explain and teach, to plan and create in the group and many other things. Online whiteboards can be used for the same purpose as a real whiteboard, but without the limitations of a real whiteboard.

What is non magnetic board?

Non-magnetic whiteboards can be used at home or at the office and are ideal for general office use. *When planning to purchase a non-magnetic whiteboard, we advise you consider how often the whiteboard will be used.

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Can you write on magnetic boards?

The dry erase front instantly turns any magnetic surface into a whiteboard (the same material found in most classrooms). Water soluble dry-erase markers write onto the surface smoothly with dark, highly visible lines that dry quickly for minimal smearing.

Is whiteboard magnetic?

Most traditional magnetic whiteboards are backed with a steel sheet to provide even magnetism across the surface of the whiteboard. Additionally, porcelain and painted-steel whiteboards have the added benefit of being fired directly onto a steel surface, making the surface itself both magnetic and erasable.

Does magnetic paint really work?

After more than three coats of paint, “the area still was not magnetic enough to hold most magnets, much less a magnet holding a piece of paper,” she explains. … So ultimately, magnetic paint does work; it just takes sufficient paint coverage and the right kind of magnets.

What’s so great about whiteboards?

Encourage everyone to share their concepts and ideas. … Whiteboards can transform even the most complex of ideas into an easy to understand visual, making it great for educating and entertaining kids at home. Magnetic dry erase boards create additional flexibility, allowing for a pin-up space.

What is the best type of whiteboard?


Non porosity and hardness provide the best durability in whiteboard surfaces as it not only resists scratches and dents but markers don’t penetrate the surface. These are our recommendation for all day, heavy duty users and are the only recommended board surface for EDUCATION GRADE WHITEBOARDS.

How long does a whiteboard last?

This depends on the quality of the board and its construction, so it can vary widely. Plastic boards will probably last from 1-5 years, while more durable and better constructed boards can last from 10-20 years or even longer.

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Which whiteboard is best for online teaching?

  • AWW App. AWW App is an online whiteboard that combines both a free and premium service, with excellent teaching tools and real-time collaboration. …
  • Ziteboard. …
  • Miro. …
  • Conceptboard. …
  • Tutorsbox.
  • BitPaper. …
  • Lessonspace. …
  • Limnu.

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What is the difference between magnetic and non magnetic whiteboards?

Magnetic boards are not inherently magnetic in the sense that they will not attract metallic substances towards them. A magnetic whiteboard will, however make it possible for you to place magnetic accessories on the board. You can place markers, arrows, highlights, and even place sheets and flip boards.

Can you make a non magnetic whiteboard magnetic?

You can not magnetize any whiteboard with only non magnetic materials like aluminum, plastic and wood. … You can purchase sticky upheld elastic magnet sheets which you might have the capacity to adhere to a wood board.

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