Where do I hide the magnetic key car?

Where do you put magnetic key holder in car?

Place magnetic key holder behind a bumper on the metal frame of the car. If you can make sure that the key holder is place on top of the metal frame so that is not just being held on by the magnetic strip. Place the magnetic key holder behind the license plate in front of the car.

Should you hide your car keys?

Drivers should not hide their car keys when at home because it risks a violent confrontation with burglars, a policeman has warned. … Around 11 per cent of the 170,000 or so cars reported stolen every year are as a result of the keys being taken during a house burglary or violence against drivers.

Where do you hide your keys when surfing?

Hide it under a rock or towel

Never hide your key in the wheel, or under your car. Surfers are easy targets for most thieves.

Where is the best place to keep your spare car key?

Keeping your spare key with a friend, in a box on your car, in your wallet, or in a safe is the best way to protect yourself in case of a lockout.

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Where should you not hide a spare key?

Burglars will check the obvious spots first, so avoid hiding your spare key in one of these common locations:

  • Under your doormat.
  • Under a potted plant by the door.
  • Under a garden statue.
  • On the doorjamb.
  • In the mailbox.

Where do Burglars look for keys?

The first and most common place for hiding a key is near the front door. This could be under a door mat, inside of a nearby flower pot, or even inside of that unobtrusive hollow plastic rock. Many choose to leave the key close to the front door for convenience, and most thieves know that this is common.

How can I hide an extra car key?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…

  1. On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)
  2. Behind the front license plate.
  3. Tire Well.
  4. Gas Cap.
  5. With someone else.
  6. Hitch receiver box.
  7. Your purse or wallet.

Where do you hide your keys?

Best places to hide a spare house key

  • With a neighbor you trust. We believe that your neighbors are your best allies against burglars. …
  • In a magnetized lock box under your car. Most burglaries occur from 10 a.m to 3 p.m—when you’re not home. …
  • Under the dog house. …
  • Fake sprinkler key holder.

What do surfers do with car keys?

Get a surf key box: you can easily attach it to different locations on your car, and only a four-digit combination will unlock it; 2. Go surfing with your car key: put your car keys inside a waterproof case, and keep it under your wetsuit; 3.

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Where do you hide your keys at the beach?

A clever tip for hiding your car keys and other small valuables is to place them inside of an old sunscreen bottle or container (be sure to clean it out first – you could also place your belongings in a sealed bag). Nobody would think twice about looking into a sunscreen container left on a towel.

Where do you put your stuff when surfing?

Where do you store your keys when surfing?

  1. In a padlock that’s locked onto the car.
  2. Bring it with you in a waterproof bag.
  3. Leave the keys to your partner/coffee shop.
  4. Leave them inside a towel ashore.
  5. Top of a tire.

Where can I get an extra set of car keys made?

Copy of a Standard Key

Our favorite spot for car key copies is, of course, your local locksmith. But standard car keys can now be cut anywhere from a Walmart to a hardware store. There is also the car dealer but that is likely the most expensive option.

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