Will either pole of a magnet attract a paper clip?

Answer and Explanation: A permanent magnet has a north pole and a south pole. Both the north and the south pole can attract the paper clip.

Does magnet attract paper clip?

Magnets have the ability to attract certain metals like iron and steel. Metal paper clips are made from steel and should be attracted by a magnet. … Hold the magnet at the same level as the paper clip but about 30 cm away.

How do you magnetise a paper clip?

Hold the magnet in your other hand Bring one end of the magnet to the paper clip at the point where you are holding it and then slide the magnet away from you, along the paperclip. Move the magnet away from the paper clip when you reach the end, and repeat the process several times.

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Do the poles of horseshoe magnet attract each other?

If two magnets are brought near each other, with like poles facing each other, they will repel; opposite poles attract. If you bend a bar magnet into a U shape, you have made a horseshoe magnet. Like an electric field, the magnetic field is a vector located at every point in space.

What pole of a magnet is steel attracted to?

A magnet will not attract brass, copper, zinc or aluminium. Iron, steel, cobalt and nickel can become magnetic when they are in a magnetic field. This is a result of the magnetic field encouraging their electrons to align, forming north and south poles.

Why is a paper clip attracted to a magnet?

Why do magnets attract paper clips? Magnets attract paper clips because magnets have a magnetic field, which creates a force, that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials. A paper clip is usually made of steel wire. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon.

Why is a paper clip attracted to a magnet while is pencil is not?

A nail or paper clip has a magnet insidewhich a wooden pencil does not have. Explanation:A magnet will induce the magnetic domainsof a nail or paper clip into alignment. … A wooden pencil, on the other hand,does not have magnetic domains that will in-teract with a magnet.

What happens if you touch a paper clip to another paper clip that is already touching a magnet?

When a magnet touches another magnetic object (such as a paperclip), the object becomes a temporary magnet for as long as it is touching the real magnet! It can now be used to pick up more paperclips. Each additional paperclip also becomes a temporary magnet with a weaker magnetic force than the one before it.

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Does the magnet exert force to the paper clip How do you know?

You can hold the clip up in the air (and keep the string taut) as long as the magnet is fairly close to the paper clip. If you move the magnet too far away from the clip, the strength of the magnetic field decreases, and the paper clip falls.

Are the hanging paperclips moving or rest?

Answer. Answer: because it is not moving. cliffffy4h and 4 more users found this answer helpful.

Where is the magnetic field strongest on a horseshoe magnet?

A horseshoe magnet is a magnet made in the shape of a horseshoe. At the ends of its legs, the magnet has two magnetic poles close together. This shape creates a strong magnetic field between the poles.

What is the difference between horseshoe magnet and U shaped magnet?

Horseshoe magnets are just bar magnets bent in a U shape. The U shape makes the magnet stronger by pointing the poles in the same direction. … It can be used to pick up metal objects of any size depending on the strength of the horseshoe magnet.

Why is a bar magnet stronger than a horseshoe magnet?

The shape makes the magnet more powerful by pointing the poles in the same direction and creating a strong magnetic field. It is made by bending a regular bar magnet into a horseshoe shape. The strongest part of a magnet is concentrated at the poles.

What happens if a magnet is cut in half?

You can think of a magnet as a bundle of tiny magnets, called magnetic domains, that are jammed together. Each one reinforces the magnetic fields of the others. Each one has a tiny north and south pole. If you cut one in half, the newly cut faces will become the new north or south poles of the smaller pieces.

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How can a magnet attract or repel another magnet even if they are not touching?

Magnetic forces are non contact forces; they pull or push on objects without touching them. Magnets are only attracted to a few ‘magnetic’ metals and not all matter. Magnets are attracted to and repel other magnets.

What happens if you hold the south pole of one magnet close to the north pole of another magnet?

When the north pole of a magnet comes close to the north pole of another magnet, they will repel each other. When a north pole of a magnet comes into contact with the south pole of another magnet, they will attract each other.

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